Friday Eve Snippet

Warning- exceptionally hot excerpt today. Contains m/m. Read at own risk. 😉 From Claiming Derryn.


Melina woke with the most enticing warmth pressing against her, and the sounds of heavy breathing in her ears. One hand rested on Davis’ muscular chest, her fingers twisting into the coarse hair even as she shook awake her sleep-dazed mind. He panted softly, his eyes closed and core muscles clenched tight. Something nudged her hip and she pulled back the sheets to discover Trev nestled between Davis’ legs, engulfing the rigid length of Davis’ cock in his mouth again and again. Spit and pre-come glistened in the dim light of the room, Trev’s cheeks hollowing as he forcibly sucked the head of Davis’ erection on each long upward stroke. She whimpered at the sight, her body instantly wet and ready, and she slipped her hand down to brush a finger against her suddenly throbbing clit.

“Good morning. Oh hell, Trev. Yeah, suck harder.” Davis dropped his head back on the pillow and let out a long, slow hiss before turning to wink at her. “Come here, sweetheart, and give me a kiss.” She leaned over him, pressing her hand on his chest and planting a chaste kiss on his lips before pulling away. He growled at her. “That’s not a kiss.”

Melina shook her head. “I’m not kissing you until I get cleaned up.” She sat and turned on the mattress. Davis attacked from behind, pulling her body over his as she squealed and wiggled. Trev sat and grasped her legs, twisting her until she knelt over Davis, her breasts smashed into his chest. Trev lowered himself on top of her, sandwiching her between their bodies, his cock nestled in the seam of her ass.

She was trapped.

“I said I wanted a kiss.” And Davis took it, driving his tongue into her mouth while Trev nipped at her neck, working his way down her back until he nibbled and licked her butt cheeks. Davis held her captive, lifting his hands to keep her head in place as his mouth ravished her. His cock, still wet from Trev’s mouth, smeared moisture on her belly. The arousal she constantly felt in their presence peaked. Trickles of sensation built in her belly to spread its flickers to the very tips of her extremities. When Trev clasped her hips and licked from clit to ass, she cried into Davis’ mouth, wiggling her hips with the need for more pressure and stimulation.

Davis swore and Melina pushed herself partially upright to glance down. Trev’s soft hair rubbed her crotch as he buried his head between her legs. Slurping noises rose and she giggled.

“Damn it, woman, you think it’s funny he’s sucking my balls—arghh. Trev, enough.”

Trev lifted his head and grinned at the two of them. “Good morning. What are you waiting for? Fuck her already.” His lips glistened with moisture and Melina twisted around to capture a taste. The flavor of Davis’ seed lingered on Trev’s tongue and she hummed with pleasure.


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  1. *fanning self* okay that is a wonderful excerpt to wake up in the morning to! 😎

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