Bonus Contest–body parts

Okay, today I’m having a bonus conest. I’m giving away a $10 gift certificate to Amazon, along with an ARC (ebook) of my upcoming release What She Wants. Now, I don’t have my ARCs yet, but as soon as I get them I’ll forward one onto the winner. I’ll pick the winner from the comments to this post and announce it tomorrow.

All I want to know is, what’s your favorite body part on a man?

Arms. Muscular and droothworthy, don’t ya think? I bet he could hold a woman real tight. 😉 

Backs. I have a thing for a strong sexy back. And Sleeping Beauty here is just begging for a massage.

Buns. Two pairs and both so squeezable too!

Chests, times two. These guys make me want to run my hands all over those pecs!

Eyes…I found two hunks, both with gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes.

Lips. I have all sorts of ideas for those lips. I mean, my lord, talk about sexy!

Abs. A six pack to be precise. Who wants to see if we can bounce a quarter off this guy? Any takers? 😀

Last but not least,hands. I know it’s not every woman’s fantasy, but four cowboys, all gorgeous and they’re all running their hands over you. Yeah, I could die a happy woman!


So that’s it. Now, stop drooling and give me your answer. 😛

And tomorrow I’ll post the winner to this contest, as well as the week long contest (3 winners for that one).

Thank you, All! This has been a fantasic week. I’ve had so much fun reading all your comments.

 And thanks again to the members of IH for letting me be a part of their fantastic group. 🙂 

53 Responses to “Bonus Contest–body parts”

  1. Yvonne R. Says:

    Hey Anne,

    Haven’t had a chance to post on here much since I’m just catching up but welcome to the group and I’m loving the posts! 🙂 My favorite part of a man would have to be his chest. Nothing like it. Now let me go empty out my drool bucket so I can look at the rest of your pictures. LOL!!

  2. Oh yummy, Anne! It’s always hard to tear my eyes away from your posts 🙂 As for favorite body part on a many, you pointed out so many beautiful ones, but the ultimate? His brain or mind–can’t see it (hopefully!) but it makes ALL the difference when you meet him up close 🙂

    • Maria63303 Says:

      I have to agree with that….even someone who is somewhat nerdy can be extreemly sexy if they have a great mind!

  3. Maria63303 Says:

    This is a really tough question to answer because I like different things on different men but I would have to say that my favorite part is their eyes.
    I really believe that the eye is a window to a person’s soul and you can really tell so much about a person in their eyes. I like to drool over a perfect chest like all the rest but the eye’s do it for me.

  4. desiree Says:

    This is hard!!!! I want them all but alas I have to choose. I say hands if I get all eight hands to those hot sexy cowboys at once. Honestly none of them need to talk either just keep their mouth shut and look cute.

  5. I would have to say chest! Although I like them all! LOL! And even other parts not named too! Hehe! But I love to feel a nice solid chest. But a good butt is nice! Man too hard to pick!

  6. how can I decide after drooling over such fine specimens. If I actually had to choose it would be the eyes and arms. Eyes to see into the soul and arms to hold you at night and keep you safe. Have a great weekend.

    deb ;0)

  7. Very HOT pictures!!!

    I have to say eyes are my favorite body part on a man but I have to say buns are close second LOL

  8. Drool worthy pics! lol. Chest and buns.

  9. tennismom mary g Says:

    My fave part (beyond the package which you did not include LOL) I love the obliques (see first picture – the muscle that sticks out over the hip bone & runs diagonally). I call them the ooohbliques because they make me sigh. Love kissing that spot. Hands are right up there too. Great post Anne. It’s been a fun week.

  10. Anne! my lord woman, i’m gonna have to take my computer in for repair soon…i’m drooling all over the place. These guys are hot!!!
    OK answer time, my fav body part is arms, with chest running a close second. I love to be held and hugged, so the strength of his arms tell me alot 🙂

  11. Sherry S. Says:

    This is a very hard choice and I think it depends on the man. One of my favorite body parts is the abs. Some of the men in your pictures have abs that I would just love to lick. Thanks for the great pictures and post this week it’s been a lot of fun.

