Reckless Heart and Childhood Crushes…

Amanda Young is one of my top favorite authors her books are what I would call good down home romance there isn’t any better kind of romance.  She is an awesome author and a wonderful friend!

In Honor of Amanda’s  release of Reckless Heart at Loose Id. the fourth and final book in her Reckless series, I thought we’d talk about the heart in particular those heartbreaking crushes we’ve had.  We’ve all had ‘em some were fleeting some a bit more… shall we say intense for those of you brave enough to come out of the woodwork and tell us about one of your crushes you will be entered in the drawing for a copy of Amanda’s Reckless Heart the winner will be drawn around midnight tonight,

If you leave your e-mail and format choice when you tell us your story, the sooner you’ll get your copy if you are the lucky winner.

Since I’m such a good sport I’ll share the story of my first crush with you… His name was Rodney I won’t share his last name because with my luck someone reading this would know him and I would have succeeded some 30 years later to embarrass him once again. I went to grade school with Rodney and for however many years we went to the same school I thought he was the cutest guy, I had fantasies about him age appropriate fantasies of course I’m not quite sure what the fantasies where, I’m sure I dreamed he’d walk into class one day take one look and me and declare his undying love we’d marry and live happily ever after and everyone would forever be envious of me –Well what did you expect I was a kid after all –I used to write him notes telling him how much I liked him – and god if they embarrass me know just thinking about them I can only imagine how they must have embarrassed him back then.  Sadly when it was time to move on to Jr. High that we both went to separate school and I like to think he missed me but I’m quite sure he never thought twice about me again. Years later in my senior year I did find myself back in the same school with him and all I can say is he looked just as good at 17 as he did when we were what eight or nine.  I have to wonder what ran through his mine when the teacher called my name during roll call did he remember me? I’ll never know the answer that of course I’m not sure I want to but I often wonder what he looks like today is he still as handsome as he was back than or was it all in my romantic teenage mind 😉

So now that I have told you my most embarrassing not- so secret childhood crush, why don’t you tell us about yours and maybe if we are really lucky we can get Amanda to come tell us about hers she is still young enough to remember to remember it in clear detail 😉 hehe

In lieu of eye candy today Amanda is sharing with us a tasty little teaser from Reckless Heart…


No words were exchanged as Milo followed Cam into the elevator and then down a long, dark hallway toward the room. None needed to be. They both knew why they were there and what was going to happen, if not the fine details.
Anticipation made Milo’s blood run hot. The pads of his fingers itched to reach out and grab Cam, spin the taller man around, and take a sample of what awaited them on the other side of the hotel room door. Instead Milo stood by patiently while Cam slid the thin key card into the lock and waited for the green light to flash.
The moment it did, Cam moved forward, and Milo followed. He’d barely crossed the threshold before Cam twisted around and pushed him into the wall. The door was kicked shut; then Cam pressed against Milo, towering over him by a couple of inches.
Cam slanted his head and bent slowly. “Last chance to change your mind.”
As if that’s going to happen. Milo took hold of Cam’s biceps and licked his lips. “Kiss me.”
“Patience.” The corners of Cam’s lips twitched. “Maybe I want to take a moment to look at you.”
“All right.” Milo fidgeted, his impatience mounting. “You going to be through looking anytime soon?”
Without a word, Cam gripped Milo’s chin and tilted his head back. He closed the scant inches separating them and brushed his lips over Milo’s, softly at first and then with more force. He skimmed his tongue over Milo’s lower lip and the tender flesh within.
The small whine that slipped free of Milo’s control was pitiful and damn embarrassing. He didn’t mind moaning, but he damn sure didn’t want to be the only one making noise. Rather than dwell on it, he threw himself into the kiss in an effort to make Cam as hot and bothered as he felt.
The older man’s lips were soft and warm, his breath imbued with a hint of mint. Milo dipped his tongue inside and swirled it around, tempting Cam to play with him. Cam didn’t disappoint. He returned Milo’s every move with at least two of his own. The seductive drag of damp, malleable flesh went to Milo’s head quicker than the liquor that was forbidden to him for another three years. His mind spun with the myriad things he and Cam could do to ease the ache steadily building in his groin.
He shifted his hips, searching for a modicum of relief, and found the firm weight of Cam’s upper thigh instead. Cam slipped his knee between Milo’s legs and provided something solid for him to grind against. However, the respite he sought wasn’t to be. The additional pressure only served to torment him more.
Cam pulled his mouth away from Milo’s and tracked downward, kissing over his cheek and jaw. A hot tongue slithered over the lobe of Milo’s ear; the wicked appendage dipped into the hollow and then retreated. “Top or bottom?”
Humid air caressed the side of Milo’s face and neck. He shivered. “Neither. I’ll suck your brains out through your cock, but I don’t fuck people I don’t know.”
Cam raked his teeth down Milo’s throat. “Your mouth will work just fine.”
Without further prompting, Milo dropped to his knees and buried his face against the damp, clingy fabric hiding Cam’s groin from his sight. He inhaled the scent of rutting male mixed with a hint of chlorine and rubbed his cheek against the hard outline of Cam’s cock. The stiff proof of Cam’s need was the only reassurance Milo needed to confirm he wasn’t alone in his desire.
Unable to stand the suspense for a minute longer, Milo slid his fingers beneath the slick material and yanked the shorts down to Cam’s ankles. Faced with Cam’s impressive package, Milo licked his lips. Thanks to the short, tight swim trunks, he’d already guessed Cam was hung. However, speculating and seeing were two very different things. Cam’s thick rod jutted forward and curved slightly upward, topped by a fat, flushed crown.
Milo couldn’t wait to get his mouth around it.
He leaned in, aware of Cam’s gaze following his every move, and decided at the last second to make the arrogant man squirm a little before he got what he wanted. Milo kissed Cam’s abs and dipped his tongue into the man’s shallow navel. Cam gasped and wiggled. Milo continued to take his time; he inched lower, dragging his tongue down the flat plane of Cam’s lower stomach.
Cam’s sleek thighs tensed. “Fuck, Milo… You’re killing me. Just suck me and put me out of my misery.”
“Mm…” Milo licked the smooth groove between Cam’s torso and thigh. “I’m only getting started.”

