On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love…

Minutes passed. Or maybe hours. Kiara lost track of time. Blood roared in her ears, and her heart pounded so damn hard she couldn’t hear, couldn’t see. Ah, maybe she couldn’t see because her eyes were closed, shut up all snug as the final waves of ecstasy flowed away. Her pussy quivered in a kind of dazed aftershock.

Someone murmured into her hair. A whisper? A groan? Impossible to tell. What wasn’t impossible to tell was the flood of sensation travelling through her groin. Samuel’s fault, she thought vaguely. His softening dick had slipped out of her, leaving her empty, hollow.

Well, not quite empty. Kade’s cock still filled her from behind, although even the full sensation there was lessening, as spent, his erection began to fade. Hot liquid seeped from her ass and her pussy. Hot come. Samuel’s, Kane’s and hers, mingling together on her thighs.

Kade shifted, pulling out of her and moved away, leaving her and Samuel on display. It occurred to Kiara she should feel shy and inhibited in front of this crowd. Her legs were spread, her most private of body parts on display for all and sundry. She felt neither. She merely experienced an overwhelming sense of rightness. The same sense of rightness she experienced every time she, Kade and Samuel made love.

Cool air from the ceiling fan blew over her spine and she moaned her discontent.

“Shh,” Samuel whispered. “Kade will take care of you. He’ll take care of both of us.”

As if to prove his words, Kade returned. With exquisite tenderness, he brought a warm, moist cloth to her pussy, and wiped away the droplets trickling from her lower lips and her ass. So gentle were his caresses, her breath caught, and goose bumps covered her arms and back.

The strokes, tantalizing as they were, were not meant to arouse. They were used to comfort and soothe. Kade knew her too well. Knew when her body was replete and satisfied. Knew when to titillate and knew when to help her relax. Now was not the time to titillate. Not after so many mind-blowing orgasms. She was physically incapable of handling further simulation now.

When every last bit of stickiness had been wiped away, Kade withdrew again. He was back seconds later, only this time he ministered to his other lover. Samuel’s soft sigh echoed through her ears, his contentment evident when he whispered softly, “Love you, babe.”

“Love you, Sammy,” was Kade’s breathless response.

With her head resting on Samuel’s shoulder, it was impossible to miss the way Kade crept up the bed and captured Samuel’s lips with his, in a tender kiss. A loving kiss. A kiss so beautiful, it caught Kiara in her belly and tugged. With every last ounce of energy she possessed, she rolled off Samuel, giving Kade the freedom he needed to claim his lover completely.

Kade took full advantage, stretching out over Samuel, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder. He ran gentle fingers over Samuel’s arms, and again, Kiara knew the actions were soothing, not arousing. Samuel sighed and relaxed into the kiss, his hands coming up to tunnel in Kade’s silky hair. Their tongues met, danced, slowly, softly. Sweetly.

So damn sweet. It made Kiara’s chest swell. Those were her men kissing. Her men holding each other. Her men openly displaying the emotions they’d kept so very private from her and from the world. Displaying them not only to her, but to every other person in the room.

Jealousy, red-hot and wholly unexpected slashed through her veins, burning its way through to her heart. Her lungs closed, blocking off her access to air. She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t inhale.

14 Responses to “On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love…”

  1. oh no, looks like trouble might be coming. Is it Friday yet? so we can see what happens next…lol


  2. That was great Jess, perfect calm down scene and the end, yep, I think I would be a bit jealous too it’s like they forgot heror Kade kinda did……now to see how this next twist goes.

  3. Holy Smokes. You expect me to concentrate on work after reading that?
    I want to go home & read now LOL. Awesome Jess.

  4. That was fantstic, Mari. I loved the gentle cool down after and the loving shown as Kade took of Kiara and Sanuel too.


  5. Oh!!! And VERY interesting twist… Hmm…

  6. well I am done for the day. i dont want there to be jealousy!!!!

  7. No fair Jess! Leaving me like that! Heehee :))

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  8. LOL, thanx ladies.
    Personally, I also can’t wait to see what happens.
    Waiting with baited breath for Anne’s offerings.


  9. That was fantastic. Can’t wait until tomorrow and see what happens.

  10. Wowee that was very hot ang I was not expecting the ending. Loved it!

  11. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    Well that is a change. Still do not have any idea about the venue decorations. Christmas is nearly here.

  12. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    Jess, that was a twist I wasn’t expecting. I hope the jealousy ends as quickly as it came up. Great job!

  13. Jess, an amazing addition to the story.

  14. OH, jealousy…what a surprising twist…I’m ready for more!

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