I feel like a fish swimming upstream these days. Last week was a whirlwind of activities at the Romantic Times Convention, followed up by a six hour drive home to a house full of company. I have friends visiting from Oregon this week, so while my days have been filled with the EDJ, I’ve been coming home to entertaining. Needless to say, I’m pooped! So…I thought I’d make this a quick easy post and audience participation is required. 🙂

Two questions for you wonderful folks today…

1. What are your weekend plans?

2. What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

Mari’s answers:

1. I’m helping decorate the gym for prom and then chaperoning the dance on Saturday night. My company will be here throughout the weekend so we’ll be hanging out with them as well.

2. Celebrated Mother’s Day last night. Because of my busy weekend, my mother came over yesterday and we split a bottle of wine and talked. I also gave her some flowers. May try to surprise her on Sunday morning by meeting her at the restaurant she and my dad usually go to for breakfast after church.

5 Responses to “TGIF!”

  1. Maria D. Says:

    Well…I’m thinking of taking a half day vacation today to run errands so that I can just take it easy tomorrow …..if not I’ll be hitting the grocery store tomorrow. Sunday for Mother’s Day- I will make breakfast for both my parents and then light the bbq pit and cook for everyone who is coming to the house. Mom’s present will probably not arrive till next week because I had to order it and it took longer to ship than I expected but she’s cool with that ….since she picked it out…lol

  2. Andrea Becraft Says:

    1. Weekend plans pretty much include a little running here an there since hubby went back to work this week I haven’t been able to do those.

    2. As for mothers day if I get to sleep in that would be a great enough present for me. Novalee made me something in school she said but isn’t bringing it home until today so I look forward to that. I am one of those rare females who doesn’t make a big funk over any holiday except christmas I don’t expect gifts other then that holiday.

  3. Milinda Says:

    Weekend plans are all cleaning and gardening. Lots of cleaning.

    Mothers’ Day is being celebrated today. I’m spending the day with my mom–we’re just going to hang out and “craft.” She’s been working on this incredible huge silk tree wall hanging that is beaded to the tenth degree and is gorgeous. Me, I’ll knit. Then my brother and his family and I will take her and her husband out to dinner–that part’s a surprise.

  4. Mari, your life sounds like mine. 1) Tonight kicks off the weekend with a school carnival, tomorrow is soccer and the rest of my time will be spent with out of town guests. 2) I know what I’d like my Mother’s Day to be–me, alone–but I’d feel too guilty to actually ask for that, and with said company, that would be rude. So I look forward to Monday!

  5. Sherry S. Says:

    I have to work both days so I won’t get to do anything but sleep and work. Actually I’m working both nights (12 Hours/7am to 7pm).

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