On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love…

The rest of the room faded away as Kiara focused on Kade and Samuel kissing. It was a sight to see, just as she’d known it would be. Why they thought she would mind was anyone’s guess. She’d thought they’d take the hint when she left her gay porn in the DVD player and catalogs all over the bedroom.

Kiara licked her lips and moved closer. She kissed first Kade’s cheek and then Samuel’s. She ran a finger over both their lips, still connected in a kiss. Kade swept it into his mouth and the men took turns sucking her finger. She didn’t think she’d ever been this hot.

Time to get out of the damn outfit they’d insisted on. Naked was better. Kiara backed up and ripped the stupid thing off her body so she could get to work on her men. More skin was needed.

Finally free of the dreaded costume, she got to work on removing the suspenders and Santa pants from both men. The oil coating their chests helped. The trio would be a mess when this was finished, but Kiara didn’t care. The men helped by kicking their pants to the side but never ended the kiss. Their hands roamed over each other, cocks straining as they rocked together.

Kiara’d had enough of the sidelines. She got into position so both cocks were right in front of her. She licked the pre come from both men. Just a taste to let them know she was there.

“I want to help. Who’s getting fucked? Let me—oh God, I’m so turned on right now. I want my finger in someone’s ass. You pick or I will. Shit. Lube. We need lube, right?” Kiara was starting to get frustrated. Her pussy needed stimulation. “We need to get this show on the road so I can have one of your cocks inside me. Please. God, soon.”

Samuel turned his ass toward Kiara. Decision made. Kade found lube from somewhere and handed it to Kiara. She gave him a quick kiss before snapping open the bottle. She coated her fingers and circled Sam’s rosette. Kiara went slow and inched her way in. She didn’t want to hurt her man.

“You’re moving too slow. Hand me the lube, Kiara,” Kade demanded.

She tossed it over before adding a second finger.

“God, Sammy, you’re so tight and hot.” Kiara dropped her other hand to her clit, massaging her throbbing pussy.

When Kade added a thumb along with her two fingers, Sam groaned and rocked back. Kade slapped his ass. Fuck, that was hot.

“Kia, baby, you ready?”

Kiara nodded and moved around so she could see both men. She felt like she would burst any minute. Leaning forward, she drew Samuel into a kiss. Samuel groaned at Kade’s entrance and she almost came on the spot, but managed to hold off.

“Oh, God. I’m so close. Kade, hurry,” Kiara begged as she scooted back to watch the show. Best. Christmas gift. Ever. They were beautiful together. She rubbed her pussy harder. She needed something hard inside her.

“Since you asked so nicely…”

Kiara felt her climax build and resisted the overwhelming urge to stroke herself over the edge. It was a near thing.

“Hey, beautiful,” Samuel panted. “You still want to wait for one of us to come?” He paused to take a deep breath as Kade rocked against him. “Or you want under me now, feeling us both pound into you?”

He didn’t have to ask twice. Kiara hurried to get under Samuel. Kade stopped moving until Samuel sunk into her.

The three were now one, wrapped tight around each other. Then Kade moved, forcing Samuel deeper into Kiara.

“Fuck, Kade. Harder,” Samuel spoke, and Kiara nodded her agreement.

Hard and fast, the trio moved in perfect unison. It wasn’t long before Kiara went over, screaming both Kade and Samuel’s name. Samuel and Kade followed shortly after. They collapsed on the bed and that was when Kiara heard the applause.

33 Responses to “On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love…”

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  2. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    Well, it just keeps getting better. I still want to hear more about the decorations and the menu. So I can get all the details correct for the diorama. Lol

  3. HOT HOT HOT. Way to go Jambi, you kept the heat rising.

  4. That was freaking hot .. I think I’ll need to open the window to cool off 🙂
    Great job.

  5. Ohhh wow, dude, that was hot LOL
    Alright Triple J 🙂

  6. Holy Crap! I need more.

  7. jennifer mathis Says:

    oh hell yeah whewww hot

  8. Whew, Jambi!! My glasses just fogged up!

  9. OH MY!! That was hot!!!
    I can’t believe I have wait untill tomorrow for more!


  10. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    If this gets any hotter, my laptop is gonna melt. WTG Jambrea-you sure make it …interesting.

  11. Another AWESOME installment Jambrea….can’t wait for tomorrow 😉

  12. Woohoo loving this story! Can’t wait for more!

  13. Thank you Jambrea, oh thank you, thank you, thank you……
    can you hear the applause from here?

  14. Jambi, this was sxuper Hot, Hoter , and Scorching. I loved it.

    I hope all know that there is not way a non-author can come up with a comparable final to this.


  15. *Faning myself* Whew . .. is it hot in here? Or what? Wonderful installment. . . 🙂

  16. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    Jambrea, very hot installment! LOVED it!!!!

  17. I must be dreaming because this is too hot to be true!

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