Compass Brothers

Jayne’s letting me shanghai the blog during her Meet the Heat week so that I can YELL and SCREAM about an exciting project she and I are working on together. Samhain Publishing has contracted our joint series and the Compass Brothers should hit the virtual bookshelves in early 2011. I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at some of the behind-the-scenes details.

Deet 1. Jayne emailed me on January 29 about the idea of the two of us writing a series together. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity! Jayne is one of my all-time favorite authors so the offer to work with her was simply too good to pass up.

Deet 2. There will be four books in the series and we are aiming for OFF-THE-CHARTS red hot! They will be novella-length and each story will begin with the same prologue (only it will be told from the perspective of that book’s brother).

Deet 3. It pays to have a friend who is a cover artist. Valerie Tibbs was with us at Romantic Times in April, when Jayne and I did a lot of planning for the series. Upon returning home, she made us a ‘gift cover’ to inspire us in our writing. I love it!

Deet 4. The books!

Northern Exposure (book one) features Silas Compton. Silas has always had a thing for the veterinarian’s daughter, Lucy, but he never expected to be attracted to his best friend, Colby as well!  When the sweet girl walks in on an impulsive kiss in the barn, Silas realizes he could never live with the guilt if he damaged two people he’s come to care for almost as much as his family.  He escapes Compton Pass, leaving the couple to live in peace despite the loss of all he’s ever wanted–his home, his brothers and his legacy as the future head of Compass Ranch.  For ten years, he lives in exile in Alaska, working dangerous jobs no other men want.  Until a life-threatening injury forces him back to Wyoming, delivering him into Lucy’s care.  Can his dedicated nurse and her husband heal more than Silas’s body?

Southern Comfort (book two) features Seth Compton, the second son in the family. Seth has traveled south and made a name for himself as a foreman on one of the most prosperous ranches in the country.  As he learns best practices, he is able to give his father and brother—Compton Pass’s new head rancher—some tips and tricks for success. The one thorn in his side in his Texas home is Jody Kirkland, the daughter of his boss. She’s a sassy, smart-talking redhead who constantly raises his temper and his libido. Before long, Seth has her hogtied in his cabin and in his bed and they embark on an affair hot enough to scorch the barn stalls.

Eastern Ambitions (book three) features Sam Compton who always yearned for more than a simple country life.  More money, more nightlife and more excitement.  As an independent Wall Street trader nicknamed “The Cowboy”, he amassed a small fortune flying by the seat of his pants, taking risks that rewarded him well, but he soon comes to realize his two older brothers have found something that makes them richer than Warren Buffet.  A little jealous, and plenty guilty for leaving them to shoulder their family’s burdens, he returns to Compton Pass where he finds the woman keeping the books fires his imagination.  Too bad she’s too prim and proper to consider the kind of sex that fires his blood.  At least that’s what he thinks until he discovers her in the middle of a cowboy sandwich along with two of his boyhood friends.

Western Ties (book four) tells the story of Sawyer Compton, the last of his brothers to get away. For Sawyer, freedom presents itself in the shape of a Coast Guard uniform. He enlists and enjoys a life on the west coast—beaches, surfing, and sunshine. One of the best parts of his new life is the fact he can explore and enjoy is darker sexual tastes without fear of exposure. One night while hanging out at his favorite sex club, he runs into little Leah Hollister from back home. When another Dom comes on a bit too strong, Sawyer steps in, more than willing to make Leah’s fantasies come true. Unfortunately, Leah’s reality is Compton Pass and suddenly Sawyer’s forced to decide between freedom and home.

Deet 5. During her Meet the Heat week, Lexxie Couper posted a picture. Jayne saw it and emailed me saying, it’s them! It’s the Compass Brothers. She was so, so right!

Check back periodically as Jayne and I intend to share more details and sneak peeks of the books as they are written!

14 Responses to “Compass Brothers”

  1. Dang, this sounds like a great series and I can’t wait until it comes out. Great job ladies!

  2. OMG! How bloody awesome is this series gonna be?
    Pardon the pun, but could someone point me in the direction of where to buy these books?

  3. Courtney S Says:

    This series sounds HAWT! Should I just go ahead & send ya’ll my credit card # so I can arrange for it to go directly to my ereader?? LOL

  4. Carol L. Says:

    Wow, Congrats to you both and I definitely am looking forward to reading he Compass Brothers in early 2011.
    Carol L.

  5. This sounds soooo good ladies!! I want every single one of these…now, LOL. Congrats on the new series!

  6. The storylines sound great and I look forward to them coming out. Putting them on my wishlist now.

  7. Anne Rainey Says:

    This series sounds HOT!! And Valerie did great on that cover. Sexy! 😀

  8. Wowza!!! And Valerie, that cover is smoking hot! So, not until next year, huh? TEASES!!!

  9. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO I can’t wait for these books to release. Mari and I are already in progress on the first book. I love working with her and I can’t wait for you all to see the finished product. 🙂

  10. Wow sounds like a fantastic series and I love the cover! Now to make a note I will find next year…lol. Congrats to both of you!

  11. Sherry S. Says:

    This sounds like a very exciting series with some HOT brothers. This series make me look forward to some good books next year.

  12. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I want these but what a wait. Y’all are doing extended teases now, not content with simple teasing.

  13. Oh my,this series sounds really hot.Can’t wait to read them

  14. Sharon M Says:

    This series sounds amazing!!! I’m so glad Samhain snatched these books up and I can’t wait to read them! 🙂

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