  12. Hi Anne,

    Hard to say, but I like the brain and the eyes. If I don’t like what I see in their eyes, I don’t bother looking at the rest. And the eyes tell about the brain/soul. But physically, I like a hairy chest. Men who shave their chests look too young. Also they can’t have man-boobs from lifting weights. They’ll be bigger than mine!

  13. Oh dear, rather hard to think now. . . well, I guess the first thing that I notice is the face/eyes. . . so, that might be the first thing. But I do remember a book cover with a great pair of shoulders, since it was obviously a back shot, so will go with that too. 🙂


  14. I would say eyes, for me how he looks at you says alot bout the soul. second to that the butt hot ass will do it for me any time

  15. Jessica Says:

    Those are some HOT pics and while all of those are GREAT my favorite body part on a man has to be his hipbones. Especially when they stick out a little and you can lick that little hollow, YUMMY!!!!

  16. I can honestly say there are very few parts that I don’t like on a fit, hunky man! LOL Especially those you just tempted us with…..sigh….. But to me a mans hand are the best indicator of his entire self, if the hands are strong and capable you can almost bet the rest of him is too! Of course he can be doing amazing things with those capable hands while I lick my way down to the awesome obliques and beyound! LMAO

  17. The eyes are my favorite because they are so expressive and just draw me in. All the other body parts tie for second place, just can’t choose one.

  18. I’m a sucker for eyes. As a matter of fact. The pic you have for eyes and lips I had up once apon a time of character profiles. Eyes was were Tummerian Tiger named Roarke who taght the art of war and the one you have up with lips was a Incubus named Makhi.

  19. Courtney S Says:

    Wow! That’s a hard one (pun intended ;P), but I think I would have to go with both arms & chest. I love a pair of well-developed arms (tats are a PLUS) & a muscled chest just makes me want to put my head on it & tell him all my troubles (strong, but caring & sexy @ the same time). Of course, a tight tushie is nothing to sneeze @ either…lol

  20. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    This was definitely a day brightener for me at work today. I’m a bun girl-give me a nice squeezable set of buns and I’m happy.

  21. Besides the obvious, *wink wink*, I’m a big fan of strong arms. I love a man who can hug and squeeze you.



  22. Brandy W Says:

    So difficult to pick. I’ve always been a buns fan myself but lately chest and abs are drawing more attention from me. Though those cowboys have it all and I’d be happy to let them take me over and over again.

  23. Bobbejean Says:

    Gosh….give me those beautiful buns, everytime!!

  24. Carol L. Says:

    Lips have always been a weakness especially if they are full and lickable. 🙂
    But a beautiful pair of muscular thighs does it for me. 🙂
    Carol L.

  25. Andrea Becraft Says:

    Its been such a eye feat week with you you *sigh* I love it.

    As for my body part on a man is his eyes. I have always been an eye woman. You can tell a lot by what in a mans eyes. But then I would have to say personatlity. A man can be built like a brickhouse but if hes and ass it a big turn off.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us this week. And i am so happy you joined IH!!!

  26. Those pictures were great, but I would have to say my favorite body part is lips. There are so may wonderful things that a man can do with his lips.


  27. Stacey Smith Says:

    My Fave is the Chest and abs draws me to a man.Second would be Eyes there the widows to the soul.


  28. My favorite area is from the belly button, down, around, and up the back. I love the hair that is like an arrow pointing to exactly where I want to be, and I love the yin and yang of soft and hard, sweet and salty that make my heart go pitter pat.

    I know…good girls say eyes or smile, and I used to be a good girl. Now I’m a really good girl!

