Friday Eve Snippet.

This is from my latest wip. It’s a quickie that I hope to submit to my editor by the end of the week.


“Before we go any further you have to know, this isn’t a onetime deal. We do this and it’s the start of something. I won’t be your rebound guy. I’ll be the only guy.”

The fierceness of his final words surprised her. Meredith searched his eyes, for what she didn’t know, but suddenly getting into bed with Logan Foster wasn’t just about sex. And she wasn’t sure she was ready for anything more.

“I can’t—“

“I’m not asking you to marry me, Mez. I’m telling you this is more than fucking for me and intend to prove it is for you too.”


His mouth crashed onto hers. With ease he slipped his tongue between her lips and stopped any protest she might have voiced. In seconds the decadent delight of Logan’s kiss had her mind spiraling out of control on the road to pleasure. Kissing him was a seductive diversion Meredith willingly followed. He nibbled at her bottom lip, licked the plump flesh before starting on the top one.

Delicious tendrils snaked their way through her. They reached out to touch and seduce every part of her until she was a quivery mass of aroused female. Logan did nothing more than kiss her, his hands holding her head still while his fingers tangled in her hair. Lush heat filled her and overflowed. There was only Logan and what he was doing to her mouth. Her body.

He took her up, drove her to the peak with a determination that bordered on desperation. His mouth ate at hers until breath became secondary. Tongues met and dueled as each fought for what they wanted, what they craved. Slick slides became frantic thrusts and need took hold. Their hips rocked, bumped hard on soft and Meredith felt the first spasms of her second orgasm deep in her core.

She ripped her mouth from his. “More.”




4 Responses to “Friday Eve Snippet.”

  1. Maria D. Says:

    Great snippet- can’t wait to read more

  2. Andrea Becraft Says:

    Great snippet. I can’t wait to read this!

  3. Woooo, hot stuff, Rian. Tell us when we can read the whole thing 😉

  4. That was hot! I’ll most derfinitely read it!

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