Romantic Times Day Two

So you’re wondering what happened to day one? Me too. Damn, where did it go. It’s 2:18am Thursday and I seriously have no idea what happened to Tuesday. I think Jayne RylonMari CarrValerie Tibbs and I did some really important stuff, but it’s gone by in such a blur, I don’t remember what it was. Today (day two) I can remember (probably because it only just happened to me) so let me share some of it.

We begin with breakfast. Actually, no we begin even earlier. 3:30am to be exact. I wake to go to the loo….and don’t go back to sleep. Not at all. So I watch new Chuck (for the fourth time because I’m in the US and will let me), read some of Vivian Arend‘s latest mss (bloody awesome), talk to my husband, talk to my girls (it’s 6:30pm tomorrow for them) and generally wish I could go to sleep. At about 6:45am I do. Breakfast with Jayne, Val and Mari is at 8am. Suffice to say, I’m still asleep when they arrive. In my Aussie flag singlet and undies.

Breakfast is bloody delicious (omlet, bacon, potatoes, fresh fruit, tea!!) and then we decide to get with the program. The program calls for hard work and concentration. We decided to go for hunting and gathering (Heat Wave members, you wait until you see the tote bags!!). Then we, and by we I mean I decided to make about a gazillion promo items of business card/lollypop/thong keyring (or flip flop key ring for you non-Aussies). Jayne, Val and Mari are incredibly wonderful and help me (God, I love these women!).

Then it’s lunch. Lunch requires an excursion and I get to see my first really-real American mall and buy Gap clothes for my girls (and real tea for me!). After that though, it’s time for hard work and concentration and we all find ourselves listening to MaryJanice Davidson and Angela Knight talk about how to go from ebooks to NY print. It’s both exciting and daunting (and I had to control myself and not go all fan girl on MaryJanice *sigh*)

Then it’s time to doll up and meet the booksellers. So here’s the thing I discovered. I suck at talking about my books, but when I want to I can really pull a broad Aussie accent out of the hat. Experiences Buck Eyes for the first time. Am bought the makings for smores by a wonderful woman who’s birthday it is today (being that it’s 1:39am). Try and talk some more about my books. Fail miserably but hopefully come across as a delightfully cute if somewhat odd Aussie (the accent helps *grin*). Jayne and Mari of course, breeze through this with style and aplumb.

After that, it’s the Ellora’s Cave ball. We done our best red and hit the ball room.There’s not much I can say about this at the moment. I’ll let the piccies speak for themselves. (Suffice to say, hands went where hands shouldn’t go in one of those photos. I’ll let you work out whose hand where *grin*). (Oh, and Mari Carr can dance her arse off even when sitting down and Jayne Rylon knows how to pull the guys. No wonder she’s the author of Kate’s Crew!)

Then, we all decide we’re going to attempt an early(ish) night. Jayne, Mari and Valerie head home. I order hot chocolate. At 12:12am there’s a knock at my door and I am enveloped in the bestest hug ever from my long time friend and fellow erotic author, Renee George who proceeds to drag me to Dakota Cassidy’s room where I end up playing Rock Band with the likes of Michele Bardsley and Heather Osbourne until hotel security tells us to shut up at 1am.

An awesome day all round, I say. It’s waaay past my bed time and I fear Jayne, Mari and Val will want to kick me if I open the door to them in my Aussie flag singlet and undies later this morning. Oh, and as a side note, Val has a brilliant photo of her with THREE of the semi-naked hunks and Mari wouldn’t have a photo unless there was FOUR LOL

Now, it’s bed for me. Until day three…



7 Responses to “Romantic Times Day Two”

  1. Told you it would go in a blur. I swear, I’m still looking for two of my days at RT 09! lol
    Glad you’re all having a blast and I’m expecting to see some of those goodies when you get back here.

  2. Looks like you’re having a great time!

  3. How fun! I’m so glad you guys are having a great time! See you Saturday. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you are having a blast.
    Pull out your Aussie accent and wow them all.


  5. Maria D. Says:

    Sounds like you are having fun. Glad you got to a mall and shop and that you got tea. I’m sure that you did fine with the booksellers- I bet they loved your accent. Can’t believe you got to hang out in Dakota Cassidy’s room and play Rock Band

  6. Andrea Becraft Says:

    Oh it sounds like you gals are having a blast! Oh and the men WOW! I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

  7. AWW! This sounds like such a good time!!!!

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