A kiss is just a kiss

Welcome all to my week in the Meet the Heat Spotlight.

It’s been a crazy, hectic wonderful weekend here in Sydney, and honestly, I haven’t slept much in the last 72 hours, so I’m not gonna ramble on for long by way of introducing myself.  Instead, I’m gonna post a few pics of my favorite part of any romance: The first kiss. Well, okay, so the pics may not specifically be first kisses, but they are of kissing. 😀

Those of you who already know me will know that my favorite part of any romance novel is that first kiss. I love the build up to it, I love the anticipation, I love the tingling thrills up my spine when it’s about to happen, and the butterflies in my belly when it finally does. And I love that aaaaaaah feeling when I’ve finished the scene and man, was it ever worth the wait.

(BTW – this image, the kiss between Colin Firth and Renee Zelwegger in Bridget Jone’s Diary was a huge inspiration for Ask Adam.)

I’ll be running a few contests for the duration of my Meet the Heat Week. The first contest is easy to enter. Just leave a comment here telling me which is is your favorite kiss from a movie, book or TV program. You’ll then go into a draw to win an ebook of your choice from Samhain Publishing. (Oh, and please, leave your email address with your comment.)

I’ll start by saying one of my favorite kisses ever is in Karen Marie Moning’s Kiss Of The Highlander, when Gwen and Drustan ride into town on horseback, and he helps her off the horse. Ohmegawd. The pages sizzled as I turned them. I loved, loved, loved that scene!

So,which is your fave kiss?

If you’d like to know more about me and my books, check out the blogs from the other members of International Heat. They’ve all posted excerpts of my books too.

Hmm, talking about excerpts, how about one from A Question of Love, focusing on…you got it, the first kiss.

A Question of Love:

An excerpt

“Would you like me to drop you back at the coffee shop?”

Tina stared at him. That would be the best idea. The car trip would give her ample time to thank him for introducing her to Valerie, and then she could get away from him. Perhaps she’d send him a gift tomorrow. A bottle of wine. Or scotch. Something to express her gratitude. At least she wouldn’t be trapped beside him any longer, yearning to pick up where they’d left off four years ago. Yearning to feel his and Connor’s hands on her body again, their lips on her mouth.

“I could drop you at home?”

Nope, bad idea. She’d feel compelled to invite him in.

“Or I could do what I’ve been wanting to for the last few hours and take you in my arms and kiss you.”

Tina’s jaw fell open. “What—?”

Gabe’s gaze dropped to her mouth. He shook his head. “Not just the last few hours,” he said hoarsely. “The last four years.”

Her vocal powers eluded her. There was not one single thing she could think of to say in response. Not one.

“Christ, T, I’ve dreamed of seeing you again.” His massive hand was on her cheek now, and he dragged his thumb over her lower lip. “Kissing you again.”

A wave of dizziness washed over her. Never mind the powers of speech, she couldn’t think straight.

“Dreamed of touching you.” His thumb traced the curve of her upper lip. “Tasting you.”

Her breath caught in her throat.

“I’ve dreamed of you. Every night for four years.” Even as he said it he bent forward. She watched, spellbound, as he closed the distance between them. With a soft groan, he pressed his mouth to hers.

She turned to mush. Standing on the footpath beside his car, with his lips on hers, she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think or talk. She could hardly hold herself upright. Her bones dissolved in her legs and her arms lost all structure. Gabe’s lips were on hers—warm, soft and seductive. Gabe. Oh, dear Lord, Gabe.

He drew back to stare into her eyes. “Christ…” he whispered. “I’ve wanted you for four years.” And then his mouth was on hers again, his tongue slipping between her lips, and she melted into him.

God help her, she hadn’t meant to respond, but how could she resist the temptation that was Gabe Carter?

Sensing her capitulation, his arms closed around her, pulling her in even closer, and she lost herself in his immense size, in his taste, in his familiar, spicy scent. Had anyone ever made her feel the way Gabe and Connor did?

