Do Over!

My very first book with Carina Press, Do Over, releases today. I’m thrilled to be a part of this new and exciting publisher. Do Over is actually loosely based on the experiences of my best friend and the anniversary surprise her husband planned for her.

Sometimes once is not enough…

After twenty-five years of marriage, Faith Wainwright wonders what she’ll do next. Her kids have moved out and sometimes she feels so distant from her husband, Troy.

Right before their anniversary, Troy gives Faith an unexpected gift: a journey through their hometown to reenact all their “firsts.” Their first date. Their first kiss. And especially the first time they made love—only better.

Each stop on their tour becomes an opportunity for Faith and Troy to rediscover how explosive their passion can be. Now Faith knows exactly what she’s going to do: Troy, over and over again…


Looking down, she carefully opened the beautifully wrapped package. Pulling off the lid and digging into the tissue paper, she was surprised to find a photo album. She started to open the cover, but Troy’s hand covered hers.

“You can only look at the first page,” he said.

She looked up, the question in her eyes, but he didn’t give her time to voice it.

“This is only the first stop in our celebration. One page for each place. I’ll tell you when you can turn the page.”

She looked at him for several moments, trying to assimilate this man and this incredibly romantic gesture with the easygoing guy who’d been leaving wet towels on her bathroom floor year after year.

Opening the photo album to the first page, she saw a picture of her and Troy the night of their senior prom. They hadn’t come to the dance together, but they’d certainly left the gym hand in hand. His original date had come down with the flu, canceling the morning of. She’d come with Travis Scottsdale, her first semi-serious boyfriend and asshole of the century. Ten minutes after arriving at the dance, he told her he wanted to break up with her, leaving her sitting alone while he proceeded to make out in the corner with Amber Cooper.

“Oh my gosh. Look at us. We’re so young.”

“And sweaty,” Troy joked. “We danced our asses off that night.”

“It didn’t help that the AC in the gym didn’t work.” Faith grinned at the memory.

“Must’ve been at least a hundred degrees in there.”

Faith looked back at the photograph. “Where did you get this picture? I’ve never seen it.”

“It was in the pocket of that letter jacket. I can’t remember exactly where I got it. I think Judy Hayes gave it to me a couple weeks after the dance. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to pass it along to you.”

“And obviously you forgot.” Forgetting little things was a special talent of Troy’s. She always had to remind him it was garbage day or to stop on the way home from work to pick up the dry cleaning.

Troy shrugged. “I was a teenage boy falling in love for the first time. Believe me, I was not about to give up that picture. I looked at it all the time.”

This time, she couldn’t hold back the tears his kind words provoked.

“Troy,” she whispered.

He bent forward. “Kiss me,” he murmured. Their lips touched. They’d kissed a million and twelve times in their lives, but this kiss, gentle and sweet and innocent, reminded her of their first. It was in this parking lot after the dance and she could still remember the excitement she felt when Troy Wainwright offered her a ride home. They’d gotten into his car and before he started the engine, he’d turned to her and said the exact same words.

Kiss me.

The request and the action had taken her breath away that night and she was feeling the same lightheadedness now as she had then. As soon as the memory entered her mind, she pulled away with a gasp and looked around. If she wasn’t mistaken, this was very nearly the same parking spot.

“Our first kiss.”

He grinned, pleased she’d remembered. “Yep. Right here. In front of the school.”

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