Last chance to win!

Maybe if I knew more about history I wouldn’t be so disappointed when I watch movies that have bad endings.  I won’t tell you which movie I watched last night in case you haven’t seen it yet but I hated the ending.  A tradgey, not a romance.  ACK!

With that in mind, I wanted to go out with a bang.  Thank you everyone for keeping me company here at International Heat this week.  As I get ready to turn the reins over to the fabulous Jambrea Jo Jones, I thought I’d put out one more chance for everyone to get in on the goody drawing, which I will pull late tonight.

First things first, you can still feel free to submit your answers to the Heroic Hunk Match-Up from Tuesday.  I’ll count those entries as well.  I’ll reveal the answers in my winner post.

Okay, so, for today it’s easy.  Everyone can play.  Check out my books page on my website and let me know which you haven’t read yet that you’d like to read most (whether it’s an old book or a coming soon book!) and what catches your eye about it.

That’s it. Easy peasy.  Thanks for playing and good luck!


16 Responses to “Last chance to win!”

  1. Sharon M Says:

    The only book of yours that I don’t own and so haven’t read yet is Picture Perfect. But I have it on my EC shopping list for when I can get back on my computer. 😉

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  3. Heather P Says:

    Since I have only read Kate’s Crew, I would say I want them all. lol Seriously Night is Darkest and Nice and Naughty are vying for my attention right now.

  4. Courtney S Says:

    OMG! This is SOOO hard! (“That’s what she said” LOL) I have to start by saying that I LOVED Kate’s Crew & can’t WAIT for the sequel (gives me an excuse to re-read it), and that based on the blurb you posted for Razor’s Edge on the Yahoo group, I picked up Night Is Darkest & just started it. I feel like I’m standing at the Godiva counter & I’m being told that I’m only allowed to pick one truffle…lol Since I have to choose only one, I think that I will say Dream Machine. My poor little eReader is already groaning under the weight of my TBB pile. Thanks for the chance to win one of your books.

  5. I would love to read Kate’s Crew. While I appreciate that this is number one in a series, the truth is that it is the sexy blurb that pulls me in. Hot stuff!


  6. Carol L. Says:

    I definitely want to read The Compass Brothers when it comes out. I love the cover and have seen mention of the book at another blog. It’s already on my TRL.
    Carol L.

  7. I haven’t read Kate’s Crew and love menage stories so that’s the one I’d pick. The cover gives me all sorts of naughty thoughts too.

  8. Hello Jayne,
    You are a new author to me so any book would do but there is something about Phoenix Incantation that really grabs me. You did a good job of entertaining us this week.


  9. desiree Says:

    I have only read Kates Crew and that was WOW. I need a crew like that at my disposal. All of your books are on my tbb list. I can’t just chose one. I would have to do eeny meeny miney mo. The covers attract me to a book at first. If it is an author I have read before I will check it out before seeing the cover. But the cover pulls me in first.

  10. Cathy MacDonald Says:

    Since I loved Night Is Darkest, it’s definitely Razor’s Edge for me.

  11. dreabecraft Says:

    I really want to read Night is Darkest! I haven’t read it yet and everyones been raving about it. Guess I am going to have t buy it to put on my new ereader next week!

  12. I see a few books there I want, lol. I think the one I am most looking forward to is your upcoming series, The Compass Brothers. I liked the post earlier this week about them and will be watching for their release.

  13. I think at the top of my list is Night Is Darkest and then of course, Razor’s Edge 🙂 Gotta read in order!

  14. Morgan’s Surprise is one that I’m looking forward to reading. I want to find out how Joe brings Morgan out of her shell and see how he handles the result of their fling.

  15. Sherry S. Says:

    I think I would like to read Night is Darkest the most it sounds like a great book. All your books sound wonderful and I would love to read them.

  16. gigi staub Says:

    That would be easy for me the Compass Brothers…I love both yours and Mari’s books so I was very excited to hear you will write together.


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