Naughty Ad-Lib Contest Day 3

Happy hump day, International Heat!  Welcome to naughty mad-libs part three.  You’re experts by now, I know 🙂  But, if you’re just joining us fresh, feel free to check out the past two days (and submit your response for more chances to win, all contests open until Saturday morning EST).

Today, the theme is inspired by my December 22nd Ellora’s Cave release, Star of Christmas.  The book is the second installment in the serial adventure of Star, a sex worker in Amsterdam.

I have to be really honest right now.  Star’s book came out last month.  So far, it’s gotten a few great reviews but I haven’t heard much back from readers.  I’m not sure if her book is too different.  It’s told in first person present and doesn’t have a traditional happily ever after ending (not yet anyway, this is a short quickie and there are lots more to come in the series!)  Still, I admit I think it’s one of the best stories I’ve written to date.  If you haven’t read it yet (check out Monday’s post for more info) it’s only $1.49 on EC’s site or a little over $2 elsewhere.  A bargain!  🙂

Both books were inspired by my trip to Amsterdam with my husband last year.  When I booked our hotel, I didn’t realize it was one street over from the red light district.  Oops.  It was also a gay leather BDSM hotel, but we’ll talk about that some other time.  It was research.  Anyhoo, being from NY the best comparison I can give is this:  You know how there’s Broadway and off-Broadway?  Same applies for hookers.  Who knew?

I saw some interesting things there and the beauty of the city outside of the more sordid elements really drew me in.  I’ve sprinkled a couple of my travel pics throughout today’s ramblings.  I would love to go back again someday.  I’ve been to Venice and the canal feel was just as charming.  The bicycles were CRAZY and the Anne Frank House was the best museum I’ve ever been to in my life. 

The co-existence of those elements with the extreme night life formed the foundation for the blend of realism and fantasy surrounding Star’s adventures in the red light district.  I sincerely hope you’ll give her a chance.  Here’s some info about Star of Christmas and today’s ad-lib contest.  Good luck!

BLURB:  (Sequel to Through My Window, available now from Ellora’s Cave) Star has seen it all as a sex worker in Amsterdam. She harnesses her intense sexuality to bring her clients satisfaction—or whatever else they desire. When one of her favorites, Rick, makes an unusual proposition, she accepts the rare opportunity.

She finds herself onstage, the lead in a naughty Christmas pageant indulging in electrophilia where anyone can witness her client-turned-costar give her a present she’ll never forget. The sparks between them grow into something more, forcing them to decide if they’re strong enough to seek more than simple pleasure together.

CONTEST:  If you invented a sex toy used for sexual electric play, a funny slogan/jingle would be ______?

PS… Only two more days until Shifting Gears releases!!!


13 Responses to “Naughty Ad-Lib Contest Day 3”

  1. Hmm… to repurpose some of the slogans/jingles from other products…

    – Hits the Spot
    – M’m, M’m good
    – Double your pleasure, double your fun

  2. Courtney S Says:

    Paraphrasing the Energizer slogan: You’ll keep coming & coming & coming.

    The Shocker (LOL): We’ll get you coming & going!

  3. If you invented a sex toy used for sexual electric play, a funny slogan/jingle would be ______?

    Must be sung to the Jello theme song tune

    See it jiggle….
    Feel it wiggle…

    Feel it tingle….
    Feel it Jiggle….

  4. Oh, another good one.

    I would say…..

    You can go slow
    You can go fast
    Feel the glow
    Feel the buzz!

    in Germany

  5. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, when you need that special feeling, pull out the Go Baby Go! heehee

  6. The Electric Slide, flick it on and let her ride.

  7. dreabecraft Says:

    Feel the tingle…..
    feel the zing….
    plug that sucker in….
    and let the real fun begin….

  8. Daphne Vaughan Says:

    A whole Ten inches of lighted fun..
    Guarantee you will glow when your done.
    Give it a try, get your Vibe on…
    Cum on, Cum on you’ll want more than one!!!

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