Let Lila’s week begin (sort of)

Dia dhaoibh go léir,*

Hello and welcome to Lila’s turn at the controls of the IH blog. The thing is that Lila is off on a crafting course today so, Valerie’s interesting posts will be followed by a guest post by another non-writer – muggins here.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Lila’s Farm Boy. Not only am I in awe of people who can write well, but I love one in particular so much that, reader, I married her. Now this post is supposed to be about Lila so I should tell you a little more about her.

To continue Valerie’s theme of day jobs, not only is Lila an erotic romance writer by night, she also has a day job as a writer; she works in a university here in Los Angeles turning dense, impenetrable prose by (wannabe) squints like me into coherent chunks of text for dissemination to people who don’t spend their lives in ivory towers. She’s excellent at both forms of writing but there’s no doubt which she prefers and it ain’t working with abstruse research results!

When not writing, Lila’s a voracious reader and some of her favourite works include The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire novels. Although it is is not something we’ve discussed, I think the influence of these and other series she enjoys can be seen in her writing. Not being sure how long to make this post, I’ll finish with a question: what are your favourite works by other writers and how have they influenced your own fiction?

Slan go fóill,**

* Irish for hello to you all  (literally God be with you all)
** Goodbye for now in Irish

5 Responses to “Let Lila’s week begin (sort of)”

  1. dreabecraft Says:

    Hello Farm Boy. I have heard so much about you. Nice to finally somewhat meet you lol. Thanks for posting about the love of your life!

  2. Maria63303 Says:


    I knew she wrote during her edj …just didn’t know what it was so that was fun to find out…lol…

    I like to read Charlaine Harris too and also JR Ward, Laurell K. Hamilton, Nora Roberts as JD Robb…a host of other writers …and of course the peeps from IH….

    It was really nice of you to fill in for Lila….Thanks!

  3. Oh, I loved the Irish. 🙂 Thanks for the “sort of” post. Enjoyed it.
    Carol L.

  4. Thank you for posting for Lila. I started reading Harry Potter with my kids and I knew I could not go back to reading boring books. I started reading Kresley Cole and from there I found more paranormal romance and erotic.

  5. Heather P. Says:

    How sweet of you to post for her. It is nice to find out what she does at her EDJ. As for reading I can read almost anything as long as it keeps my attention.

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