Meet the Heat…Jambrea

So…Jambrea, yep that’s me. What would you like to know? If you haven’t seen me, here is a picture. My PMan took this for me because I needed one for an author spotlight I’ll be doing in a couple months. So…here is me.

Now…don’t run away scared yet. lol

In 2008 I had my first story published. I was part of a sweet romance anthology. It was called One Touch, One Glance or OTOG. I was very excited to have my first story published. I’ve wanted to write forever so it was my dream come true. Now if only I could do it full time I’d be a happy camper. Maybe some day. If you want my official bio you can go to my website for a peek.

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been two years. I’m coming up on my 15th book soon. I have ten out and two coming soon. I’m also working on a couple. One for a dear friend Patric Michael only in the story he is Patric Mitchell. lol It will be a fun Christmas story.

Most of my stories are short stories. I’ve been trying to work my way up to full length. I’ll get there. 🙂

Time for a hot guy picture break.

Okay…where was I? Oh, yes stories. This week I’ll show you some of my work and talk about my wonderful publishers. Now what else was I supposed to tell you? Prizes. You might want to know what those are. On Monday I will have a special guest, kinda sorta and the chance for two people to win one of her books. It is an author I love and I know I’ve talked about her books. I bet you can’t wait for Monday now, huh? lol

Now…my prize for the week. Two people will win. One person will win a print book. I have two so it will be your choice of which one you want and one person will win an ebook from my back list. Again, it will be your choice. If your name is picked and you have all these? First…I think I love you and second…we’ll figure something out between us. So please make sure you’re commenting this week.  🙂 One more hot guy break before I go.

Okay…this one was on T’s kissing blog, but I LOVE this picture. It must be the socks. Okay…stay tuned. Should be a fun week…I hope. 🙂

31 Responses to “Meet the Heat…Jambrea”

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  2. Hi Jambrea,

    If you really think it’s the socks you like in that picture…well, girl, it’s time for some more coffee!

    You know I love your stories and your warped sense of humor!
    I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this week.

    Have a good time!

    • jambrea Says:

      ROFL! yeah…but I’m not a coffee kinda gal. Okay…so it isn’t ONLY the sock…but they help.

      I have a warped sense of humor? Who know? Oh yeah…you. heehee

  3. dreabecraft Says:

    Yeah its Jambi week lol!

    Pman takes a good picture if I do say myself.

  4. Courtney S Says:

    WOW!!! How did I miss whatever site this is w/ all this eye candy?!? I feel like such a glutton! I can’t wait to open my email everyday to see what “treats” await…LOL

  5. Beautiful pic!!

    And the guys are hot too!

  6. Can’t wait to see what you have instore for us this week Jambrea. I have to agree with you I love the kissing picture too it has to be the socks. 😉

  7. *waves* Heya Jam!! 🙂 YAY! It is your week. Looking forward to it.

  8. What a lovely picture. Nice eye candy as well. Hope you have a great week – looking forward to what you have in store for us.

  9. Really looking forwward to what you have planned for us this week. And thanks for the great eye candy too.

  10. Love that pic too!!! Thanks for sharing it again. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you will share this week 😀

    • jambrea Says:

      I hope you enjoy the week of Jambi. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what I’m going to share either. heehee

  11. Is it Monday yet?? LOL Hey Triple J, can’t wait for this wonderful week! =)

  12. lorettaC Says:

    Thanks for the contest, it should be fun.


  13. Hi, Jambrea! PMan’s quite the photographer! Great to have the chance to hang out with you at the blog this week! 🙂 It’s gonna be a fun one!

  14. *rummages through ebooks*

    zOMG! How can I not have read any JJJ books yet?!? O.o

    *hangs head in shame*

    Hmm. I own one… Must transfer to ereader!

  15. Sherry S. Says:

    I’ve read a couple of your books and loved them. I can’t wait to see what all you have here this week. Love the pictures they are hot.

  16. Hi Jambrea,
    That is an interesting name, is it really yours and what does it mean? I’m curious and hoping it does’nt get me into trouble. Although I am sure it will one day when I least expect it. I enjoy men just not that last photo depicted,*hiding behind huge potted plant* Everyone deserves to be love just don’t get off on the descriptions, you know. Sorry to say it makes me shudder and gives me the willies. Have fun this week

    Robin S.

    • Of course it won’t get you in trouble. Jambrea Jo Jones is the name on my birth certificate. My mother made it up. 😀

      You don’t have to hide. 🙂

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