Eye Candy and a contest

I’m feeling kinda lazy today. Can’t seem to muster up the energy to write a thoughtful blog post. So I figured I’d take the easy way out and post two things we all love to see in blogs…

Eye candy, and a cool contest!

I found this amazing blog while browsing the web, and confess I liked it so much, I kinda borrowed some images from it. Scroll through have a look, and if you like the images too, you can check out the whole site at:


So, looky here what I found at the blog:

(Okay…yum. Just yum!)

(Anyone care to get their teeth into these buns?)

(I’m suddenly tired. Think I may need a lie down…next to this guy.)

(Personally, the blue sheet/towel does nothing for me.)

(Are you getting bored yet? Coz I can stop posting beautiful men if you’d prefer.)

(Cowboys were never really my thing. But there’s an exception to every rule.)

(And this is why I love to write shower/bath scenes.)

(Oh, yeah. Feel another shower scene coming on.)

(Do I honestly need to comment?)

πŸ˜€ It’s my pleasure. No need to thank me.

Okay, it’s contest time. Since this will be my final contest, I’m gonna make it a bit harder than the last ones.

But it’s worth it. The prize? A $10 gift certificate from Samhain Publishing!

How do you win? You’ve been Meeting the Heat for the last few weeks now. Just let me knowΒ  your favorite Meet the Heat book, cover or review.

For eg, it could be Mari Carr’s Tequila Truth, or Valerie’s cover forΒ  Visiting Paradise. Or a review T wrote for a book you loved. Tell me why you loved the book/cover/review and you’ll go into the draw.


Without it there is no way of contacting you.



39 Responses to “Eye Candy and a contest”

  1. Yum on the pictures. I just added a new blog to my follow list so thanks for sharing that one. There are so many great books written by the members of international heat I don’t know if I could pick my favorite one so I’m going to go in a different direction.

    All of Valerie’s covers are great, but she did the cover for my book Letting Go and it is absolutely amazing. She completely nailed what I was looking for. It is by far my favorite cover. I hope she gets to do more of my covers in the future.

  2. jennifer mathis Says:

    nicepics I love the cover for calling the wild by lila


  3. Thanks for the lovely additions to my collection, and a new source as well. As far as favorite Meet the Heat moment, well they are all pretty terrific, but I absolutely loved the sneak peek of Jayne and Mari’s Compass Brothers books. I just hate that we have to wait so long.


  4. I think you did a great job of turning up the heat with your post. But I loved the sneak peak of Anne Rainey coming menage. I want but darn it doesn’t look like i’ll get until december

  5. I loved tequilla truth by Mari Carr! I also loved the link, Thanks! Meg Harrisonmeg@hotmail.com

  6. Tequila Truth was very good!! I loved it I read it at work bad bad bad. One of the drivers came up behind me and started to read a very juicy scene and the look on his face and too see his eyes get so big made my day. His response was ‘uhhh that was uhh really good’ lol. It is a story I could read over and over again.


  7. Thanks for all the pictures of the beautiful men. Mari Carr’s book.


  8. Thanks for the pics and the link, which I’ve bookmarked by the way. I loved the cover and description for A Question of Trust , I don’t like all mfm books but yours sounds great.


  9. Thanks for the eye candy, Jess. “Ask Adam” is a favorite and so is Mari’s “Covert Lessons.”

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  10. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    One of my favorite books is Sugar and Spice by Mari. Do not do too many rereads because my TBR pile is so big but I loved that book and the sequel Everything Nice.

    linze_e at hotmail.com

    • Oh I hear you about the rereads. Real hard to fit them in when there are so many awesome new books to read for the first time.

      I’m sure Mari would be happy to hear you speak about her books like that.


  11. Courtney S Says:

    WOW! That’s a hard one! (That’s what he said…LOL Couldn’t resist)

    I don’t know that I can pick just one favorite because I’ve discovered so many good books as a result of the various blogs ya’ll have posted. Discovered Lexxie & Jambrea’s books, picked up Anne’s latest (as well as her series that starts w/ Touching Lace), am now SUPER anxious to read The Compass Brothers series, & that’s not counting the guest bloggers.

    Thanks for doing this, it’s been really fun!! The eye candy helps too.


  12. Ok, love the eye candy but the one near the end getting out of the shower, did you see he left the toliet seat up, sorry I just had to notice that right??? But they are gorgoeus, lickalicous and yeah I could bite #1’s buns, I love buns and arms. My favorite as I missed most of the Meet the Heat was the pictures of all the kissing for the first kiss. The eye candy is sweet and most satistying, and non-fattening.

    • Roflmao

      Okay, I confess, I have no problem with men leaving the toilet seat up. BUT, toilets in the background of a sexy pic? Not so sexy. LOLOL.


  13. Man candy… *drool*

    I absolutely LOVE all of Mari Carr’s Samhain covers. I think they do such a great job of making them unique to the story line. ❀

  14. Hey Jess! Thanks for all the yummy mens, I needed some new pics for my phone, so thanks LOL. Ever since joining meet the heat I have been stocking up on you ladies books, so there are so many to choose from. Lexxie’s are really nice, but you and Mari’s are so sexy…all of them,lol.


    • PIcs for oyur phone, huh? Hmm, I htink I’d like a peek at your phone. πŸ™‚

      So happy to hear you’re stocking up on our books.
      Hmmm…Why is it I smile every time I hear from you?


  15. I really like the cover for Tequila Truth. That bright splash of color–and how it wraps–is very eye catching.

    And thank you for the boy toys. I’ve been visiting that site everyday since I discovered it from all of you.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  16. Body Rush is my favorite cover, it is very easy to imagine myself in that outfit… and for a body to arch that way, something good id going on. AND, every time I see that cover I am reminded that the book is waiting for me on my nightstand!!!!!

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  17. Thanks for the great pictures(and the link).
    Love the cover and story from Jambrea, Retribution.

  18. I am a visual kind of girl and I am going with book covers. I really liked Mari’s new book cover for Happy Hour. The muted photo with the red bra and writing really draws you into the picture.


  19. Oh, yeah, Gigi.
    Happy Hour is a killer cover.


  20. Right now I’m really liking Anne’s What She Wants; I also love Driven (I love the very passionate feel of both covers, but I’m a sucker for that gorgeous lingerie she’s wearing on What She Wants) πŸ˜€

    Thanks for hanging out, Jess!

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