My Week Once Again…

Hello everyone yep it is once again my week and to be honest I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m going to blog about all week. I know today’s post is very late but it is Sunday and the only day I get to spend all day with my husband or as he would tell it the only day in which I get to make sure things on his “Honey Do” list get done, but we did take a break and headed over to Borders where I got to buy my Christmas Present…. It isn’t Christmas you say? My husband pointed this out to me but I also pointed out “When have I ever waited for Christmas when I want something” I asked with my most innocent of faces “good point” he said, so off we went.

I have been wanting a new eReader I LOVE my eBookWise and will still use it often I’m sure but it has become very limiting with the protocols the larger publishers are putting into action to help in the fight against piracy and I support this 100% even if it has made saving my books to a different format a little difficult for me, as I have used calibri and don’t like it because for some reason a converted PDF file makes the font size REALLY small even when I have it set on large ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  So anyway back on track. I was looking at the Nook but it isn’t back-lit big issue for me as I like to read in bed after my husband goes to sleep and in the car at night when we travel so anything that wasn’t back-lit was automatically excluded from the search. The Nook Color isn’t available for another 2 weeks and I wanted mine now. I wanted an iPad but with the cheapest at $500 that wasn’t even option. I started looking at Pandigital Novel a new one I saw a few days ago it is connected to Barnes and Noble very nice looks like an iPad but smaller but the more I searched I decided that it wasn’t for me as the batter life was only 6 hours yep that so isn’t going to work me as I can sit and read a charged 11 hour battery dry in one sitting ๐Ÿ˜‰

About 2 months ago my mother and I were at Borders and I saw the Cruz Reader this one also looks like an iPad has some of the same features but doesn’t have the iPad price and really the only thing I need was to be able to check my mail when needed and buy books so the more I researched the more I fell in love with the Cruz Reader, I can watch videos and listen to music (no need for a MP3 player). and many other features I haven’t even begun to explore but I will and very soon… Becuase today I became the proud new owner ofย  a Velocity Micro Cruz Reader and know that I’ve bored you all into the wishing it were next week and someone else was here blogging I’m going to disappear for awhile and set up my new toy and buy a book just to say I did ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those seriously interested in iPad but like me just can’t afford it Velocity also has a Cruz Tablet coming out this month you might want to look into.

For those you who stuck in there and read my totally boring ramblings I’ll leave you with a bit of eye candy for being such good sports ๐Ÿ˜‰

Visit BeautifulMag to view the entire photo shoot and others.


Have a great week and I’ll be back tomorrow… I hope ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 Responses to “My Week Once Again…”

  1. I’ve been eyeballing the Cruz!! I want ๐Ÿ˜€ Can you tell me any downsides you have found? Anything it hasn’t done that you wanted to do?

  2. I’ve seen the cruz at Borders too but haven’t stopped to play with it. I hear people like the Nook in color too.

  3. I am waiting for the Blackberry Playbook their version of the ipad. Next year for Christmas is a long way out but I can use my ereader until then since it is only two years old.

    Nice pic at the bottom!!!!

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