Lori Foster

T-Minus 2 days! Woot. I have a day and a wake up and I’ll be on the way to the Lori Foster Reader/Writer event. This will be my 3rd year. The 2nd year where I’ll be there for the whole thing.

My plan…NOT to get lost. lol I’m hoping that the third time is a charm, but…I got lost driving in town to find my brothers wedding. I have NO sense of direction. At All.

I was supposed to be on the road at this time tomorrow to meet up with V and Jayne, but my son’s school decided that the Kindergarten graduation would be on Friday. At 1:45. Didn’t they know that I have a pitch appointment Friday at 6? lol I’ve had a talk with my son to let him know I might have to leave early. He’ll have his dad and some grandparents there. 🙂 It takes about 3 hours to get to the hotel so I HAVE to leave by 2:30 to get there in time to register and relax before my appointment. We’ll see if that happens. This is why I leave early. I try to factor in my lost time. heeheee.

In fairness, last year, I wasn’t lost, just took a wrong turn and found that I going the right direction. I can read a map…sometimes. I blame it on Mapquest. lol

I’m sure you’ll hear more about LF. I know that we’ll be taking pictures! Woot!!!  Is it Friday yet?

3 Responses to “Lori Foster”

  1. Lucky you. I never get to attend things like this due to my precariously low limited income. I follow alot of blogs so am hoping someone will share their adventures with those that can’t attend like me.


    • jambrea Says:

      That’s the reason I go to Lori’s because if you share a room it isn’t that bad cost wise. $50 for registration. I know for some that’s a bit, but when you think that RT is around…what…$300 or so just to register, maybe more, it doesn’t look too bad. Of course it also matters how close it is to you. I’m only 3 hours away so gas is my only other expense and they feed you Friday evening and all day Saturday. 🙂

      We’ll be sharing our adventure and pictures. If I remember my camera. lol

  2. I have two tips for you my friend….

    1) This is the most important GPS!! — I recommend a Garmin I absolutely love mine it has saved my sanity more than once.

    2) HAVE FUN HAVE FUN HAVE FUN – And give my girlz hugs from me and collect one for yourself 😉

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