Good To Know by D.W. Marchwell

Family is an important part of anybodies life and is why I always love reading stories with kids in them I’m a sap I think every couple who wants to should live happily ever after with 2.5 kids, cat, dog and hamster 😉

My friend and fellow reviewer at Ebook Addict Reviews Kathy K. told me I had to read ‘Good To Know” by D.W. Marchwell, well last month I sat down and read it and the story was so amazing I could not put it down David (as he told me to call him) is an amazing storyteller I was in awe of his talent to tell me a story that had me laughing and crying often at the same time the emotions in this story run the course from tears and sadness, happiness and fear and mix in seduction and love for each other and a young boy that will worm his way into your heart as easily as he does Jerry and David’s and I promise like me you’ll be glued to your seat until the very last page!!

I had to share this wonderful ‘new to me’ author with all of you and I urge you to check out all his books when you get a chance, But in the mean time David is offering an ebook download of Good To Know to one lucky person so leave a comment here got any cute kid stories you want to share feel free. David mentioned he would try  and stop by the blog and answer questions so if you have a question for him this is a good place to find the answer.

I will announce the winner tonight around midnight CST.

I have an excerpt of Good To Know to share with you. And check other novels by D.W. Marchwell at Dreamspinner Press.


Good To Know

Copyright 2009 D.W. Marchwell

Walking backwards, David led Jerry to the bedroom, hands reaching for buttons as they went.  David’s T-shirt was the first to go, followed quickly by the shirt that Jerry had spent an hour ironing this afternoon.  David put it on a hangar, much to Jerry’s relief.  In his haste, he’d forgotten to bring a fresh one to wear tomorrow.

“Did you want to eat first?”

“Only if you’re on the menu.”

David’s hands found Jerry’s belt and made short work of it and the buttons of his slacks.  Moving his hands around to Jerry’s ass, David glided his hands over Jerry’s boxers, removing the slacks as he went.  As the belt buckle jingled as it hit the floor, Jerry’s lips found David’s, touching them gently, softly.  No rush, no hurry, they would have all night, and Jerry’s pockets were full of condoms and lube.

David groaned as Jerry’s arms slid around David’s hips to cup his ass.  Kneading and massaging, Jerry managed to elicit a few more moans and a few shivers before removing David’s pants all together.  Jerry’s groan of approval was low and guttural “You normally go without underwear?”

“Depends on who’s gonna be undressing me.”

“Do I need to worry about other guys undressing you?”  David shook his head slightly as Jerry’s tongue slid up David’s neck until it found his ear, the moist tip darting in and out quickly then circling the shell.  Jerry laughed when David pulled so hard against his shoulders that he was practically hanging on the taller man, feet clear off the floor.  “What was that?”

David pulled back, lowering himself to the floor, face flushed, ears burning.  “My ears are kinda my G-spot.”

Jerry folded David back into his arms, David’s arms pressed underneath Jerry’s.  “Good to know.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Jerry’s tongue slid up David’s neck again, but this time, when Jerry tongued David’s ear, David wasn’t able to move.  Jerry slid his tongue around the shell, blowing hot breath across David’s ear, enjoying the shivers he was causing in the younger man.  “Think I can make you come just by licking your ears like this for the next hour?”

“Five minutes, tops!”  David panted as he squirmed but could not free himself.

“Good to know.”  And with that, Jerry set to work, his arms still pinning David’s, his tongue licking, sucking, pistoning until he thought David’s heart would beat through both their chests.  Alternating his kisses and hot breath between David’s ears and mouth, Jerry could feel David’s fingers clawing across his slacks, struggling to grab something, anything.  Jerry’s hands began to move up and down David’s back, as much as they were able.  He felt a sudden urge to make sure David felt protected, safe.  He put his lips against the shell of David’s ear, the more sensitive one and whispered, bass voice rumbling, “I’ve got you, baby, you’re safe.”  Jerry kissed the ear, ensuring a loud, wet, smacking sound.  His lips still pressed against David’s ear, David writhing frantically in his arms, Jerry moved his hands to cup David’s ass, bringing the shivering mass towards his body.  When he felt David’s erection press against his body, Jerry brushed his lips across the shell one more time.  “Come for me, baby.”  This last whispered, with lots of breath, in David’s ear.  Jerry felt David shudder wordlessly.  Jerry could feel the moist liquid seeping down his dick and inner thigh.  “Fuck, David, what you do to me.”

“I think you have that backwards,” David gasped as Jerry lowered him to the bed and removed both sets of pants before they would need to be cleaned.  Once they were both naked, Jerry moved quickly to David’s side and cradled his head while caressing up and down David’s chest with his free hand.  Placing gentle kisses on and around David’s mouth, Jerry waited for David’s breathing to return to normal.

Jerry saw the look in David’s eyes as he kept up his kisses and caresses.  “I wanna fuck you, David.”  Jerry’s kisses grew more intense.  “I wanna make you feel, try to make you feel what you make me feel.”

David took Jerry’s free hand and trailed it down his chest, past his balls and let it rest near his hole.  David saw the look of pure lust on Jerry’s face as his fingers encountered the butt plug.  “I know I’m a slut.”

“No, you’re beautiful.”  Jerry leaned in for one more kiss before putting his hands on either side of David’s face while he positioned himself between David’s legs.  As he descended, he left a wet trail of kisses on David’s perfect chest, his flat stomach, settling finally on David’s cock.  He laved the head with his tongue, enjoying the moans of pleasure he was able to create in this other man.  He took the entire length into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks to create suction, his own cock straining as he watched David arch off the bed.  He stayed there, licking, sucking, his mouth working David into an incoherent mess until he heard David’s words.

