Naughty Ad-Lib Contest Day 2

I’m so impressed!  The entries that have rolled in so far for Day 1’s contest (all ad-lib contests will stay open until around 10am on Saturday 10/30 EST) are cracking me up.  I can’t wait to see what you do with today’s game.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have five months with releases back to back here.  Yesterday we talked about Through My Window, which released from EC on 9/30.   The other upcomming books are:

Shifting Gears, Cougar Challenge  (10/29 this FRIDAY!!!)
Razor’s Edge, Men in Blue 2 (11/23)
Star of Christmas, Star Book 2 (12/22)
Morgan’s Surprise, Powertools Book 2 (1/25)

After that I’ll have at least a book every other month (kicked off with the first of the Compass Brothers books, co-written with Mari Carr!) for a while but we’ll chat more about that later 🙂  If I were logical, you might expect today’s ad-lib to feature Shifting Gears but I figured, since it comes out this week YEY!, that I’d skip to Razor and talk about Mark on Friday.  A little nugget of fun to hold you over though, Shifting Gears tells the story of the third from the menage in Driven but it also features Sebastian and Lynn, the original couple as the four friends explore together.  Woot!

Okay, so, now for the good stuff.  Razor’s Edge has been in the works for-freaking-ever.  Not really, but it feels like it.  I first sat down to write this book over a year ago and it took about three months to tear through the 100K novel.  But schedules got crazy and I took a long time rewriting the thing in edits even though my poor, long-suffering editor, Bethany Morgan, loved it the way it was originally.  I wanted it to be perfect, to sparkle.  I have a lot invested in the Men in Blue and I didn’t want to let readers down with less than my absolute best, one of my pet peeves as a reader.

In the end, I feel like Razor’s Edge is a book I’m really proud to share with the world.  I can’t WAIT to hear what fans of Night is Darkest think.  Also, I’m excited to announce that JRad’s book, Mistress’s Master is slated to appear on e-shelves sometime around September of 2011.

BLURB (click the cover to read an excerpt):   There’s a thin line between protection and betrayal…and they’re dancing on it.

Isabella’s marriage to the wealthiest man in the state looked fairytale perfect. Only she knows the truth behind the nightmare forcing her to run with the clothes on her back, the scars on her body and no one to trust. Not even her own father.

When the man hunting her has unlimited resources, hiding in plain sight is a wise choice. Isabella basks in the protection of the limelight as an instructor on a pro-am TV dance competition. Perfect plan, except her ornery partner is packing moves she never learned in any studio.

A rookie mistake in the line of duty earned Razor months of rehab and a healthy distrust of innocent-looking women. Determined to prove to his fellow men in blue his green has worn off, he goes undercover as Isabella’s dance partner to investigate her possible involvement in a sex-slavery ring. But as he attempts to cozy up for information, their instant chemistry challenges his detached composure.

An attempt on her life should have cleared the air. Instead it muddies the waters even more, forcing them both to trust each other. And depend on the one thing Razor thought he’d lost. His instinct.

Warning: This book contains ultra-sexy young cops, who aren’t afraid to show a girl their best moves on and off the dance floor.

CONTEST:  If you had to create a dance move inspired by young, hot cops, what would it be called and what would it look like/how would you do it?

Don’t injure yourselves while shakin’ it practicing your moves!


14 Responses to “Naughty Ad-Lib Contest Day 2”

  1. Hmm…
    the Shake Down Take Down?
    That Ain’t No Donut?
    Cuff Me, Please!

  2. I Frisk, You Frisk, We All Frisk

  3. The Traffic Tango.
    Have you seen video’s of the traffic cops in big cities directing traffic set to music, sometimes I think some of them are listeniong to music as they do the arm movements and shake thier Booty.

  4. Michelle H. Says:

    Rookie Rumba?
    Hunka, Hunka, Burning Fuzz?

  5. Daphne Vaugham Says:

    The Nightstick stroke. Put one hand in front of you move those hips back and forth while stroking the stick. lol

  6. The handcuff groove.

    One hand behind your back….shake your booty, other hand behind your back…shake your booty and click!!!!

    in Germany

  7. Valerie C Says:

    No Paso Go Doble. 🙂
    Pretty much the Paso Doble with talented Hot Cops and possibly involving a handcuff clench in the finale.
    And no collecting $200. LOL

    Valerie in AZ 😉

  8. The HOTHO (hands on the hood officer)

    Place your hands on the hood of the car, spread em and shake that thang!

  9. The Frisk

    Kick your partner’s feet apart and then ssllliiiiddddeeee your hands down their arms and then up their legs – works best with a song like Lady Marmalade

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