NEW RELEASE: Visiting Paradise

Yes, I am excited.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day, and finally it’s here.

Visiting Paradise, my novella from the Anthology, Boys Down Under, is now available as a stand alone read at Aspen Mountain Press.

Yep, it’s the novella with the gorgeous cover Valerie Tibbs designed. Here. Take a peek:

Visiting Paradise: The Blurb

Beth Brown needs a holiday. She’s burnt out, single and madly in love with the man who pays her salary, Joe Bastion. Much as she’d like to act on her feelings, Beth’s learned the hard way not to sleep with the men she works for.  As far as she is concerned, Joe is off limits.

Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to chase hard. And  Joe wants Beth  He’s organized the trip of a lifetime for her. Beth’s about to set sail into paradise, and she has no idea Joe’s the one who’ll be taking her there.


Visiting Paradise: A very little teaser

They threw their snorkels and goggles on the deck, and Beth swam to the boat’s ladder and pulled herself up onto the second rung.  Joe climbed up right behind her, his feet a step below hers.  His arms brushed hers as he grabbed hold of the hand rail.  He was taller than her, so in this position they stood shoulder to shoulder.  Water streamed from her hair as she turned her head and caught his eye.

The heated expression on his face stopped her from climbing higher.  Beth’s pulse shot up and her blood began to simmer.

“Joe?” she said, her voice throaty with a sudden rush of desire.

“Yeah,” he answered, the word loaded with a thousand unspoken promises.

“You ever made love on a ladder before?”

In response, he pressed his body against her until his chest lay flush against her back, his thighs touched hers, and his rigid erection pushed into the cheeks of her ass.   “Never, Bethy.”  He nuzzled her cheek.

She arched her back into him and broadened her stance, so his cock slipped between her legs and came to rest snugly between her thighs.  “Me neither,” she breathed, “but there’s a first time for everything.”



If the blurb and excerpt interested you, you can buy the book now. Just click here.


12 Responses to “NEW RELEASE: Visiting Paradise”

  1. Congrats on the release, Jess!!

  2. 😀
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    LOL, can you see I’m so excited my hands are shaking?

  3. Hey Jess
    Love the premise of this story. Sounds like lots of tension, sexual & otherwise. The cover is gorgeous.

  4. Oh, Jess, I gotta say, I luuurve this story. Congrats on the release 🙂

  5. Congratulations – the cover is gorgeous!

  6. And I never get tired of hearing that. 😀

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