The mystical month of Samhain

Happy All Saints Day, that mystical day when the veil between the worlds is thin. We’re ushering in Samhain, that most holy and magical of celtic times.


As you know Samhain means–

“–November” said my husband.

“No it means the fall, and the death of the year, the falling of leaves, the times when fairies and ghoules can stretch their pale arms into the human realm,” I insist in my best mystic voice.

“Er, no. It just means November,” the native Irish speaker assured me.

Disgruntled I finally pulled my head away from the mystical fog filled field I’d been imagining while trying to write this blog post. “Okay maybe that’s accurate, but it’s not sexy.”

“But it means November,” he repeated, baby blues blinking at me from behind his geek-chic glasses.

“Seriously, that’s all it means? Like, September, October, November.”

Mean Fomhair, Deireadh Fomhair, Samhain,” he rattled off in his sexy Irish.

–Interlude. Use your imagination–

“So what do they mean?” I asked him some time later.

Mean Fomhair is middle of summer, Deireadh Fomhair is end of summer and Samhain technically just means all hallows eve, but can be used to refer to the month of Halloween.”

“But the month of Halloween is October!”

“Er, no. The months are names after the ancient celtic festivals. May is Bealtaine and liteally means the fire of Beal, though neo-pagan traditions have turned into a bride-fire rite. It just means May.”

“Ohh, story idea. I need paper, unless you’ll let me write on you? Nope, still mad about that? Okay then, brb,” I said racing naked from the room.

“By the way,” my husband yelled after me, “you’re pronouncing Samhain wrong.”

14 Responses to “The mystical month of Samhain”

  1. So, how do you pronounce it?

    We all say SAM HANE.

    I know it’s wrong, but how does the Irish speaker actually say it?

  2. FB is right…you ARE pronouncing it wrong. 😛 Sow-en is closer

  3. Love the post! Mari Carr was teasing me every time I flinched when everyone said Sam-Hane *giggle* Sow-en is good.

  4. LOL. That’s one of the best dialogue exchanges ever.

  5. Great post, had me smiling.

    If a man talked to me like that I wouldn’t let him out of the bedroom….sigh!!!

    My hubby calls me Schatz!!!

    in Germany

  6. Loved the post Lila,
    Oh your husband is Irish, I bet his voice is to die for. When I was at KMM FeverCon last month one of the guests was Phil Gigante who does many of her audio books and when they were giving away some door prizes fron Samhain Pub. they weren’t sure about the pronouciation. I was walking by Phil who is a super sweet guy and he’s saying the same thing…They’re not pronouncing it right. I think it was driving him crazy. I stopped and said that’s how most people pronounce it and we had a nice little 5 min debate on why weren’t they pronouncing it right like they should.

    • His lilt is pretty thick–listen to an interview with a native Irish speaker, someone like Colin Farrell and you’ll hear the pitch of his voice his higher in real life as his lilt is more pronounced. Poor boy, no one understands him over the phone or at the drive through–though I say it’s because he’s too polite and uses too many pleases and thank you’s. They just want to know your combo number, they don’t need all those pleasantries! But I think that the husband thinks that his mama would know if he didn’t please and thank you everyone.

      • How did you find him? No really-where did you find him. Last night my daughters boyfriend, she thought it was going so well-he even asked her about moving to Hawaii with him, broke up with her, anyway her heart is once again broken and she loves Irish and Scottish so I’m thinking of sending her away after we get our tax return next year, hopefully she’ll be ready by then.

  7. BTW, did you notice that the Irish accent kept everyone from noticing or at least saying anything about you running around naked??

  8. No one said anything about the fact she was naked because we are all used to the idea of her being naked when ever FB is around, lol. Loved the post, had to read it out loud to Steve, when I could quit laughing, that is.

  9. Loved the post Lila. Was smiling the whole time, very cool. I wanna marry an Irish guy, yummy.

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