Guest author Milaya Marks

Let me introduce debut author Milaya Marks. I met Milaya on one of the many writer forums I’m a member of long before either of us got our first contract. So you could say we’ve traveled the road to publication together. She’s one of the many stumbling along this path with me. *grin* Anyway, I’m thrilled to see her first book finally released. When I asked if she wanted to guest blog here at International Heat she jumped at the chance and when I said she could do whatever she wanted I could hear her rubbing her hands together from thousands of miles away. So let me hand over the mic and the stage to Milaya Marks

Get In the Mood: Writing Erotic Scenes When You’re Not Feeling Romantic

If I waited to write erotic scenes for when I actually felt erotic then chances are I’d never get around to them.  I don’t know about you but when I’m feeling frisky I’d much rather do something about it than sit down and write!

But for erotic romance authors writing erotic scenes is pretty important, so learning how to get yourself in the mood is imperative.  For me, getting sensual, conducting research, allowing myself to write “insert tab a into slot b” and channeling my emotions are all easy ways to get my head back into the story and my energy focused on coming up with the best scene possible.

Get Sensual

A lot of times “sensual” is used as a synonym for “sexual”.  Not necessarily so here.  Getting sensual means getting back in touch with your senses.  Set your own scene.  What do you see, hear and smell?  What could you taste or touch that has to do with the scene?  Don’t just answer these questions, experience them.  Spray the cloying perfume, taste the bitter chocolate, slide your hand over the slippery silk or crisp cotton or rough denim.  Use these experiences to write more realistic scenes and your readers will appreciate it.

Conduct Research

Really not feeling sexy and/or in the mood to write?  You’ll probably need to do more than try to talk yourself into it.  Read some erotica, put on your favorite saucy movie, ask your partner to describe a fantasy or favorite memory.  I would say read your other favorite erotic romance authors, but this can be a double-edged sword.  On the one hand you might be inspired, on the other you might have someone else’s writing too fresh in your mind to allow your own voice to come through.  Experiment a little to find out what works best for you.

Tab A, Slot B

Sometimes the urge to do anything but write is strong, but if I’m trying to stay on schedule then on my worst days I just give myself permission to write “insert tab A into slot B” type of stuff.  It’s usually awful and embarrassing and makes me cringe, but I can fill up pages with “And then he…”  or “After that, she…”  Not only does it take the pressure off to write a great scene from the start, but it lets me meet my daily word count and keep track of exactly where everything is anyway.  More than once I’ve been able to read back over these basic scenes and find out that my heroine has three hands and my hero can be in two places at the same time. I’d much rather catch those mistakes myself than have a reader spot them.

Channel Emotions

If all else fails, ask yourself more about what you are feeling and why you aren’t in the mood to write.  Are you too angry?  Too energetic?  In the mood to laugh?  In the mood to cry?  Channel these emotions into your erotic scene.  This can be a little bit risky if your current feelings might be out of character for the rest of your manuscript, but challenge yourself to make it appropriate.  What could your characters learn?  How might they react?  Where could the story go?  You might find you like where you all end up.

Milaya’s Bio:-

My devotion to romance began early.  I read every teen fiction I could get my hands on if it contained even the faintest whiff of a romantic relationship.  I was hooked, in love with the idea of being in love.  I graduated to historicals not long after and devoured several of them each week, even when it meant hiding the evidence under my dorm bed so I wouldn’t have to share.

I had my own fairytale romance when I met and married my college sweetheart, shocking everyone (especially myself) by getting my marriage license before my college diploma.

While working in libraries for a few years I discovered contemporary romances, then my obsession with all things Internet led me to electronic books and erotic romances and I’ve never looked back since.

Today I’m living my dream of writing steamy erotic romances while enjoying daily life with my very own hot hero.  Life couldn’t be better.

Visit Milaya online at or follow @MilayaMarks on Twitter.

Spanish HeatMilaya Marks

Eager to end her dry spell, sexually deprived Serena Ryan craves fun in the sun with an anonymous hottie. Her first overseas assignment–write a guidebook on the balmy Canary Islands–supplies the heat and the opportunity. An afternoon of steamy sex with a virile stranger takes the edge off until she discovers he is none other than hotelier Antonio Delgado. Her hopes of an uncomplicated fling go up in smoke as their passion rises, along with the Spanish Heat.


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