Tuesday’s Tease.

Wasn’t sure what to tease you with today. But I’ve decided to give you a little more of Lux. She’s intriguing, as the writer you would think I’d know her but I don’t. Every word I type is new and as each letter goes down I’m getting to know her in a way no one else ever has. I know that because it’s painfully obvious as I tell her story, or is that as she tells her story?


When I saw him watching me from across the room I had no way of knowing he would be the one man to draw me. Like a moth to a flame I made my way toward him. My eyes never left his as I took the steps that would bring me to shame.

I didn’t recognize him, I’d never met him before but I knew the woman beside him and could work out who he was. Liam Barton. Half owner of Lion Industries. His interest in me intrigued but it was the buzz of awareness I felt along my skin as he watched me that drew me closer.

Head and shoulders above those around him he resembled a lighthouse casting its light to save a ship from being wrecked. I was the ship.

I admit I’d never really known I was a wreck waiting to happen. I live a life I enjoy. I’m surrounded by the most opulent of things, the most beautiful people. I don’t recall ever being sad or lonely, and yet I have no real family, no real friends.

How could someone live a life so shallow, so superficial and not know? Why would one man watching me make me think such things about myself? What, about his stare could provoke such thoughts?

He didn’t speak, didn’t look away. As I came close enough to smell him I was overcome by the one thing that had never flowed through my veins before.


With nothing more than a look he brought my body to its knees. Something no other man had ever done. I didn’t lust. That was what my men did. It’s what kept them coming back time and time again. Would this man turn the tables on me?

“Lux, it’s lovely to see you again.”

Pulling my reluctant eyes away from him, I focused on the woman at his side. Maggie was a beautiful woman, the smile she had for me one of the most genuine I’d ever received. And when she leaned in close to kiss my cheek there was no air kisses from her. No Maggie was as real as it got.

A woman that most would love to have as a friend, someone that wouldn’t stab you in the back the minute you turned away. I envied her ability to show up here after what Jonathon had done.

I’ve known Jonathon all my life, his father being a regular visitor to my mother’s home. He’d taken it into his head that we would continue the tradition his father had set and made every effort to become one of my men. I’m not sure why he thought I don’t pick my men. He seemed to think it was the men that decided on whether or not they were in my life.

When I refused his offer to take care of me I thought he understood that I was not interested in him. Yes, he had money, but money isn’t the only reason I choose my men. No matter what anyone thinks I actually have to like them. They need to appeal to me on many levels. I’m drawn to intelligence and do not choose by looks and money alone. A certain amount of chemistry is good but as long as a man knows how to give pleasure and not just take it’s easy to sleep with them.

Two of my men I’ve never slept with at all. Their only wish is for a companion who is entertaining and undemanding. I guess one of the reasons I’ve never really thought too much about what I am or what I do is because sex isn’t the only thing I give my men. I guess what Jonathon did to Maggie was the start of my slow slide into shame.

How Maggie could be so gracious, so friendly, in the face of the situation we both found ourselves was a tribute to her. I wouldn’t have been as gracious in her shoes, but then I’d never allow a man to get that close to me.

Jonathon had wooed Maggie with such skill and determination that neither of us had seen what he was really up to. How he’d gotten it into his head that I’d let him into my bed if he was married still eluded me.

Maggie had no idea of Jonathon’s plan until the night of her wedding. After rushing her into marriage he’d never even made it into her bed before leaving her to come to me. He honestly thought I’d throw open my door and invite him in. I’d watched him with Maggie over the previous couple of months and to say I was shocked by what he’d done could only be called an understatement.

I’d watched him treat Maggie like she was spun glass, lavishly spoiling her with gifts and attention. He looked to be smitten and she the same. How it could all be a show still confused me. The only way I could forgive myself for my part in her unfortunate predicament was that Maggie had assured me in the weeks that followed her ill-fated marriage that she’d never really loved Jonathon.

Seeing her now, glowing with health and happiness, I knew her words to be true. I could let myself accept her friendship only because she accepted my own lack of involvement in Jonathon’s plans for the two of us. Returning her kiss and genuine smile came easy, easier than any I’d given before.

“Maggie, your class humbles me as usual,” I said. And I meant it. In her presence I accepted the woman I was, the woman I’d become without trying. Standing beside her and the man I hadn’t been introduced to I not only lusted for the first time in my life, I envied as well.



As teases go that probably wasn’t what you expected. lol I’m not sure what it is that intrigues me so much about Lux. She’s just not the usual heroine I guess. And she is a heroine, and I think Liam is her knight in shining armor. The question is will she let him rescue her? Is she capable of accepting his intrusion in her life? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Speaking of teases, did you know it’s only three days until Brogan gets here? *grin* For todays chance to go into the draw for my end of week prize tell me who Brogan’s heroine is and how she comes to be in Whispering Mountains. (Hint:- the answer is in the Coyote Wild blurb)


17 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tease.”

  1. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    Eloise Crawford came to help her best friend plan her wedding.

  2. dreabecraft Says:

    brogan met El (Eloise Crawford) during wedding plans for his siters wedding.

  3. Rhian,
    I’d love to read more about Lux. Where do you want the answers to your questions regarding your contest to win a book? Here in a comment or sent to you in an email?


  4. Well others all ready spoiled the answers here so I guess I don’t have to worry about leaving the cat out of the bag by giving my answer here as well.

    Eloise Crawford is Brogan’s love interest and she is in Whispering Mountains to help her friend with wedding plans,

    Have a great day.

  5. Hey Rhian, awesome tease, lol. Lux is complicated, can’t wait till we figure her out. Eloise Crawford is at Whispering Mountains to help with wedding plans for Brogan’s sister, woohoo, gotta read this.

  6. Cathy MacDonald Says:

    Great excerpt and blurb, Rhian.

    answer: Eloise Crawford

  7. Eloise Crawford (Brogan’s love interest) came to Whispering Mountains to help with her friend’s wedding.

  8. Eloise Crawford is Brogan’s heroine and came to help her best friend plan her wedding.

    Thanks for the great tease. Can’t wait for more Lux.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  9. Courtney S. Says:

    The heroine’s name is Eloise Crawford & she’s in town to help plan her best friend’s wedding. Sounds like a good book!

  10. What a great tease, Rhian!! Can’t wait! As for Brogan’s heroine, Eloise Crawford arrives in town to help her best friend plan her big day 🙂

  11. elaing8 Says:

    Great excerpt.
    answer:Eloise Crawford came to Whispering Mountains to help with her friends wedding

  12. Maria D. Says:

    Really looking forward to reading more about Lux…..sounds really good!

  13. Thanks everyone for answering the question.
    As for Lux….she’s so out side what I normally write that I’m not sure if it’ll work out but I’m writing anyway. *grin*

  14. Beth C. Says:

    Brogan’s heroine is Eloise Crawford and she came to Whispering Mountains to help her best friend with wedding plans.

    Can’t wait to read all about it.

  15. Lux sounds complicated and intriguing. Can’t wait to hear more about her.

    For the answer: Eloise Crawford is Brogan’s heroine and they met when El came to help plan her best friend’s wedding.

  16. Tracey D Says:

    The heroine is Eloise Crawford and she is in Whispering Mountains to help her friend with wedding plans.

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