10 lessons learned at RT

If you’re tired of hearing about RT, then I apologize in advance.  Since it was my first RT, I wanted to share some of my lessons learned/observations.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.  I can’t stress this enough.  My feet may never recover.
  2. Reading about menages is one thing, discussing it in person with a room full of strangers?  Really odd.
  3. Mistaking an author for someone else because you didn’t read her badge?  Stupid.  I confused Alyssa Day with Mary Janice Davidson.  Shoot me.
  4. Drink lots and lots of water.  If you have comfortable shoes, running to the bathroom shouldn’t be a problem.
  5. Take lots of pictures.  It goes by so fast, you’ll need them to refresh your memory.
  6. Don’t be shy.  Just walk up to people (with RT badges of course) and introduce yourself.  Everyone is so nice and are willing to greet fans.  With very few exceptions, authors are so grateful to readers, that they don’t mind stopping to chat.
  7. Come early or leave late to the whole event so you can enjoy the host city.  We didn’t get time for that, and I really wish we could have.
  8. Bring lots and lots of pens/sharpies.  This is especially important for the authors.  You’d be surprised how many you lose!
  9. If you don’t get the opportunity to do anything other than the giant book fair, go for it.  It’s a total madhouse, but all your favorite authors are all in one place!
  10. The most important thing is to have fun!  Enjoy yourself.  This was my first, but it’s unlikely I’ll get to do it again any time soon.  So make the most of it.


2 Responses to “10 lessons learned at RT”

  1. j.r. patrick Says:

    Great advice! Sending healing thought to your feet. 😀

  2. Andrea Becraft Says:

    Great post1 I so second number nine it was so worth it! It was great to meet all of you!

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