Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I assume many of you are nursing hangovers or wrangling children who’ve turned demonic from early sugar highs. Though Halloween is today I think it’s a testament to the human spirit that we as a universal people agreed to move the drinking aspect of the holiday to the Saturday.

When did Halloween become the drinking/dressing like a stripper/acting a damn fool holiday?

I don’t know and I don’t care because I DIG IT!

Okay, hold onto your ruffled-panty covered butts because I’m about to say something controversial. Shock.

There are enough family holidays–all the religious holidays, thanksgiving, etc. 4th of July and Memorial day can go either way. Sure, you’re buzzed, but you’re drinking beer slowly throughout the course of the day. Let Halloween be the holiday for the drunk, scandalous and vaguely villainous. Enough of these cute dogs and kids dressed up as fruits and vegetables. More scantily clad adults with lowered inhibitions!

Don’t have the body for bootcamp babe–the pun it up my friend. Get a veil and wrap yourself in some fed-ex packaging: presto, you’re a mail order bride. Three jello shots in that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.

But today is Sunday, and tomorrow is work so I hope they jello shots have been consumed, the puking pumpkins chuckled over and the stripper nun/police officer/strawberry shortcake costume doused in febresze and hung outside to fumigate. (Don’t wash those things, they’re not made for washing–trust me.)

And since it is Sunday, and it is Halloween, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if a bunch of these showed up at your door:


4 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Courtney S Says:

    Ha Ha! I’ve never heard/thought of the the “Mail Order Bride” costume. Another one in that same vein is cutting head & arm holes in a white trash bag, gluing (sp?) white colored stuff to it, & calling it “White Trash”.

  2. Loved Cruella and the Dalmations

  3. So funny, and too true lol.

  4. LOL! Too funny, Lila! Happy Halloween! Better go dig out some candy in case anyone makes it to our door… 🙂

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