Ta Muchly

As has been pointed out, Australia doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but this being International Heat, I thought it fitting I give thanks the way I do Down Under: surrounded by good mates, with lots of beer, a pavlova or too (the unofficial Aussie dessert), a barbie (BBQ for those not fluent in Strine), no-bullshit honesty, a good joke, a packet of Tim Tams and a really hot bloke or two.

What on earth are you talking about, Lexxie, I hear you ask?


I say Ta Muchly to Mari. She gave me the Wild Irish series and the brilliance of Pat’s Irish Pub. A drinking hole I’d gladly spend a lazy weekend arvo downing my beer and relaxing to the sounds of Maybe Tomorrow. Cheers.

I say Ta Muchly to Rhian. RC gave me Quinn from Coyote Home, a hot bloke in the guise of a sexy guy who is trying to pretend he’s hard-arsed and unaffected by love, but doesn’t fool anyone. Damn, that man is yummy. He’s like a delicious dessert on a warm summer evening – too good to resist and sinful to consider.

I say Ta Muchly to Jess. Jess gave me Jess. I met Jess at my very first Romance Writers Convention back in 2009 and have stalked her been lucky to count her as my friend and critique partner ever since. Oh, and she also gave the world the naughtiest poker match ever and the world needs more naughty poker matches.

I say Ta Muchly to Val who introduced me to the addictive delight that is the Graham Cracker. If I could find these little suckers in my local supermarket, I’d probably eat little else. They are a salty-sweet sensation I instantly loved and is was Val who bought them for me (along with all sorts of other yumminess) at RT. I’m even tempted to make a Graham Cracker-Tim Tam sandwich. I’d call it the Graham-Tam Choccie Crunch *grin*

I say Ta Muchly to T. T’s review site isn’t just a place of honest reviews, its the proof anyone needs to see how hard work, love and dedication to your heart’s dream can result in success. T’s commitment to her dream is inspiring.

I say Ta Muchly to Lila whose Monsters are the sexiest freaking monsters on the planet. Oh, and her question about my clitoris. That question alone kept me grinning and chuckling for weeks.

I say Ta Muchly to Jayne. Jayne gave me not just one hot bloke, but a whole crew of them. And the immortal quote from her husband, “Eight books and twenty-three men on the covers”. And Jayne’s dedication to her writing leaves me in awe every day.

I say Ta Muchly to Jambrea. Her army men give new definition to doing it for one’s country. They may not being wearing the Aussie flag on their uniform, but DAY-UM, I’d willing let them fire-up both barrells for me anyday.

I say Ta Muchly to Anne. When I grow up, I wanna be Anne. Her professionalism makes me aspire to greatness (and wish I’d never written such a loopy blog entry as this, but hey *shrug* small steps, boys and girls, small steps.)

I say Ta Muchly to JR. JR didn’t get shot in my world, she blew me away with her debut release. She’s the most unassuming person I know.ย And she has the sexiest bloody accent I’ve ever ever heard *grin*

But most of all, I say Ta Muchly to those of you who come along with me for the ride whenever my imagination takes hold of me. You are, Dearest Reader, what I am most grateful for in this surreal dream of being a writer I am living. Thank you.

Happy Everyday, World.



6 Responses to “Ta Muchly”

  1. Awwww Lexxie that was one of the best post ever lol. I loved it. Believe me we readers say Ta muchly for IH and you wonderful writers ๐Ÿ™‚ love you guys.

  2. Awwww Lexxie that was one of the best post ever! We readers say Ta Muchly everyday for IH and all you wonderful people and writers, love u guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I dinna think it was sappy at all but I am crying…a mass of emotions I am. Ta Muchy to you Lexxie thank you and all the other IH ladies for your stories and everything else you do.

  4. Kendall Grace Says:

    I’m thankful for all these hot covers. You ladies have been blessed by the cover artists ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lexxie! What a lovely post. I’m thankful for you and your talent every damn day of my life. Oh…and for those sexy Aussie undies too! LOL

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