copyright 2010 Amanda Young


Ok I just can’t resist — just a little picture – I would like to be curled up under a tree reading Reckless Heart with this guy…

17 Responses to “Reckless Heart and Childhood Crushes…”

  1. Stacey Smith Says:

    When I was sixteen My heart was broken.I had been dating a boy for about a year and i thought that he was the one and then i hear from some friends that he is Sean a round town whit another girl all the time and I ask him and he says that he is seeing another girl at the same time he is seeing me my heart was broken i was crying so much weeks of it that my mother sent me to my grandfather house in a different state for awhile so my heart could heal.Problem was never trusted anyone again.Life goes on i guess but i never fell in love again except for the alpha males in my books.I don’t think i will ever fall in love.about to turn 40 years old.


  2. Milinda Says:

    I had several crushes when I was young. I still wonder where some fellows are and what they are doing. Several years ago I was shocked when one of my childhood crushes contacted me through Classmates. We chatted for a while one day. Fair warmed my heart. I always suspected that he had no idea of who I was.

  3. Okay, I want to be under the tree with him, too. surely there’s room for more than one. As I always say, three is for me! Great excerpt, by the way. Looks like a “must read”.

  4. lorettaC Says:

    I had a major crush wheb I was sixteen and it lasted for years.


  5. Maria63303 Says:

    I’ve had crushes on and off since I was little…..when I was in 7th grade I had a thing for a neighbor’s son. I did get to play spin the bottle with him one night and it was alot of fun and at the time and age that I was it was fairly wicked- I was horribly crushed the following week when school started again and he completely ignored me and acted as if he didn’t know who I was. My next crush was when I was in 9th grade and I started to date a boy named John…I had alll sorts of plans for our future and was horribly crushed when I found out that he was also seeing my “best friend” behind my back- I lost both a best friend and a boyfriend that day….

  6. Good Morning T,
    My first crush was one of my older brother’s friends from his baseball league. His name was Buddy and all the girls wanted to be with him. He was quite popular at school dances.
    I felt so important when he chose me to dance with him and we even hung out a few times together. I was the envy of my little group of friends. Now I don’t know where he is. I moved back to my home town and I only ever see his older sister Sue.
    Since, I’m married I never I asked about his where abouts.
    Have a great day.
    pdf format

  7. Hi Guys! I thought I would share two of my Hollywood crushes from when I was a kid. I had a thing for Tom Selleck and Chris Sarandon. I have no clue what they look like today, but back in the nineties they were smokin’ hot. 😀

  8. Andrea Becraft Says:

    Okay I think the biggest crush that comes to mind was a boy named Billy Blakely. He was the ultimate badboy, and my heart did a little pitter-patter everytime I layed eyes on him.

