Two week countdown!

It seems like only yesterday I got the release date for Coyote Home and a month seemed like such a long time to wait. Well that month has halved in the blink of an eye! This time in two weeks I’ll be bouncing off the walls waiting for the first in the Coyote Hunger series to go live on the Ellora’s Cave site. I guess the time has flown by because I signed a contract for the second book, Coyote Wild during the last two weeks AND I’ve been writing up a storm on a couple of different wip’s. Nothing sucks up time like keeping busy.

I really thought I’d have the blues this week because about half the IH girls are at RT and I was there this time last year but other than my blue fingers and blue toes thanks to this freezing Sydney weather I’m not blue at all. I’m keeping up with the goings on via Twitter and Facebook, and some pix have already shown up with quite a few familiar faces. Everyone looks like they’re having a blast and the IH girls have been checking in when they can but really, I’m not expecting them to give us more than a brief “OMG! this happened” until after they’ve all gone home.

For those of us left at home we’re partying over at Heat Wave. We’ve got a few things going on over there, if your not a member of our reader group that’s okay, just hop on over and join HERE!

Seeing how some of us are getting to be fan girls at RT I thought I’d ask a question of everyone staying home. Who is your ultimate “meet”? For me I think it has to be Nora Roberts. I missed her by one day last year when Mari and I made a day trip out to Nora’s home town and bookstore so I’m even more keen to get to see in person the woman who really inspired me to aim for publication. So who’s yours?


7 Responses to “Two week countdown!”

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  2. j.r. patrick Says:

    Nalini Singh!

  3. Well, all you ladies of course!!!

    The people I chat with on Twitter… Bree and Donna (Moira Rogers), and Leah, and yeah….you guys!

    I’m not much of a fan girl 😦 I think it would be awesome to meet anyone…but I am pretty down to earth in real life.

  4. Oh Natasha, I’d love to come to Canada. Hopefully one day.

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