Meet Jambrea Winners

And the winner of the ebook from my back list is…

Chris – Stumbling over Chaos. Please email me at and I’ll send you the ebook of your choice from my back list. you can check out my books at Let me know what format you need too! Congrats!!!!

Now the winner of a one of my print books is…

Courtney S. Please email me at You can see both of my prints at Total eBound.  They are both anthologies. Let me know which one you would like and your snail mail address and I’ll get that out to you next week.

Thank you everyone for the great week! It’s been a blast. The above picture is one of my favorites. I LOVE it. And I’ll post one last picture before I go and leave you in JR’s hands for her The Week of JR next week.

6 Responses to “Meet Jambrea Winners”

  1. Oh! Thank you so much!! *races off to examine back list*

  2. Congrats Chris and Courtney!

    Jambrea I’ve enjoyed learning more about you and your work this week. Thanks for all the yummy pics! BTW I finished The Janitor and LOVED it…LOVE Dane.

  3. Courtney S Says:

    WOW! Thanks for choosing me! I just emailed you my choice & address. This is my second book win in a week. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket…lol

  4. Congrats Chris and Courtney.

  5. Congrats ladies! Enjoy your books!

  6. Congrats ladies!! Thank you Triple J for the wonderful week, you rock!!

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