Heat Wave group down

Well. Maria noticed last night that the Heat Wave group appears to have gone down. I’ve checked this morning and it is still not working. Yahoo has given us a message that they are aware of the error and working on it. Unfortunately, they’d suggested it could take 48 hours.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh the humanity! What am I going to do today? Quick, Lexxie–got any eye candy to help easy my pain?

6 Responses to “Heat Wave group down”

  1. Umm….just posted a little snippet from my m/f/m sci-fi if that helps? If not, I’ll go hunting some eye-candy now.

    Oh, eye-candy….where are you eye-candy? Ooh, there you are. Just stay perfectly still and let me grab you.


  2. dreabecraft Says:

    I haven’t had any trouble so far this morning. Although it just might be sending me messages from last night lol. I got off pretty early so I don’t know how it was acting to compare.

    But Lexxie I am always up for eyecandy 😉

  3. Mari,
    I take it that Heat Wave is a yahoo group? Let me know when it gets fixed, if it is a group I might like to join so I want to check it out. Thanks. You just have to post a message here because it comes to my email inbox.


    • Hey Robin. Heat Wave is the International Heat gang’s yahoo group. We’ve got a bunch of fun members and it’s a great place to hang out. We post snippets of WIPs and new releases, hold special Heat Wave only contests from time to time, but generally, we just chat. If you click on the International Heat banner above, it will take you to the home page of this site. On the right, there’s a link to the Heat Wave group. It’ll lead you right on in. I hope you’ll consider joining.

      Oh–and it is working again. Bunch of yahoo groups went down last night. Of course, it came right back up about 2 minutes after I posted this link! LOL

  4. Goodness, isn’t Yahoo just a pill?

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