Spaceport: R and R AVAILABLE NOW

So, I wake after a too short, child-interupted sleep and it hits me, Wow!! I have a release today!!

(Did anyone get my little hint yesterday? Or this morning, for you non-Aussie types? *grin*)

Yep, my latest Changeling Press release (and fourth Spaceport book) Spaceport: R and R is OUT NOW!!


Here’s the blurb and an excerpt. And if you like both, here’s the linky-link to buy the book 😉

Forced to take a leave of absence by her commander, Allied Planet Enforcer Anika Dru high-tails it straight away to Spaceport Adana. What better destination for some unwanted R and R than a veritable cesspit of scum-bucket crooks? Especially for a tech-enhanced super cop who likes nothing more than taking out the bad guys…

Five minutes on ‘Port Adana and she’s already spotted her first target — until a gorgeous half naked slave catches her eye. And makes her tech zing. Determined to discover what about the man makes her so… charged… she follows him to an empty sex den, ready to play super cop one-on-one.

But Kaden Irrado isn’t a slave, and his meeting with Anika isn’t by chance. Kaden is Phase, a multi-dimensional warrior capable of drawing all of his possible selves into the one temporal plane. He has to stop Anika from doing something that will destroy the space-time continuum and he’s planning to do it in the most pleasurable way possible. Even if it takes more than one of him.

Rest and relaxation has never been so good. Or exhausting.


With very little effort, Kad settled me on his lap, his strong arms holding my weight just enough above his legs my ass cheeks didn’t press his thighs. Close enough for me to feel the bulbous head of his cock push on the puckered hole of my anus—the tight entry his fingers and thumb had explored so thoroughly earlier.

Kaden touched a fingertip beneath my chin, titling my face up until he could gaze into my eyes. Kneeling between my thighs, his cock rubbing the curve of my mound, he pressed his other hand to my drench sex, his fingers touching me for the first time since he’d finger-fucked me against the wall. “Oh, you are so wet, Anika.” He smeared my juices all over my spread crotch, over my pleasure-swollen pussy lips and the tight hole of my anus. Painting me with the product of my own desire. “So wet. So ready. Aren’t you?”

Mouth dry, pulse rapid, pussy sopping, I nodded. I was. I knew what was going to happen next. Knew and ached for it. “Yes,” I said aloud.

And the second the word left my lips, Kad lowered me onto his cock. A slow, steady impaling of his long hard flesh into my untried anus.

Burning pain tore through me, his massive member stretching my ass to its limits. I cried out, throwing back my head, the pain erupting into unbelievable mind-blowing pleasure as he thrust deeper.

Only to have Kaden grab at my hips and, with one swift move, sink his length into my cunt.

“Otyn, yes!” I cried out again, a hoarse note that bounced off the small room’s walls.

The two men thrust inside me, alternating each stroke, their cocks separated only by the thin film of flesh inside my body. I rode Kad’s shaft as Kaden slammed deeper, deeper, harder into my sex, his balls slapping the cheeks of my ass.

Oh. Oh oh oh.

“Fuck, you feel…” Kad wormed his hands between my chest and Kaden’s, cupping my breasts in a possessive grip, squeezing them.

“Amazing,” Den finished, appearing at my right. The stripped rawness of his voice jerked my gaze to his face and my pulse leapt into overdrive. His eyes didn’t just smolder with desire, they blazed.

He stepped closer to my head, his right hand moving to his ramrod cock. It poked out of the opening of his pants, thick and venous, its engorged head deep purple with hot blood. A glistening bead of pre-cum leaked from the tiny slit at its tip, a crystalline jewel that made my mouth fill with saliva and my heart thump into my throat.

“Amazing,” Kaden echoed, thrusting deeper into my sex. His lips charted a scorching path along my shoulder, up my throat. I rolled my head to the side, bowing my neck, my breath shallow, my stare locked on Den’s shaft. It was so close. So close to my lips.

“Amazing,” Kad repeated, burying his length further into my ass as Kaden dragged his mouth up to my ear. “Totally, fucking…”

“Amazing,” Den said again, staring down at me, his nostril flaring, his eyes on fire.

“Will you suck us off, Anika?” I heard Kaden whispered in my ear, his cock driving harder into my cunt, his voice choked and strained. “Will you give us three times the pleasure? Three times the orgasm?”

A clamping shudder claimed me at his question, my sex and anus constricting on Kaden and Kad’s cocks. I gazed up at Den, my body afire with pleasure. Two men were fucking me, filling me completely and yet, I knew there was one more thread that needed to be weaved into our tapestry.

I nodded.

Just as Den closed the distance between us and aligned the head of his cock with my mouth.

Here’s that linky-link again 😉

13 Responses to “Spaceport: R and R AVAILABLE NOW”

  1. Happy Release Day Lexxie!!! Wish you lots of sales!

  2. Holy crap that was HOT!!! Happy Release Day Lexxie! 🙂


  3. congrats on the release and it sounds fantastic.

  4. shoots that bad. I can’t even spell my name.

  5. dreabecraft Says:

    SSSQQQQUUUUUEEEEE happy release day Lexxie!!!

  6. Beth C. Says:

    Thanks for the great excerpt. Definitely adding this book to wish list.

  7. Courtney S Says:

    Holy Hell this sounds HAWT!!!! Does it come in an asbestos wrapper?? LOL

  8. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    Looking forward to this story. Hope you had a great release day.

  9. Happy Release Day Lexxie. I hope to god they all got their release in the story too. That was freaking HOT!!!

  10. Congrats on the new book! I can’t believe you left us hanging there with the excerpt like that….so cruel.

  11. Happy release day, Lexxie! What an excerpt!!

  12. Yvonne R. Says:

    Happy Release Day!!

  13. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    Just got this for review-but I’m sure I would have picked this one up anyway. Congrats on the release.

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