After the last page

What happens after you close the last page of a romance? What happens to you, to the characters?

We all want that happily ever after for them, for ourselves, but how do we know they get it. What happens to those lovely, twisted couples whose relationship is based on a shared love of kinky sex when they get old and not so flexible?

I’ve been married for just over two months now, so of course I know everything about being married, and what happens after you close the last page. Okay, the other IH girls can stop laughing now.

I wish I had more insight than I do, but so far as I can tell, after you close the last page you go out to dinner, meet up with friends for drinks go home, maybe have sax, maybe just make out, then, you fall asleep, knowing you’ll never have to sleep alone again.

3 Responses to “After the last page”

  1. Heather P Says:

    I too have wondered what happens when you are no longer flexible but like kinky sex. lol

  2. dreabecraft Says:

    Damn my sex life went out the door after my first child lol. Kinky is not a reality for me anymore.

  3. Courtney S Says:

    I do wonder what happens after the “Happily Ever After”. Do they move to the suburbs & join the PTA or do they keep swinging from the chandeliers?? LOL To answer Heather’s question, a friend told me that that’s what The Liberator (foam cushion that’s wedge shaped) is for. ;P

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