“Please, Jerry, please.”  David reached out and placed his hands on Jerry’s muscled shoulders.  “I’ll beg if I have to.”

And nope I didn’t forget you eye candy!

Check out the all the photos from the photo shoot THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT STEVEN and for even more eye candy on an almost daily basis bookmark Beautiful Mag

24 Responses to “Good To Know by D.W. Marchwell”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rhian Cahill. Rhian Cahill said: RT @intlheat: New Blog Post – Good To Know by D.W. Marchwell […]

  2. jambrea Says:

    I’ve heard a LOT of good things about this story. I am going to have to go pick it up! I just love Dreamspinner. They really do have a lot of quality m/m there.

    *whew* what a great excerpt. Very hot. I think I need some ice. lol I can’t wait to check you out…um…I mean the book. Yes, the book. heehee

    T – as always, thanks for the recommendation. 🙂 You and Kathy both!

  3. I’m so happy to have been introduced to this author. I love the excerpt, really gets the blood pumping. I don’t have any cute kids stories, I only have a cat as a child…but she’s pretty cute.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  4. This sounds like a great story…will put it on my TBB list.

  5. Andrea Becraft Says:

    I haven’t read anything by this author before. Thanks for the share. As always its much much appriciated lol.

  6. Thank you to T. for featuring this particular story, and thank you to those of you who’ve said such nice things about it. I’ll be checking the comments throughout the day, just in case anyone has any questions. (And @Joder, I don’t think T. would mind a great cat story; who doesn’t like cute cat stories?) David

    • Hi David thanks for stopping by, sorry I wasn’t around today – we had my husband has to go in for triple by-pass surgery in the morning and this has all been a whirlwind past few days we found out last night at 9pm that we had to drive to Nashville for labs and tests and than checking in tomorrow morning for surgery at 10:30.

      And you were right cats stories are almost as fun as two legged kid stories.

  7. jambrea Says:

    D.W!!! Thanks for stopping by!

    So…what made you write this story? Did it just come to you or did you set out to write a story with a child in it?

  8. Cynthia Osborne Says:

    Well well T- Holy smokin salmon girlfriend. Need a cold drink and my hubby! LOL Cute kid moment…when my daughter was 5 she had a barbie jeep and her brother would not move out of front of it because he wanted to drive. She told him to move the next thing I knew he was stuck under the jeep and she was trying to drive over him he was 2. So to say the least we put the jeep up for a day. Nope he wasn’t hurt just pissed he did not get to drive.

  9. @Cynthia…Lucky husband…he can thank me later! LOL
    @jambrea: This story has been in my head – in various forms – for almost 30 years. Last summer, I finally decided to write it and try for publication. Story was partly inspired by my own experience as a teacher. Another teacher outted me to staff and students, and – without giving away that part of the story – my outcome was the opposite. By the way, the character of Lenore is based on a woman I worked with; she was very supportive of my writing. The ten-year old William was inspired by my own nieces and nephews (7 of them!). Jerry is based on my partner of 8 years – Steven – who is no longer with us. All of these elements gelled in my head last summer into “Good to Know”. Thanks for asking.

  10. Cathy MacDonald Says:

    Thanks for giving us a new author to check out. Love m/m stories and the excerpt was a great intro to the characters and to David’s writing.

  11. This sounds really good! I will love reading this!

  12. All I can say T is that I was pretty sure you’d like, no love it… nice to be proven right!
    Of course you do know that this is just the beginning right? *grin*

    And David, anything new coming to us soon?? Pretty please!?

    • Well…I just finished a first draft of a sequel to “Good to Know” and am awaiting feedback from two betas, and will then submit it to Dreamspinner. No promises that it will be published, but if you enjoyed “Good to Know”, keep your fingers crossed for me. I’m also finishing another two-part novel that deals with a Detroit DEA agent. It’s a mystery/thriller (something I’ve never tried before); I’m hoping to have it finished before the end of the summer.
      Check my website from time to time for updates.

  13. Gabrielle J. Says:

    Wow…. nice excerpt! I’ve read two books from Dreamspinner, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

    This sounds real promising I’ll definitely be looking into it soon!

  14. Hello Gabrielle, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. Dreamspinner is the only publisher I considered when I finished “Good to Know”. Elizabeth North and the whole DSP family are incredible people and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a part of it.

  15. Sherry S. Says:

    I loved the excerpt it was very hot. I haven’t ever read anything by this author but I will now. I don’t have any children or pets but my nieces and nephews are always doing something but right now I’m drawing a blank.

  16. Bobbi Topacio Says:

    I’m ashamed to say I own this book but it is in my TBR pile and I haven’t gotten to it yet . I will soon it sounds better everytime I read an excerpt from it.

  17. Oh I loved this book and have reread it a few times. I will be looking for the sequel and the new mystery/thriller. Falling was another excellent book as well.

    • Thank you so much, Teresa. I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories – Let’s hope the sequel is accepted.
      And thank you to everyone who left comments here today. This was great fun for me.

  18. Carol L. Says:

    Of course I’m late but just wanted to say Thanks for introducing a new to me Author. A very emotion filled and hot excerpt. It’s on my TRL.
    Carol L.

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