Happy 17!

Today is a big day. It’s my oldest daughter’s 17th birthday. Where does the time go? It seemed like just yesterday she was dancing around the living room in her diaper and singing a Lamb Chop tune. Now, she’s driving, dating and making her dad and I crazy, lol.

So, since it’s her birthday today, I’m keeping her out of school and we’re going shopping. It’s a little tradition we started years ago. Why? Wel,l both of my daughters have birthdays like a week apart. Because the dates are so close together we have one big party. So, since they are forced to share their birtday party with each other they don’t really get to have a day to feel special. My solution? On their birthday day, I let them stay home from school and they get to have their choice of fun things to do. Movies, shopping, whatever. Today, Kati has decided she wants to get her nails done and then do some shopping at the mall. Having this mom and daughter time is something I look forward to every year.

Do you all have any birthday traditions with your kids, spouse, mom?

One other thing I wanted to announce before I hit the shower and take off for the day.

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8 Responses to “Happy 17!”

  1. My dad used to get me lavendar roses every year for my birthday. With our boys we don’t pull them out of school but they get a weekend or a special restaurant. Lately all three of our boys want steak dinners and they can choose a movie or swimming or theme park or a baseball game. This year my oldest chose a steak dinner and a baseball game it was a 200.00 night and that was not including presents. It was fun and he thought he was the man.

  2. OMG you don’t look old enough to have a 17 year-old!! Have a wonderful day. I always loved that my birthday was in the middle of the summer. By the time I ran out of stuff like perfume, etc., it was Christmas time.

    My hubby & I got married on my birthday so for a long time now, I’ve had 2 things to celebrate.

  3. Don’t really have any birthday traditions that we do, pretty much just go by how we feel that day. Sounds like a great tradtition that you have established with your daughters and the extra mom/daughter bonding is a great idea. Please wish your daughter the best 17th!

    BTW- loved the reference to Lamb Chop…my sister loved that show

  4. That is such a fabulous idea! I may have to adopt your tradition…

    We don’t have anything. My husband hates to celebrate his birthday, and I silently wish for more.

  5. Happy birthday Kati! I lost my mom a few years ago, but unfortunately we never had that kind of relationship. I am so glad you both treasure it!

    We try to do stuff with our 17 (almost 18) year old son, but it’s just not the same as girl time.

    Have fun today!


  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! Happy 17th!!

  7. dreabecraft Says:

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. You don’t look old enough to have a child that old lol.

  8. Anne Rainey Says:

    Thanks, All! We had a very specail day together. It was so much fun I’m thinking we need to have more mom/daughter days together. They just grow up so fast, it’s important to appreciate these years with them. 🙂

    And thanks for the ‘young’ comments. I’m 43 in November and not really looking forward to it. LOL

    Desiree–I love the roses idea. In fact, my husband decided last night that he’s starting his own tradition with the girls. He bought roses and chocolate for Kati today. He’s going to surprise her with it when she gets home from band practice. He’s going to start doing that every year for the girls. I’m so glad, too, as I think it’ll be something they always remember. 🙂

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