All it had taken with them was one kiss, and she was reduced to a trembling wreck. Nothing had changed. Shivers raced through her as Gabe deepened the kiss, reminding her how each cell in her body had always responded to the two men, how every nerve fiber had stood to attention when they touched her.

He lifted her up, curving her body into his. His chest was a solid mass against her breasts, his legs thick and muscled against her thighs. In this position it was impossible to ignore the girth of his erection straining against her belly. Its very presence made her weak-kneed and lightheaded. It also made her horny. Very, very horny.

His tongue danced with hers. His taste filled her mouth. Sex and man.

No one had tasted quite so enticing as Gabe or Connor.

And no one had hurt her quite as profoundly as Gabe.

The thought knocked a little sense into her, giving her the strength to pull away. His arms might have been firm as steel rings around her waist, but the second she struggled against them they relaxed, allowing her to step down. Yet again, Tina was reminded of just how safe she’d always felt with him. No matter his size or his strength, he would never use it against her.

Just like that she was free. Released from the all-consuming embrace that fogged her mind and clouded her body with desire. Her breasts were heavy within the tight constraints of her bra, and her chest heaved in a futile attempt to draw breath.

No one had hurt her quite as profoundly as Gabe.


(A Question of Love is available at My Bookstore and More.)

I’ll choose a winner in two days and post it right here at International Heat.

Good luck,


63 Responses to “A kiss is just a kiss”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mari Carr, Jess Dee. Jess Dee said: Win an ebook! http://bit.ly/9U19eO Good luck! […]

  2. dreabecraft Says:

    I just got done watching mine. Its the one from the notebook. Where they’re in the rain arguing and he just grabs her and kisses. I love that kiss.

  3. I just finished reading Tracker’s Sin By Sarah McCarty and my favorite scene was when Ari asked Tracker to kiss her with love and omg he does. Love it.

  4. I have several including your “Photo Op.” And “Going all in” Or Lora Leigh’s Breeds(all) but most of all what a bunch of us have been rooting for Ejami on Days of our Lives. James Scott and Alison Sweeney have been doing an awesome job of portraying heartache,romance,sexy, passion, heartfelt emotion. Ej is our favorite Bad boy right now. Sexy accent too!

  5. Hi Jess,

    One of my favorites is the first kiss between Sawyer and Kate. They are hot, sweaty, Sawyer’s got that Southern drawl going, and then their lips touch, and wow. The kiss starts out slow and soft, and morphs right into hot and passionate. Loved their chemistry.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  6. I love the upside down kiss in the rain between Spiderman and Mary Jane.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  7. Hey Jess!! Awesome excerpt from one of my favorite books of yours, loved it!
    Fav kiss…from a book would have to be Eve and Roarke from JD Robb’s IN DEATH, when they realize their attraction was explosive, serious heat!
    Can’t wait for your week!!!

  8. Mai!
    It’s my favorite stalker.
    Haven’t read the book, but think i might have to now.

  9. Maria63303 Says:

    Well…I’m going old school…my favorite first kiss was the kiss on the beach between Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster in the movie “From Here to Eternity”. It’s a beautiful scene and because it’s an illicit affair it made it pretty hot- at least when I first saw it when I was alot younger

  10. My favorite kiss is in a new book, My Three Lords, by Juniper Bell. When the Duke of Warrington kisses Alicia, I melted…when you read it, *sniff, sniff* you will, too.

  11. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    There are lots of kisses that come to mind, but my favorite is in Lord of the Rings ROTK when Aragorn has been crowned king and he walks through the people and sees Arwen who he believed had either left or died and they come together in one big smooch in front of everyone.

  12. Gulp.
    I think I may be hte only person in hte whole world who hasn’t seen that trilogy.


  13. Hmm. Oh, I’ve got a few. One is in “Buffy,” where Spike and Buffy share their first kiss at the end of “Once More With Feeling.”

