Popping the question.

Okay, today is my anniversary and I’m off somewhere with Hubby doing….well maybe I shouldn’t share that. *grin* Seeing how 22 years ago today I was getting hitched I thought we’d talked about popping the question. Hubby seems to think I asked him where as I remember we were talking about having kids in the future and him saying well we better get married then. *shrug* It’s neither here nor there because we kind of just fell into it really. I mean we thought about it and we went to the trouble of organizing a wedding but there wasn’t any big fanfare or question popping to it. But don’t worry, Hubby made up for it on our 14th anniversary.

Here in Sydney we have the Three Sisters up in the Blue Mountains. They’re three huge rock formations that are a big tourist attraction, it’s about two hours out of Sydney and Hubby and I were going away to a lovely hotel in the mountains for the weekend. Kind of like the weekend trip we’re on now. Anyway, we stopped at the Three Sisters for lunch, I have no idea what we were doing going to the mountains in winter because I hate the cold and let me tell you it was effn freezing. So we have lunch at a lovely (indoor) cafe and when we’re finished Hubby suggests going to the lookout and..well looking. lol Here’s me, half frozen to death grumbling and groaning about the cold and can’t we just go to the hotel now? Nope, Hubby insists we go look. *sigh* Off we trudge, me dragging my feet, Hubby almost running beside me and a billion Japanese tourists, all heading for the same place. The lookout.

We reach the fenced off platform and the wind is like ice and I’m looking around for snow because it’s got to be there somewhere it’s that damn cold. Hubby says why don’t you sit down on that rock wall. What? Are you crazy? My ass will definitely be frozen then! After much arguing, yes we argued over it I was bloody cold, Hubby convinced me to sit and then he got down on one knee in front of me. OH! MY! GOD! What the hell is he doing?!?! Then he opened his mouth….

You move with the grace of a princess, your smile has been touched by angels

Your touch sends excitement through my body, your beauty takes my breath away

You make my life feel complete and have filled it with the joy of four fantastic kids

You make me smile, you make me feel special, you have even made me cry

Fourteen years ago I found the missing half of my jigsaw, I found my soul mate

I am so in love with you, would you do me the honor of marrying me again?

And then my mouth fell open. And right after that I was blinded by all the flashlights as those billion Japanese tourists took our picture. lol After that very romantic moment you’d think he was the romantic type. Wrong, it’s all or nothing with my man. He has his moments but they are few and far between and usually have a hint of something “special” about them. I mean who else would take the woman they love to one of the coldest places in Sydney when she hates the cold? Who else would think of going to McDonald’s for dinner when they finally convince someone to watch the kids? Or what about giving the love of your life an eternity ring by spitting it into her mouth while giving her a kiss? Oh yes, that’s my man and you can’t have him! lmao

So what’s the most outrageous or funny proposal you’ve experienced or heard about? No Demi, we don’t need to hear about your indecent proposal thank you very much. *grin* Don’t forget, leaving a comment gets your name in the draw for the end of week prize.


24 Responses to “Popping the question.”

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  2. I love your proposal on the 14th. That’s so great.

    I was never asked, I was told we were getting married. After a bit of excuse me but I do have a choice here and being told that sure I did but what was the problem, he knew I wanted to get married. We came to our consenses that we were getting married on Sat. All this was done on the phone and I was calling the minister on Thurs. No, nothing was planned and most of our friends thought we were joking.

    Hey, it worked.

    • We kind of fell into our marriage, we went to the Birth, Deaths and Registries office in the heart of Sydney on a Tuesday afternoon and tied the knot. It was supposed to just be Hubby me and two friends as witnesses but Hubby’s friend got drunk one night and told ALL our friends so we had to tell our parents before the word spread like wildfire. We packed the little chapel thing out with everyone that turned up. lol

  3. Maria63303 Says:

    Very sweet 14th Anniversary proposal. I don’t have a significant other and don’t even know my sister’s proposal stories…lol

  4. We had been together for about 4 years, and one day I just looked over at him and said “We should get married” and two months later we were in Vegas tying the knot. I joke that it’s because I wanted an easier last name 😀

    • I’d love a Vegas wedding! I told Hubby we should do that to renew our vows but then I’d like to renew them in Hawaii too. *sigh* Do you think he’d go for two renewals?

  5. dreabecraft Says:

    well technically shane never said the word he just got down on one knee and held out the box. But man the look on his face was comical after I stopped tourturing him by laughing that he couldn’t say the words I took pity on him and said yes without him actually asking lol.

    • He was probably speechless with nerves. Glad you saw your way to put him out of her misery, he might have damaged his knee otherwise. lol

  6. One of my friends was proposed to in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland–when her boyfriend nudged her to look up, a plane flying overhead trailed a banner asking her his question for all the folks at the Happiest Place on Earth to see 😉 She said yes 😀

    And LOL on the easier last name, Tasha!

  7. Happy Anniversary! And how sweet everyone’s proposal stories are. I don’t know of any myself, most of my friends are single or had really conventional proposals.

    • Conventional can be just as exciting. I sometime wish I had the “down on one knee” kind of proposal the first time but you know I wouldn’t be with Hubby, there’s no way he would have done that at 18. lol

  8. I’m not sure I’ve heard of any sweet proposals. T and I were both in the Army at the time. He was in NC and I was in TX. We decided when to get married based on the days we could both get leave and get to my parents place where we had a small ceremony.

    T rarely does romantic and I don’t take it well. Its all very strange and so not us.

    • We’re not the romantic types either. We tried to get married on the 6th of the 6th 1988 but they were booked up so we just took the next available time. lol Ended up being the 14th.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! No awesome proposals for me, but i’m always happy for the ones who have them.

    • I love hearing proposal stories. Can’t wait to hear yours when you get one. Oh, and you could always share an indecent proposal. *wink*

  10. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    Nothing near as awesome as that for me. My first ex-husband (I should have known by his “proposal” that it wouldn’t last) was visiting my best friend’s house way back when, and I was in a panic because I had made two dates for the same time. He turned, looked at me and said “I’ll solve you problem-marry me!” I had never laid eyes on him until then, but damned if I didn’t make the mistake of doing that very thing. I’m much smarter now.

  11. My future son in law actually proposed to my daughter on his birthday. She’s been known to not make decisions. she can never decide on anything so he said he figured if he asked her on his birthday she wouldn’t say ahh……I need to think about it or I can’t decide. LOL! The wedding is August 7th!

    • Well I’m glad to hear she made up her mind. lol
      Fingers crossed for a great day and many great years for those two, Sherry.

  12. Beth C. Says:

    Our daughter was five years old before my husband actually officially proposed. We had been talking about getting married for a couple years, but that year, on Valentine’s night I went to bed and when I tried to lay down there was a hard lump under the pillow. When I pulled it out, it was a jewelry box. Inside was a set of rings. And except for the engagement ring getting sized, those rings didn’t leave my finger till about a year after my husband passed away, when I gave them to our daughter.

  13. Tracey D Says:

    My maternal grandfather’s proposal to my grandmother was adorable.

    He was “kind of courting her” and one day he saw her hanging up clothes with a young child clinging to her dress. For some reason, my grandfather didn’t ask her to marry him; instead, he said, “I’ll take the boy, too.”

    My grandmother: “What??”

    GF: “We can take the boy with us and raise him together.”

    GM: “Fool! That’s my brother!”

    My grandfather thought the child was my grandmother’s kid! But he was willing to take him and raise him as his own.

    How sweet! I totally looked at my grandfather in a different light after he told me that.

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