Jess’s turn to give thanks

Being an ex South African Aussie, giving thanks at this time of the year is just not something we do routinely. However, I have no problem sitting down and coming up with things to be grateful for.

Yeah, yeah, I’m grateful for all the usual stuff… My hubby, my kids, the rest of my family, my friends, good health etc.

But here are couple extra things I thought I’d add.

I am so eternally thankful for chocolate,

Ice cream (And more specifically at this point, chocolate ice cream)

Ooh, and Sales. There is nothing more satisfying than a really good bargain buy. Just this weekend, my favorite line of clothing had a massive warehouse sale. I’m talking 90% off clothes. Man, was I ever grateful.

The Book Depository. (Cheaper, new books I cannot find.)

Sites that offer pics of beautiful men, naked or dressed…

(Oh, admit it, you’d also have put a large image in and not just a thumbnail)

Dog tidy bags (because believe me, walking a dog, you always seem to have moments when you wish to God you’d remembered to bring one of those little bags along.)

Sunday morning sleep ins. (Now that the kids are old enough, we actually do manage to sleep later than 6am some Sundays.)

(Yes. That’s exactly how DH and I look while we sleep) 😉

The Word Thesaurus. (Just how many times can a person use the words love, desire, passion and lust in one book?)

Tea and cappuccino. (On a daily basis I consume copious amounts of both.)

A perfect summer day. (Coz seriously, where better to spend it than in Sydney?)

My Mac and iPhone4

There are tons of other things I have to be grateful for, but seeing as it’s Sunday morning, and the kids are otherwise occupied, I’m gonna end it here and just slip back into bed for a little sleep in.


Hope all you Americans out there had a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving.


4 Responses to “Jess’s turn to give thanks”

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  2. Yes, hocolate is deffinately something to be thankful for and the sites for pics of men. I do not care for chocolate ice cream but I love chocolate pudding. Didna know ya lived in South Africa, interesting. Thank you for the Thanksgiving Day wishes.

    • Hey Zina,
      Ya know, for the longest time, chocolate ice cream was not on my list of things to be thankful for, but lately, for some reason, I cannot seem to get enough of it.
      Oooh, and chocolate pudding. Mmm. That could definitely have found a place in this post.
      And yep. Lived in South Africa for 33 years. The IH Aussie girls still tease me about my accent. (Altho, truth be told, they are the ones who speak funny.)

  3. Yep men and chocolate pudding, what one could do with those at the same time….I won a pie eating contest once, you could pick vanilla or chocolate, I picked chocolate and slurped that baby down to win, beat all the men, I was the only woman competing.

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