    Then there’s in Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Incubus Dreams,” where Anita and Nathaniel kiss. And anything between Anita, Asher and Jean-Claude skyrockets off the charts.

    Oddly, I really like the kiss between Gwenyth Paltrow and John Hannah in “Sliding Doors.” I think it’s so sweet, so moving that she opens herself up to someone new and different. And who wouldn’t love the Scottish accent anyway? 🙂


    • Aw, Maggie, I loved Sliding Doors! As for Buffy, well, truth is I only got into paranormal after Buffy had already finished airing, so I never watched it.


  14. I am a sucker for old musicals so I would say it is when in “Meet me in St. Louis” after Judy Garland hits the boy next door for hurting her sister and then finds out the sister lied. She runs back over to apologize and share their first kiss.


  15. I’m either brain fried or just plain weird. Can’t think of any specific kissing scenes right now. Love that moment in a book of movie when they finally give in and kiss, whether tender and romantic or frantic and hot. But no one fave is coming to mind.

  16. Courtney S Says:

    One of my favorite kissing scenes remains the one from Dirty Dancing where Baby goes to Johnny’s room after their show @ the Sheldrake (also their first time having sex.) Another one is when Dennis Quaid & Ellen Barkin get together in The Big Easy. All that Dennis Quaid hawtness w/ a Cajun accent thrown in as a bonus….mmmmm


  17. Oh, my. Dennis Quaid + kiss = hawt!

  18. Gabrielle Jones Says:

    Having a hard time thinking of my favorite first kiss, just thought of one. I liked the scene in Titanic when Jack and Rose are the front of the ship and he’s behind her. Rose turns in his arms and kisses him, I kind of like that one! (Plus it was the only one I could think of at the time!)


  19. Very hot post. Love the pics. Certainly inspired me!

  20. Oh one of my favorite kisses is not necessilary super steamy, but just highly anticipated. When Kate & Curran finally got together in the Kate Daniels Series. I did a little *squee* *faint* when it happened!

  21. Heather P Says:

    I have 2 fave kisses…the 1st is P.S. I Love You. It is when she is remembering first meeting her husband in Ireland while grieving his death. And they were both kind of breathless and shocked almost by what they were feeling. The 2nd kiss is at the end of Pretty Woman where Richard Gere climbs up the fire escape even though he is afraid of heights. That is a great kiss.


  22. My favorite has already been mentioned but I’ll say it again the kiss in The Notebook.
    And I agree with Jan – Sami and EJ on Days of Our Lives have had some smokin hot kisses too,although they are not my fav couple.
    There are so many in books
    Bones and Cat
    Ethan and Merit
    Rose and Dimitri
    Riley Jensen and Quinn


    I remember that scene it was so…… sigh romantic, and steamy and oh shit I’m gonna have to read the damn books again now – LOL

  24. I love that book Jess by KMM and I’m going to her FeverCon in Oct. talk about a chunk of change and I’m getting ready to reread all her books in preperation, I love all her kiss scenes. But one of my favorite first kisses is between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man, when he pulls her around in the storm as she tries to run past. Then of course there is the first kiss between Carey Grant and Leslie Caron in Father Goose.

  25. Zina… you’re going to Fever Con?
    OMG, I am so jealous! Would love to go.
    Please, you have to tell us all about it.


  26. Like so many others, The Notebook makes my heart race. That hot kiss during the downpour creates steam.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  27. Jess, the registration is staying open until 8-8 I think but then airfare from there yeah a big chunk of change for you. My hubby is going and the only way to get him his kingsize bed garunteed to to book a deluxe suite on the private floor so like I said a chunk of change but Karen is such a sweetheart, her hubby Neil too and I soooooooo love her books. I do have some free Darkfever paperbacks to give away if you’d like one Jess, with the new cover, just email me offline with your snailmail, sorry they are not signed. Have you read any of her Fever series? they are an offshoot so to speak of her Highlanders and features at times Christian McKelter as well as mentioning Dageus, well Christian mentions him, we meet Christian in the Highlander series as a wee boy.

