What I’ve Learnt From youtube

Never own a hot tub.

Buy lots of insect spray (or an echidna)

Zebra-print underpants are very Australian (as are cheetah-print, giraffe-print and tiger-print)

A gold ball is no substitue for a pair of undies (and I’m not complaining)

Hairy men can be sexy

And sometimes not.

Bagpipes can be entertaining

But above all else…

24 Responses to “What I’ve Learnt From youtube”

  1. Loved all the YouBube vids Lex.
    But, i have to say…
    Yes, some hairy men can be sexy…just not those two!


  2. Brilliant videos! I even wiped away a tear at your grand finale and I’m not Australian! Fabulous. Lots of fun.

  3. Maria63303 Says:

    I think that I”m speachless….and that doesn’t happen often…nice final video!

  4. Carol L. Says:

    Great , fantastic. God, I doubt I’ll ever look at a football the same way. lol
    Thanks for sharing. The first one was hysterical. Just like a man. 🙂
    Carol L.

  5. billi jean Says:

    Oh my! LOL! And why are the commercials in spanish? I’m confused….but love those balls…I mean, football players!
    😉 billi jean

  6. Love the YouTube videos

  7. Hi Lex –

    When I was young I use to live in Alice springs in the early 80s. I have fond memories of Australia but I really liked the aussie bum and football players video.

    deb ;0)

  8. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    Lots of variety when one looks for Australian content on the web. Where are the Tim Tams?

  9. Audra Holtwick Says:

    Great funny youtube videos- see we knew that you could have in the land down under.

  10. Courtney S Says:

    I have to say that I now have one more reasone why I can’t wait to get home from work…LOL I read this from my BB & the stills were enough to make me impatient to watch the vids (no internet @ work)!

  11. I’ll watch it later, but the topic is hilarious!!!

  12. dreabecraft Says:

    Ummm those underware have print crap maybe I need to watch again just to make sure…..But by god if I watch the ball one agaian I might just have a damn heart atack. (not a bad way to go) but try explaining that one the hubby lol.

    And my god the bagpiper has a nice set of……Pipes god get your head out of the gutter. Although his baodies not to bad either. Anything sexier then a man with an accent and in a kilt. My poor heart swoons lol.

    This was a great post Lexxie!
    And I also vote YouBube sounds better that way lol.

  13. Wowza! Footballers, yes please. Holy cow.

    The anteater one was a tad bit disturbing though.

  14. Beth C. Says:

    Enjoyed watching the videos. Thanks for the great post.
    *going back to watch the football guys again*

  15. ROFL! Thanks, Lexxie! I feel educated now, too!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  16. LOL…even better reasons to go to Australia. *grin*

    My dream destination is Australia & New Zealand. Someday…*sigh*

  17. lorettaC Says:

    Great pictures, I enjoyed looking at them. You tube is a blast.


  18. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    Fantastic vids Lexxie!!! Especially the rugby guys.

  19. My brain stalled on the rugby guys. Hubby asked if I was watching porn.

  20. Courtney S Says:

    Ok, finally got a chance to watch the videos & boy was it worth the wait!!! I’ve never been a fan of tighty whities (or the equivalent), but OMG I am LOVING the undie commercial! Makes me wanna “pet the animals”…LOL

  21. Loved them all Lexxi and the last one well, it gave me goose bumps,
    Well done, bravo, bravo

  22. Heather P Says:

    YouTube is a great way to distress some days!!!!! I love the videos.

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