I Have A Deviant’s Mind…

I do. I think that’s fairly obvious. Ignoring the fact I write erotic romance, I can’t watch a Disney cartoon without finding myself pondering the sexiness of the characters. I’ve often worried about this aspect of my psyche (I am, by nature, a little self-paranoid) but after a session of complete procrastination web-surfing, I stumbled upon the artwork of David Kawena and wow, did I feel sooooo….well, I guess sooooo satisfied. Just take a look at some of his gorgeous representations of Disney’s heroes. I mean….HAWT doesn’t begin to describe it. There’s more on his deviantART site and I highly recommend taking a look. But here’s just a little tease. Can you guess who they are?

Didn’t I tell you they were gorgeous?

So, of all the characters you remember from your childhood (or just from watching the kids’ movies at home) which one do you fantasise the most about (mine’s a menage with Beast in his beast form and Gaston…oh, that bad boy just gets me)?

And just because I find this image so damn sexy, here’s Beauty and the Beast for grown-up by another talented artist called J. Scott Campbell. You can find more of his amazing artwork here

9 Responses to “I Have A Deviant’s Mind…”

  1. Sometimes procrastination is so worth it. 😉

  2. I’m loving the art Lexxie! It’s incredibly sexy. I’ll never look at the Disney Princes and princesses the same. lol

  3. No lie, I had it bad for Aladian. I wanted to corupt that good boy innocence he had, hmmmm, LOL
    Awesome pictures and sites Lexxie!

    • LOL. I’ve always had a thing for Beast (but not in human form. *grin*) And as weird as it sounds, I reckon Jafar would know how to really really dominate the bedroom space *wink*

      • Oh I know! Especially with those shackles he uses on Jasmine. I never realized how many sexual innuendos and how sexually oriented the Disney movies were until I started reading romance books. Now everytime I watch one my mind goes immediately to the gutter. hehe Shame on me. 😉

  4. Loved the art. Amazing what he did with the characters.

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