    • Have I read the Fever series? Is the Pope Catholic?
      It took me a while to pick up the first one, because I couldn’t believe she’d stopped writing about the Highlanders and the McKeltars. I sulked for a good long while. But after the first page of DarkFever I was hooked.
      And talk about cliffhangers. Man, the last page of DreamFever almost killed me. WHO WAS IT????
      Thanx for the offer of the book. If I didn’t already have it on my keeper shelf, I would grab at it. 😀
      And you’re right. Airfare to Fevercon is just too high. I will have to live vicariously through you. (A delluxe suite, on a private floor?)

  28. Anytime Colin Firth kisses someone on screen is my favourite (and I mean anyone. HAve you seen A Single Man? OMG!)

    Anyways….I think probably my all-time favourite kiss on screen would be Matt Damon’s kiss with Franke Potente (Marie) in The Bourne Identity (the one against the wall….oh, man…think I better go now….)

  29. tennismom mary g Says:

    Hi Jess
    In Christy Reece’s Last Chance book.

    “I couldn’t have lived without ever knowing your taste” That scene was awesome.


  30. I love the best friends kiss scenes, its like they wanted it but didn’t expect it to be so mind blowing and then one goes into denial and then they have another first kiss as they try to be couple. I love how they fight the attraction, it always makes the kiss so much better.

    I really can’t think of any right now, but I can say that the last book I read had a really good first kiss scece. The secret by Julie Garwood. When Iain and Judith are on the horse, hiding, waiting for the enemies to pass and he gets real possessive and protecting her … its a sweet romance kiss.



    • Midnight,
      Heya. Long time, no see!

      I also love best friend kisses.
      Guess that explains why so many of my books revolve around best friends.

  31. I’m having a hard time thinking of favorite kiss scenes, but I agree that it’s that combination of anticipation and tension that help make that first meeting of lips explosive. I also love that there are so many kinds of kisses–slow and melting, hotly passionate, tender… How funny that such a simple gesture can be so meaningful!

  32. Jess, here is the description of the room and I promise to take pictures, have any books you want signed????? Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole are going to be there. Or just an autograph??

    VIP accommodations on the restricted-access 22nd floor include private concierge, continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres in a private lounge. Enjoy stylish decor, plush robes, plus two double Grand Beds featuring ultra-plush pillows, the softest sheeting and thick down blankets all piled atop irresistible pillow-top mattresses. Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access available on computers located in Regency Club

    • You’re trying to kill me with jealousy, aren’t you?
      The room sounds unbelievable.
      But the fact you’re gonna meet Kresley Cole AND Gena Showalter as well as KMM?
      Forget the autograph. Grab one of them (I’m not fussy, I’ll take any one) and send her to Australia express post.

  33. Jess, at RomCon we lucked out and were able to get Nalini Singh and Christine Feehan to talk to our oldest Stephanie since she couldn’t go but my phone can’t call down under sorry but I’ll do my best for you.

  34. opps I forgot, have you gone to her site and joined? She has a message board and you can play a game with the shades too. I have no freaking idea who it was at the end of DreamFever but if I remember correctly at her book signing last year in Ohio in her Q & A I believe she said you would “see” the creature again. My first thought was that it was Jerrico then I thought maybe Christen. Who do you think it was?? If you sign up for Karen’s newslettter you get teasers, the last one made me scream. Have you heard the soundtrack that her husband Neil did??

    • Yep, I’ve played htat shades game. Spent lots of time on her site.
      And I do receive KMM’s newsletter, bu tone of the excerpts just made more too anxious to read the fifth book, so I decided not to read those teasers anymore.

      Oh, and if it was Jerricho or Christian I am going to be utterly devastated!

  35. Yvonne R. Says:

    Hey Jess I know I’m late commenting but I loved the topic that I had to include my favorite kiss. Its in the first movie of Spiderman between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. So dreamy. 🙂

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