What a week.

Wow! Somebody pinch me please. This last week has seen so much go on that my head is spinning. The first book in the Coyote Hunger series, Coyote Home released from Ellora’s Cave, then I got news that the second book, Coyote Wild would be releasing on June 18th. I’ve had some lovely comments from readers about Coyote Home as well and today I got a great review from Siren Book Reviews. Brigit gave Quinn and Rowan’s story 4.5 Siren Stones and she has some really nice things to say about the book too. I can’t decide on my favorite part of the review because I love everything she wrote. *grin* You can check out the whole review HERE but here’s a snippet:-

“Ms. Cahill does a fabulous job of creating characters and a story that draws the reader in and doesn’t let them out. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.”

Can I squee? Picture me doing a happy dance while squeeing. *grin*

It’s kind of hard to concentrate on writing when I’m getting all this great feedback. I love the Coyote Hunger series and can’t wait to see all four books available but I kind of have to finish the other stories yet. Better get going, they certainly aren’t going to write themselves. *grin* I just need to finish the quickie I’m working on and get it sent to my editor. Should be back in the Whispering Mountains by the weekend.


5 Responses to “What a week.”

  1. I will ssssqqqquuuueeee with you so you don’t feel so wierd lol.

    Congradulations on the second book!

    And good luck with the last two. Your a great writer so I am pretty sure they will come out as quickly as this one did.

  2. Woohoo Rhian! I’m SO excited to start reading this series! 🙂

  3. Robin Smith Says:

    Sound like my kind of read, are there any excerpts available for this series of books. I know that you have just begun but I’m such an impatient person, I don’t like waiting for anything and I’m sure I’ll probably add this to my TBR mountain currently at 1083 high.

  4. Congrats on the great review RC!

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