On the first day of Christmas, my true love….

“I’ll fucking kill them!”

Kiara stared at herself in the mirror and cringed. Christ, they didn’t really expect her to wear this did they? She glanced around the gorgeous master suite, nothing remained in the bedroom but the outfit she now wore minus underwear.


She looked back at her reflection. Her eyes stung and it had nothing to do with the urge to cry and everything to do with the bright red “Santa’s little helper” costume.


How had she let the guys talk her into this? Kiara cast her mind back to their original conversation about Christmas Eve. She remembered clearly saying she didn’t want to go to the stupid fucking masquerade ball but then Kade had started nibbling on her neck and Samuel’s hand had wandered up her thigh…


The bastards had played her. And as usual when the boys wanted something they knew which buttons to push to make her give. Kiara sighed. She couldn’t even say which of her men was the worst offender, both the guys could turn her to putty with just a look. How does a woman so in-charge of all aspects of her life manage to find herself the play-thing for not one but two gorgeous alpha males?

Kiara smiled. Not that being a play-thing for Kade or Samuel was bad, on the contrary is was very, very good. But that didn’t make her any more comfortable with tonight. She turned to the side and gasped. The stupid dress clung to every bump. Crap. Was that an ass cheek hanging out of the bottom? She turned around and peered over her shoulder into the huge mirror that of course showed every inch of her huge ass.

“Arrrrggggg.” Her scream echoed off the pristine white walls and bounced back at her.

The door in front of her burst open and her men poured in, each ready to do battle on her behalf. Oh yeah, she might turn into putty in their hands but by god the feeling was mutual.

“I’m not coming.”

Kade grinned. “Give me two minutes and you will be.”

Kiara took a step back. “Oh no, you’re not gonna do that to me again. That’s how I got in the mess to begin with.”

“Darlin’ there isn’t one thing messy about that costume but if you let me and Kade help you I’m sure we could get you good and messed up in no time.” Samuel walked toward her as he spoke and she stepped back again.

The predatory gleam in their eyes had her thrusting her hands out in front of her. “Don’t you dare. I’m not letting either of you touch me in this stupid outfit and if you think I’m putting out after you’re making me go out in public looking like this you’ve got another think coming.”

“Oh we’ll be coming. You’ll be coming.” Kade moved closer.

“Before, during and after the party.” Samuel kept pace with Kade.

She turned, ready to make a run for it and ran face first into the mirror on the wall. Two hot male bodies pressed her into the cold glass surface, their erections grinding into her ass cheeks. Hands cupped her thighs and traveled upward. Skilled fingers easily finding their way under the hem of the way too short dress and into her uncovered folds. Kiara moaned when fingers slid across her slick flesh finding their way to her pussy and thrusting deep. God she loved it when they finger fucked her together.

Her body melted, every muscle going soft with the arousal flooding her veins. Kiara bucked her hips, driving their probing fingers deeper. Moisture gushed from her cunt easing the way for them both to add a second finger. She groaned and thrust back harder. Christ, if they kept this up she’d be coming in no time and she’d be going to the masquerade party too. No matter what way she looked at it she was fucked.

30 Responses to “On the first day of Christmas, my true love….”

  1. Courtney S Says:

    One word: HAWT!!!

    • You think that was hawt wait until tomorrow! It’s Lexxie’s move next and we all know how hawt she writes. I’m actually a little afraid she’ll burn the place down. lol
      Thanks for stopping by Courtney

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  3. That was awesome it made my day!!!!

  4. it’s too early in the morning for this…I may never get anything done, goodness that was good, I could picture the outfit. I need a shower now.

  5. Anyone have a fan??

  6. dreabecraft Says:

    Dear lord! Okay I am so refraining myself from running into the snow to cool down right now lol. What a great way to start the story!

  7. Oh heavens!! That’s just the beginning?!! Not going to survive the 12 days, but what a way to go! 😉

  8. Sizzling!!!! More please!

  9. This is fantastic! Hotter than hot! 😀

  10. Um…WOW!
    Good thing I hadn’t taken my shower yet. Think I’ll go do that now. 😉

  11. What a hot start Rhian!! Great idea girls, this is fun.

  12. NIIICE!!!

  13. Wow absolutely smoakin Rhian! 12 days of this? YeS! Merry Christmas to us 🙂

  14. Wow. An excellent beginning to what promises to start a fire. I look forward to tomorrow.

    Thank You for the invintation Jambrea

  15. darkreader Says:

    That was HOT!!

  16. Rhian you did not disappoint. What a great way to kick off this story. Can’t wait to see what Lexxie writes tomorrow. I am so hot I am having a coughing fit.

  17. I wish I had read this much earlier today. It might have helped the day be a little better. I am really looking forward to reading tomorrow’s installment in the morning.

  18. jennifer mathis Says:

    wow great started can’t wait for more 🙂

  19. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I am so glad I didn’t read this at work-I never would have lasted the whole day after this. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  20. how did I miss this yesterday 🙂 that was hot..off to read part 2

  21. HeatherinFL Says:

    Wow…. {fanning self}

  22. Wow!! *pant pant* that was hot!!

  23. Oh My God!!!This is alread a scorcher and it’s hardly started yet. fantastic start to what look like very enthralling,hot and sexystory.
    Great job, Rhian!


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  25. kimmie lange Says:

    Wow what a great starter!!!!!

  26. WOOHOO That is HOTTTTTTT!!


  28. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    Rhian, nice HOT start to the story.

  29. Oh, dear. I really shouldn’t be reading this at work…oh, well!

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