Weird Wednesday.

Going with something a little different today. While enjoying my “dirty weekend” away with Hubby we took a side trip and hung out with Lexxie Couper and her family. I love Little Lexxie’s, they’re gorgeous and full of life and remind me of what it was like to have my kids want more than the attention of my wallet. lol Anyway, Lex and Mr. Lex picked a place for us to have lunch down along the water at Newcastle harbor and this is where weird Wednesday comes in. WTF?!?!

Okay, so up close it may take you a minute but……

At a distance it may seem a little more obvious, then again it could be our dirty erotic author minds but I don’t think so. Apparently most of the city of Newcastle refers to this particular structure as the penis. Who thought this would be a good idea? I mean really? It’s a good thing I wasn’t one of the committee that had to approve it because I think I would have laughed my ass off when the drawings for this came across the desk.

We’ve all seen the vegetable’s shaped like body parts but what about man-made objects? Anything in your area that’s questionable? Surely this isn’t the only weird structure out there. Then again we do live in the land of Oz……

So tell me what your weird man-made thing is. I’m curious to see if it is just us Aussie’s that are capable of the bizarre.

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18 Responses to “Weird Wednesday.”

  1. LOL!! I guess there’s an obvious phallic symbol for you! But I hardly think you Aussies are alone:

    There are plenty of other structures, ancient and modern, that seem to make the same uh… point 🙂

  2. Beth C. Says:

    Saw a picture once. Somebody driving down the street in a pickup with a snow sculpture in the back. Guess what the sculpture was?;)

  3. dreabecraft Says:

    I live in a country town. I don’t know if its just me and my perverted little mind but every time I see one of these

    I giggle a little bit. And theres alot of them around. They hold grain and corn just about anything to store stuff for farmers.

  4. Can’t think of any structures around here but then again, it is fairly rural.

    That sure is an interesting building though. I wonder who the architect was and what other buildings they’ve designed.


  5. Maria63303 Says:

    The best known phallic building symbol in the US is the George Washington National Monument- and yes the architects built it with that in mind – they wanted to impress others…lol

    here’s a link to some photos :

    There is also the Chrysler Building in NY City :

  6. Ah, the penis. I’ve slowly worked my way to the tip of that erection and back down again many many times. Always left me panting and slicked in sweat.


  7. darn it you made me snort diet dr pepper. Nope not seen anything like in my neck of the woods ever.

  8. Very very funny! I don’t think i’ve seen one in my neck of the woods, but I know there around.

  9. The state capital of my state is rather phallic looking as well. In fact, it’s been referred to as the penis of the plains. So yes, we Americans have our own dirty little secrets.

  10. I actually don’t know if we have phallic buildings in the area. I’m sure we have to, doesn’t every city.

    I’ll have to start looking around and take some pictures.

  11. Cathy MacDonald Says:

    What a hoot, nothing in my area can compare.

  12. Tracey D Says:

    I have nothing to contribute but thanks for the great posts; I had a good laugh….

  13. No Rhian,
    I can’t think of any structures in my area that look like human body parts. If I did I’d send you a pic so you could laugh at it.


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