Naughty Ad-Lib Contest Day 4

I hope you’re all having fun creating the ad-libs, I know I’m loving reading them all.  You’re really good at this! 🙂

In case you forgot, tomorrow is release day for Shifting Gears!  Woot!  It’s a related story to Driven, both from the Cougar Challenge series at Ellora’s Cave.  I’m so excited for those of you who asked for Mark’s story to get your wish.  In the meantime, let’s talk about the last of my five monthly releases, Morgan’s Surprise, which will be out in January.

Never fear, after that I’ll have releases at least every other month for a while but there are only so many days in the week.  I will say, though, that the March 2011 release is a special one.  Northern Exposure is the first in the Compass Brothers series and is co-authored with Mari Carr.

But, for now, Morgan’s Surprise.  *sigh*  I am in love with Angie Water’s covers!  I usually include inspiration/reference pictures in my cover art forms.  I’ve attached the two I used for Kate’s Crew.  From this and my meager descriptions, Angie created the awesome images people associate with my books.  Did I sigh yet?  *sigh*

This book centers around Joe and she was even able to find another great picture of the same guy from the Kate’s Crew cover.  How awesome is that?  The book is the second in the Powertools series.  The rest of the crew will find their happily ever afters in Kayla’s Gift and Devon’s Pair out later in 2011.

BLURB:  For a tasty birthday treat, add four men and stir.

Note to self: When confessing a crush on an ultra-hot construction worker to your best friend, make sure he’s not standing right behind you.

If Morgan thought spilling the beans on her lust for Joe would scare him off, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Following her birthday wish gone awry, the hunk is treating her to one surprise after another. From little things that make her smile to lavish, romantic dates, Joe is turning out to be the stuff of dreams

Joe’s attentions to the sexy pastry shop owner begin as lighthearted fun. Until he finds out about the past that, until now, has made her keep him at arm’s length. Determined to show her seeking pleasure is no crime, he sets out to fulfill her steamiest fantasies—with a little help from three of his best friends.

After a four-course birthday adventure, which presents Morgan as the sweetest imaginable dessert, she expects Joe to walk away. But now that Joe’s brought Morgan out of her shell, he’s hungry for something he never expected to crave—a forever kind of love.

CONTEST:  If one of the crew members named his “Powertool”, what might he call it?

18 Responses to “Naughty Ad-Lib Contest Day 4”

  1. Drool-worthy…

    (Sorry, that wasn’t necessarily a name–just sighing over your art today!)

  2. Courtney S Says:

    There’s the obvious name of “Snake”…lol


    ” Sure Babe, I’ve got the tool for that; oh yeah, here’s my jackhammer sugar, now let’s get busy and take care of your little problem.”


  4. Mary Preston Says:


  5. Michelle H. Says:

    Golden Hammer
    It nails you ’til you strike gold!

  6. Lmao, Drill.

    ‘Hey, baby, my Drill’s ready, you want me to use it?”

  7. Joystick.


  8. Impact Driver:a driving force

  9. Mike Holmes? Kidding, mostly.

    How about Dewalt – always the best tool for the job. One of their slogans is it “stands up to the job”

  10. Daphne Vaughan Says:

    His Mallet… Soft on the outside, hard as steel on the inside!!

  11. jaynerylon Says:

    These are hysterical. I’ll have to think of a way to incorporate them in a story 🙂

  12. Everyready – who needs batteries when I’m around :p

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