On the third day of Christmas, my true love…

“Please take me to the party.  At the party.”

“Now that’s more like it.”  Samuel slapped her partially exposed ass with a tap forceful enough to make her bare skin match the bright red velvet of her skirt.  The damn fur-lined garment teased her thighs in all the right places as she beat a hasty retreat toward the door.  If they didn’t leave now, she’d never get the courage to accept their gift, the fulfillment of her Christmas wish.

No matter how nervous she’d been, her doubts evaporated with the two sexy, strapping men at her side.  She paused by the door, waiting for Kade to open it for her and Samuel, as he always insisted on.  She wouldn’t dare stomp on his sense of propriety toward his lovers.  But she would take the chance to rub against his hard body to ease a teeny bit of the ache he and Samuel had inspired in her core.

“Those are some mighty large antlers you’ve got boys.”  She wiggled her brows.  Kade stifled her giggle with a searing kiss.  She braced her palms on his chest, toying with the bright red suspenders he wore over his bare, oiled pecs.

“You know what they say about reindeer with big antlers…”

Samuel crowded her from behind, bracketing her with their warmth.

“What’s that?”  She turned her head to sip the lingering taste of mint hot chocolate from his lush lips.

“They fuck the shit out of sexy Santa’s helpers.  In front of a crowd of extra naughty boys and girls.  If their lucky lady is brave enough–”

“Fuck you.”  Kiara pranced through the now-open door, unable to resist the taunt.

“No Kia, fuck you.”  Kade growled as he stuck close to her heels, his stare heating her swaying ass almost as fast as Samuel’s hand had a few moments ago.

Kiara came to a dead stop when she crossed the threshold to the banquet hall.  The grand room in Samuel’s mansion looked amazing.  The men had kept her out while the decorators brought the space to life with thousands of crystal snowflakes strung on fishing line from the ceiling and several festive trees placed around the room.  Men and women ate a holiday feast at ornate tables decked in forest green and maroon striped cloth.  In the center of the revelry, a dais perched complete with a gold painted bed draped in luxurious satin, which coordinated with the decor.

“You did all this for me?”  Their grand gestures never grew old and, somehow, they always found a way to top their previous efforts.

“A Christmas wish is something to take seriously.”  Kade stroked her cheek with one broad thumb while Samuel brushed his lips over her opposite temple.

“Merry Christmas, Kiara,” he whispered an instant before a strangled moan drew her attention to the centerpiece of the lavish exhibit.

Kade had kept her company in their locked master suit while Samuel welcomed their guests.  After he’d delivered her outfit, she hadn’t taken that long to change but it seemed the party had reached new heights while she donned the revealing garments her men had special ordered for her.

A gorgeous woman covered only with white and blue glittery body paint covered a man as big as a mountain, and every bit as hard, like a blanket of snow.  She rode his cock with enough force to trigger an avalanche and gasped louder than keening wind in a blizzard.

Not hard to understand when she played with a shaft nearly as thick as Kade’s.  Every time he entered her, the burn stole her breath for a moment before her pussy relaxed enough to enjoy his girth.  The snow queen seemed to adjust as her partner reached between them to tease her clit.

“You know, it could be you up there tonight.”  Samuel nibbled her earlobe.

“Are you sure you want to settle for something subtle when you could steal the show?”  Kade cupped her breast in plain view of the crowd, not that anyone seemed to notice.  And suddenly her pride rebelled.

What would it be like to show the world how perfect their threeway bond had turned out to be?

19 Responses to “On the third day of Christmas, my true love…”

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  2. Nothing like turning up the heat even more. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next installment. Another 24 hours. *groan*

  3. Exactly, Beth. *sigh*

  4. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    I wanted to know more about the decorations for the party and the invites. You know the invites had to be awesome. And the food, since Lila is planning a party and needs some suggestions for her menu. *wink, wink* I guess I will just have to settle for descriptions of “glittery body paint” which is festive.

  5. I am going to have to print this out at the end of the story and save it for next year to read at Christmas too.

    It just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

  6. dreabecraft Says:

    Well damn. That wasn’t nearly long enough lol. *sigh* can’t wait for tomorrow!

  7. wow..its getting hotter in here 🙂
    can’t wait until tomorrow

  8. Wowzeers this is hot..love it ladies 🙂

  9. HHHHMMMM should she choose the bed?????? oh, chosse the bed, choose the bed. Great job and I can’t wait until tomorrow you set the scene perfectly!!! Couldn’t you guys double your word count! I want more.

  10. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    This one ended w-a-y too soon!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  11. I agree it ended way too soon, but what a great installment 😉

  12. That is just mean!!! You turn up the heat to scorching and then leave us hanging. I can’t wait to read more about Samuel, Kade and Kiara do nest at the Party. Althought I probably have said who gets into who next.

    I am completely captivated!!!


  13. jennifer mathis Says:

    oh printing it out great idea, desiree. sigh til tomorrow

  14. Wow you ladies are keeping the heat turned on high. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  15. Kelli Collins Says:

    Nothing says “happy holidays” like voyeurism. 🙂

    Apropos of nothing, I found the snowflakes really adorable after they stopped fucking with my head.

  16. I can’t wait to see what she decieds to do!!

  17. Boo! It was too short. . .. *grin* Great installment.

  18. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    Damn, this story keeps getting hotter! Great job, Jayne!

  19. Oh, this is getting good!

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