  29. OMG! Geez, what pictures!! Eyes and smile for sure…..but wouldn’t turn down the rest of those bodies!!!!

  30. Okay….wait….have to wipe drool off my computer…..and …roll up my tongue back in my mouth…and wipe off the lick marks ….on my screen.

    Nice man flesh, Anne. When it comes to body parts, I have to go with the buns of steel. Just having those taut, smooth globes in my hands, kneading and lifting them gets this naughty gal twisted. Plus, a nicely
    formed derriere can take a spank and sound soooo good. *damn, I made myself blush*

  31. elaing8 Says:

    what was the question again?
    oh yeah right,favorite male body parts…the whole package,look at those
    ok,ok,to pick..the chest-muscular and a nipple ring would be nice..oh and the eyes,you can loose youself in some of them **sigh**
    going back to **stare,drool,stare**

  32. Cathy MacDonald Says:

    Oh righty then, what was the question? lol So many lovely men today, I got a bit distracted.

    My eyes usually key in on biceps and chest, plus I should probably throw shoulders in there too, since the whole look has to be in proportion to really capture a second look.

  33. Whoa…talk about yummy treats!

    My fave body part…I am a butt girl. A cute tush is definitely one of the first things I check out on a guy. I also love hands…*wink wink*

    Thanks for hanging out with us this week. It’s been a blast.

  34. annerainey11 Says:

    I’m lovin’ all the replies on this! LOL

    Someone mentioned nerdy. Did you read Lucy Monroe’s “The Real Deal”. THe hero was a nerdy type. He was still sexy as hell, but nerdy. Loved it! 🙂

  35. Gabrielle J. Says:

    Excuse me while pop my eyes back into my head! Ok now my favorite body part on a guy? That’s a tough one I can appreciate just about anything, but I think I’ve always been a eye girl. Since they can express so much with out realizing it.

    I especially love those kind of eyes that just stare at you from across the bedroom and you know exactly what he’s saying without him speaking a word. I love a good pair of bedroom eyes. (Sigh.)

    I’m also fond of a good smile.

  36. Patricia K Says:

    The eyes as they show their true feelings

  37. It’s a tough call, but I’m very drawn to abs. Hence, my Ryan Reynolds fetish.

  38. Cheryl S Says:

    Smiles!! A cute smile is ever so sexy!

  39. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    I would love to be able to say all of them, but if I have to pick one – I’ll go with buns!

    It’s great to celebrate with you this week!

  40. Eyes and back. But really, I will take all of the above! 😀

  41. Serious yum Anne! For me, I love wonderful eyes and a great smile! :0)

    Cool contest!!!

  42. Good God what a post… *drools* 🙂 Thanks for that!! My favorite part would be their eyes, but really any of those guys up there, I would take…. *snicker* especially the hands!! 😀


  43. Beth C. Says:

    I was going to say abs til I saw that last picture. So now I have to say hands. Thanks for all the great pictures.

  44. Good Evening Anne,
    What a nice way to close your week long celebration of joining IH. My favorite body parts are the eyes and hands. The reason for this is simply because there are so many ways a man can worship you with his eyes and his hands.


  45. Allison Says:

    Mmm, I love (my) guy’s hands. Though your photos are veeerry delicious, thanks Anne!

  46. Larena Wirum Says:

    I would have to go with a man’s eyes. You can tell so much from eyes. 🙂 Though I have to admit I love the pictures you posted. LOL

  47. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    I love arms and shoulders and upper back. Could keep going but will go examine the pictures again.

  48. Chris Roberts Says:

    Shoulders…Well developed. Just gives you the idea that he can take on anything for you and win.

  49. I don’t think I have one particular body part as a favorite,I just like a well put together total package. Have to say wow to your pictures. thanks for bonus contest and have a great summer

  50. Eyes and a cute, tight rear end! You can lose yourself in their eyes and then watch them while they are walking away!

  51. I’d have to say his face-expression And his chest/abdomen.

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