Wishing Star

Merry Christmas to me! It is OUT!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting to share this book for a while now. It is very close to my heart and dedicated to Patric Michael. I wrote this book for him and his dream guy. 😉 Hope you enjoy it!


Wishing on a Star might just bring you love.

Patric Mitchell wanted true love.

On Christmas Eve he wished on a star to find that special someone. If that someone happened to be his neighbour, Gabriel Vega he’d be even happier.

When his wish might come true will he take the chance at happiness?


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Copyright © Jambrea Jo Jones, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Excerpt From: Wishing Star


Patric Mitchell drove into the night, down a winding dirt road. He slammed on the brakes when a stop sign appeared out of nowhere. Looking around the deserted area, he saw nothing but inky blackness.

“Who the hell put a stop sign here?”

The sound of his frustrated voice reverberated inside the car. He sighed and put his forehead on the steering wheel. It so wasn’t his night. Hell, it wasn’t his year. Good thing it was almost over.

Where was he going? He wished he knew. The only thought running through his head when he’d started this journey was to get away from his brothers and sisters. He hated the holidays with a fiery passion. He should have skipped out again this year and stayed home with a cold beer in front of the television, but his parents were getting up there in age and he wanted to spend as much time with them as he could before he couldn’t anymore. He had too many friends who had lost their parents recently and it had been a real eye opener for him. Not that anything was wrong with his parents, but he still worried.

Leave it to Pauly to fuck things up with his constant pestering. Just once couldn’t his brother leave his sex life out of the conversation? He didn’t flaunt the fact that he liked men—at least not to his family. They accepted him as he was, but it was something they didn’t talk about, at least he didn’t. Well unless his dick-head brother brought it up. The ass.

The car sputtered under him then stopped.

“Shit, god damn, fuck! Why me?” He hit the dashboard with his fist then turned the key willing the car to start again—to no avail. Just what he needed to make the night even better. Luck wasn’t on his side tonight.

At least he had his cell phone. A light at the end of the dark tunnel the night had turned into. He dug into his pocket. Good thing he’d charged it last night. He wondered how far he’d travelled and hoped help wouldn’t be too far away. Patric had been too distracted. Not paying attention to the roads. Not a good thing out in the middle of nowhere. He loved his parents’ place, but tonight he wished they lived in the city near a bus line or a place to catch a damn cab. A tow truck would probably take forever and he didn’t relish a long walk in the cold night.

He raised his head off the steering wheel when he finally found the phone. Patric flipped it open and pushed the on button. No bars. Damn it.

Patric threw the phone on the seat next to him and unbuckled himself. He slammed the door shut behind him with enough force to shake the vehicle. It felt good to release some of that anger because now he was pissed off even more. What was he going to do? He was miles from anywhere. No one knew where he had gone and it was ten below zero and dropping. It was all his own fucking fault. Him and his stupid tantrum. He wasn’t a teenager anymore. He’d do well to remember that. The only thing he could do now was count his blessings that the snow held off. He leaned against his car and contemplated walking back to his parents’. It didn’t sound any better now than it had two minutes ago. Patric pulled his coat around him and looked up into the sky.

“So beautiful,” he whispered in awe. It amazed him how lovely the sky could look on such a shitty night. No, that wasn’t it, it was amazing that he could find beauty when he was having such a bad night, but it took his breath away.



9 Responses to “Wishing Star”

  1. Congrats Jambi. This looks fantastic.


  2. Congrats Jambi! Just picked this up to read tonight.

  3. Thanks Sandie and Teresa!!! 🙂 Teresa, I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Hey, Jambrea I’ve been there stuck out in the middle of no where and before cell phones and pregnant! Looks like a good story.

    • Now that is scary Zina!!!


      • It was pitch dark in The middle of AZ and I almost fell into a ravine trying to get to a house that I could see a porch light on. Then worried that the guy may be an ax murderer…it went well though.

  5. Happy release day!!!! Woohoo, Jambrea!

  6. Wow Zina…that gives me the creeps just reading it. lol

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