On the tenth day of Christmas, My True Love…

Kade and Samuel both stammered, “Ri-right now?”

“Well, right after you open the Christmas presents I got you.” Putting a little extra swish in her step, Kiara headed over to the closet where she’d hidden their presents when she arrived earlier. Opening the closet door, she bent down, taking her time locating the gifts. Dual groans told her she was having the desired effect.

“Ah, here they are.” Kiara stood up, turning around with two gaily-wrapped boxes. She smiled at her men who now both stroked their cocks languidly, those gorgeous blue eyes she loved so much glazed.

Returning to Kade first, she reached up and gave him a long slow kiss. Sam’s moan made her come up for air. Pulling back, she handed Kade one of the boxes. “Merry Christmas.”

She moved to Sammy. Holding out the box, she smiled at him and crooked her finger. Sam wasted no time closing the distance between them. He captured her mouth, parting her lips with his tongue. Kiara loved kissing. It was one of her favorite parts of sex and her men knew it. Sam’s tongue dueled with hers for a few seconds more. This time he was the one to pull back. Taking his gift from her hand, he stepped away from her.

Kiara pouted a bit but only because she knew it turned both her men on. Looking over, she saw that Kade was not unaffected by the kiss or her pouting.

Kade started to reach for her, but Kiara steped back. “Uh-uh. Open up your gifts.”

Kade and Samuel both looked at the boxes in their hands, and then back at her with suspicion before lifting the boxes to their ears and shaking them. The looks on their faces was quite comical. You’d think they were afraid the gifts would bite. Kiara stifled a laugh because she knew they just might.

Kade said, “I thought we weren’t exchanging gifts until tomorrow.”

“We aren’t, but these are special.” Kiara couldn’t hold back the giggle. “I bought them on my last trip. I was getting impatient trying to get the two of you confess your feelings for each other. The movie I left in the DVD player and the catalogs around the house weren’t doing any good so I decided that more drastic measures were in order. I came up with a foolproof plan.’

“Wait a minute.” Kade look dumbstuck. “You were the one who left the movie in the DVD player? I thought it was Sammy.”

Sam laughed. “And I thought it was you.”

Kiara rolled her eyes at her men. “I swear, you two can be so dense at times. Will you please open your gifts now?”

Sam moved over to the couch and sat down. He patted the seat next to him and Kade joined him. “Not unless you sit with us.”

Kiara sighed. God, they were sexy as hell and they were all hers. As jealous as she might have been earlier watching them kiss, she knew she loved them more than anything.

“We’re waiting.” Kade smiled at her.

She moved to sit next to Kade but Sam shook his head. “Uh-uh. Right here.” He patted both his and Kade’s legs.

She straddled each of their thighs, wiggling around just a little bit more than necessary to find a comfortable spot. Kade and Sam’s arms came around her, holding her still. Kiara laughed. “Okay, I’m done. Now stop stalling and rip those babies open.”

Kade carefully unwrapped his box while Sam tore the wrapping paper off his. Typical. Kiara took a deep breath, anticipating their reactions as the gifts were revealed.

“No you didn’t,” Kade shouted.

“Hell, no,” Sam said nearly at the same time.

13 Responses to “On the tenth day of Christmas, My True Love…”

  1. What were they??? No fair, T!! LOL!!

  2. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    T, I can’t believe you stopped there!

  3. dreabecraft Says:

    Oh man way to leave us hangin! I wanna know what the gifts are *stomps foot*

  4. ROFL!! Way to leave us hangin’, T!!

  5. This is just mean to leave us hanging like this. Can we have a second part today???

    Sandie ‘pouting’

  6. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    This is not fair!!! Now I have to wait a whole day to see where y’all are heading with this. What a way to keep us coming back for more!!! Tease!!!!

  7. I have to know what they got!!!

  8. what naughty things did she give them?

  9. I can’t believe you stopped there. I want to know whats in the box.
    Great installment

  10. Goo thing I’m a day late getting here. I can go right to the next post and see what they got!!! I can’t wait, great addition, thanks.

  11. Opps I’m not a day late, I canna read numbers.

  12. EEK! I can’t type fast enough to find out what they got!

  13. Great jpb T. All you ladies have left us panting with anticipation each day. Can’t wait to read tomorrows.

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