Where we live…

Today is the last day in the Meet the Heat summer celebration.

**Apologies to everyone who got the very sparse, one sentence start of this blog post. Started it a couple nights ago with the intention of finishing it later, then I forgot all about it. Oops. :)**

So…I’ll finish it now. What I WANTED to say was there are lots of places where you can find the International Heat gang. We all have our own websites and the links are posted in the sidebar of this blog. The main place we ‘frequent’ is the Heat Wave yahoo group. If you haven’t joined Heat Wave, I’d like to issue you a personal invitation. This is a fantastically fun place with a lot of diehard readers who like to talk about books. We also share recipes, jokes, racy pics (oh yeah), and even moral support when needed.

Jambrea is heading up a HW Fit day on Fridays where members share their successes (or lack thereof) in our attempts to lose weight and exercise.

On release days, we share ‘exclusive’ excerpts of the books and quite often, we post snippets from our works in progress. We even hold Heat Wave only contests from time to time. It’s a great place and I hope you’ll consider stopping by and checking it out.

OH! and for those of you commenters who graciously ignored my inept attempt at blogging and cleverly commented on my heading, I live in Virginia. πŸ™‚ I’ll announce the two winners in the contest first thing tomorrow morning.

12 Responses to “Where we live…”

  1. Courtney S Says:

    I live in Easter North Carolina on the coast. Most people have never heard of the city, but have heard of Camp Lejeune, the Marine Corps base.

  2. I’m so sad that it’s over. It’s been a lot of fun. I live in West Bend, Wisconsin. We have about 30,000 people here, but we are most definitely a hick town. Cornfields and farms all over the place. πŸ˜€

  3. The westher in central Minnesota has been HOT this year. This past week was beautiful, but the humidity is supposed to be coming back in tomorrow. I wish it would wait until after Labor Day.

    Becky – I live in Waverly Minnesota, population 2,000. You can smell the dairy farm 5 miles away all summer long.

  4. I live in southern MD, about 70 miles southeast of DC. When I say that most people think VA but no, we’re in MD. We between the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River. I can see VA from our shore as it’s less than 2 miles away but it takes over an hour and a half to get there as the nearest bridge is in the next county north.

    This is a unique county to live in. I work in Loveville where most of the residents are Old Order Mennonite, think Amish as that is what they resemble. All day I have horse and buggies in and out of my post office. Then, I return home to Lexington Park, where I have million dollar jets roaring over my house from the nearby Navy base. There is a test pilot school there as well as some experimental aircraft. We’re also the first place that the Catholic settlers stepped foot in MD and have a reconstruted city with reinactors.

    Rural yet we look to the future. Close enough to DC and Baltimore that they are great day trips but far enough away to basically not worry about their crime. You’re never more than a mile or so from some sort of water.

    Yep, I live in southerrn, southern MD and love it.

  5. I belong to the Heat Wave group, and always enjoy taking a peek at what you all have going on. Thanks for another fun week, Mari.

  6. Charleston, SC deep in humidity city. I do have the beach a mile down the street, that’s always fun πŸ™‚

  7. I live in a suberb outside of Austin, Texas. I’ve become accustomed to the heat now, but when the Summer hits, family and I sort of act like bats and stay indoors only to venture out at night. Then during the Summer we live in the water, I mean, pool.

    Hope everyone had a good Summer. I’m just glad the kids started school and I’ve got some “mommy” time.

  8. Patricia K Says:

    I live in Winter Springs, Florida. It is about an hour from Disney.
    It is so hot that you only want to go outside inthe evenings

  9. I used to live in Portland Oregon but we have recently moved to Blue Springs MO just outside of KC. I do miss the beach and mountains but I love the heat here.

  10. My home town is Dresden, Germany but I’ve lived all over the world for study or work – Canton, MI – Wernigerode, Germany – Parga, Greece – Ashland, OR – Berlin, Germany… all beautiful places with their own charme.

    The HW group sounds like a lot of fun, think I’ll check it out. Although I have a hard time already, keeping up with my friends and favorite authors on facebook πŸ˜‰ cya there Mari πŸ™‚

  11. Yvonne R. Says:

    Fort Worth, Texas here. Pretty big place with close cities and lots to do. I participate in the IH Yahoo group and I could not find a better group. Its fun to talk and share our different point of views as well as pick up a couple of friends along the way. Thanks for having the Meet the Heat celebration. It was a blast! πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for this. I have found some authors that I might not have found through this little exercise.

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