Romantic Times Day Three

I’m writing this message well after midnight which as those of you who know me know–is WELL after my bedtime. What can I say about this conference? It’s absolutely BRILLIANT. I’ve seen and spoken to so many fantastic people that my mind is an absolute blur. We woke up earlier than we expected–shortly after 6 a.m. when Valerie set off the house alarm in Jayne’s house. Funny as crap–after we all stopped swearing and our heartbeats returned to normal!

We ate breakfast with Joy from Joyfully and Melissa/Mimi, a good friend of our very own Fatin. Talked until we nearly missed our first session, which was a good one about ebook contracts. From there we went to an EC author luncheon. I am now the very proud owner of an EC fleece blanket–LOVE it. After lunch, we went to Bad Boy Bingo. What a hoot! I won a prize–bottle of champagne and several signed books–woo hoo–booze! Um…the books were cool too. Hee hee.

After Bingo, we raced to Club RT for the Cougar Growl. Samantha Kane, Desiree Holt, Mari Freeman, Dalton Diaz, Samantha Cayto, Lynne Connolly, Jayne, Lexxie and I were all on hand to promote our books. We had lots of lovely folks stop by to visit and talk about the series–fun time.

Then, FINALLY, we went to the bar (lol) with my EC editor. Have I mentioned in the last five minutes how much I love that woman. She went out to dinner with us and then we came back to get dressed for the fairy ball. Laughed our asses off as we put on our costumes–we were the four elements–earth (me), water (Valerie), wind (Jayne) and the sexiest fire fairy on the planet (Lexxie). They served steak at the ball and the Mr. Romance contestants were on hand. After the ball, we FINALLY went back to the bar where we ran into Bianca D’Arc. Holy hell–that is one nice lady. She’s here with her dad–so lovely to see them walking around together.

Now–I’m about to drag my weary body upstairs to sleep. I have to get up at 7 a.m. to do it all over again. I can’t wait!

4 Responses to “Romantic Times Day Three”

  1. j.r. patrick Says:

    Sounds awesome!

  2. I’m so glad you guys are having a blast!

  3. Andrea Becraft Says:

    Sounds like a blast! And to think you were worried lol. Can’t wait to be part of the fun tommorow!

  4. You all are having so much fun!

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