    Luckly for me I hung out in the same circles as he did. Eventually at one football game, yeah I went sue me lol, he kissed me. We went hot and heavy for about oh a week lol. (hey at 14 the hormones. At least thats what I am blaming it on)

    Anyways, one week in I began to notice how kinda shollow he was. I think the whole idolizing him thing didn’t let my brain process before lol. About another four days and I couldn’t stand him anymore. And on the fifth day I dumped him. Needless to say he didn’t take it well. I think I may have deflated his poor little 15 year old ego.

    He began rumors which were really easy to squash. And at a party he started bad mouthing me to my face. Back then, and even now, I hate being called names. So when he got close enough I cold-cocked him. Knocked him on his ass and then stood above him. Yeah, violence never solves anything. But hey again I blame the hormones. He quit spreading rumors after that and we never talked again.

    One and a half week relationship turned into a six week pissing match. One which I won.

    Not exactly a good ending. Though it was my first crush lol.

    Thanks T

  9. Courtney S Says:

    My embarrassing crush story happened my Freshman year of high school. I was going to school on base (my dad was in the Navy) & there was this exchange student (well his dad was here on an officer exchange program) named Eduardo. I thought he was the hottest thing on two legs & I used to try to be wherever he was hanging out at school. I found out through my brother, who was friends with him, toward the end of the school year that he would call me Loca whenever he saw me & laugh about it. Broke my little 14 year old heart, & then I realized he wasn’t that cute anyway & he was short. LOL

  10. I had a crush on a football player when I was younger. He was popular and never thought of me as anything but a good friend. It was sad but I guess it was meant to be.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

    pdf format

  11. Cathy MacDonald Says:

    Had a crush when I was in 7th grade with a boy named Chad that was a drummer in the school jazz band. Lordy, he was good looking and very popular, and never knew that I even existed. I went that whole year writing his name and mine together with little hearts, totally embarassing now, but at the time admiring him from afar suited me just fine.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

    pdf format

  12. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    Back when I was a teen, I met this guy through a “pen pal” site and we wrote to each other for years. Then he joined the Marines and got himself in trouble by refusing to go to Viet Nam (I told you I’m old), so he was in the Brig for a while, and we continued to write, off and on. One day I answered the front door, and there he was, and I was stunned. He was gorgeous, in a rugged sort of way, taller than me (I’m six feet tall) and with a great body too. Anyway, I’d had a crush on him through his letters, and he was just as sweet in person. We spent five great days together that summer, but then they came to take him back-he had been on emergency release and sneaked down to Missouri from his home in Iowa to meet me. He wrote for about another year, but then sent me a “Dear Nancy” letter, saying it was better if I forgot about him, as he couldn’t ask me to wait for however long iot took for him to finish serving his sentence. To this day, I still think of him from time to time, wondering how he ended up.

  13. Julie Swaney Says:

    I had a sever crush on one of my brother’s friends. The year after got up the nerve to talk to him, he was killed in a car crash. I thought I would die. Then someone else caught my eye and I got better.

    I like PDF format

    jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

  14. Ashley A Says:

    When I was in 7th grade I was head over heels in love with sophomore. We went to k-12 school, so I was able to see him everday and drool over him. I was terrible! I dedicated songs to him on the radio, had a poem about him actually win a poerty contest, and just basically made a fool of myself. I even joined all the musicals just so I could spend time after school with him!!! This went on until his senior year when my heart was broken by his graduating.
    We are good friends now, which is kinda cool…he was always very sweet about my crush….and his boyfriend likes to tease me about it now…yes my first love was gay…but at least I know no other woman will ever have him!
    Ashley A
    PDF format

  15. Wow, love hearing about everyone’s crushes! Drea, glad you set that boor Billy straight! And Nancy, have you Googled your former crush? Thanks for such a great topic, T!

  16. Sherry S. Says:

    When I was in school I had a crush on a boy that was in my older sisters class. Anytime he was near my eyes would follow him and if he ever smiled at me in the hall I was in heaven. I would have passed out if he had ever talked to me and I know he didn’t have any ideal who I was. I saw him a few years after he graduated and he looked nothing like he did in school.

  17. Anne Rainey Says:

    I had a crush when I was in 7th grade. He didn’t even know me! LOL I still wonder what ever became of him.

    Great excerpt! 🙂

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