Your super power

If you could have any super power in the world what would it be? Let’s limit it to something that would show up in a Romance Novel, so not the ability to cure disease or something holy like that–it has to be a funily awesome super power.

I’ve been thinking about this even since my eRedSage editor mentioned that she’d want the same super power as the heroine in Kitsune.

As Theresa says, “She’s smart, and she’s got amazing superpowers — including the ability to fill suitcases with clothes and shoes just by looking at magazine photos WHICH WILL TOTALLY BE MY SUPERPOWER WHEN I EARN MY CAPE.” Check out the rest of what Theresa says here.

Now, manifesting designer clothing isn’t a superpower to sneeze at, but I personally think I’d want the ability to fly. It seems obvious but think of the interesting new sex possibilities you’d have if you could fly! Unless flying required concentration, then that wouldn’t work so well.

Fess up, what would be your super power?





8 Responses to “Your super power”

  1. Lila I am going to be greedy and take two thank you. I want the super power to flash myself from one place to another with the blink of an eye and I want the super power to move faster than a speeding bullet. With the combination of these two super powers I could get so much done and have time for what is really important. Reading, online with friends and time with Hubby when it counts, lol.

  2. I want something so simple…..the ability to eat whatever I want and never gain an ounce.


  3. I was just thinking about the super power of speed so I could get all the housework done in a day when I read Linda’s answer and yep I would love to be able to travel in an instant,I’d visit my family in /cali more and heck I’d travel.

  4. I want the ability to multiply myself. I can get a lot of things done with multiple me’s, and ohhhh the fun I could have with a man and the muliples 🙂

  5. I would have the superpower of big, huge, gigantic and multiple orgasms for me and my partner…..*grin*

    then I would spend all day in bed with the flavor of the moment and my Nook….heheheeheheheeeee

    Luv ya Lila darlin,

  6. Oh yes, being able to eat all I want and always stay slim…that would be awesome!!!

    in Germany

  7. I want the super power to change myself to look like anyone, or anything, I want, whenever I want.

  8. I’m a huge fan of Charmed the tv series of the 3 sister witches – I want the power to Orb like Paige – Freeze things like Piper and Levitate like Phoebe. I’ll leave the power of premonition to Phoebe as that power would create way to much trouble in my life 😉 lol

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