Need a pick me up? Falling for Fae.

Back in the fall I got a new site site designed by the lovely Celia Kyle. We had so much fun chatting online as we worked out design details…well, one thing led to another, and in the end we wrote three stories together! The first of these is now available from Liquid Silver books.

Two sisters, one crown and a race to find true love… Or suffer the consequences. *Shudder* The Queendom.

Jessica does not want to become Queen.  The gowns look marvelous on her, and the servants are lovely, but being Queen? Ick. She’d have to remember to take care of…things, and…other things. Seriously, ruling Fae—with its temperamental dragons, pixies with attitudes and the creepy enchanted forest that keeps encroaching on the palace—not for her. She’s off to find a rich Peer in England and enjoy the lifestyle without the responsibilities.

Trevor’s got it all—a steady job, adoring fans, a starring position on his football team. Life is good, and the saucy little birdie who lands in his lap makes things even sweeter. Only she don’t seem to understand he’s not the Lord of the Manor. He’ll tell her as soon as they can get their hands off each other long enough to talk. He’s never felt this way before about a bit o’ fluff. Could it even be love?


For fun, I thought I’d share the ramblings that built up to this moment. FYI- timeline? First email mentioning the story was dated September 30. We finished the first draft 11 days later–and it would have been quicker only we got caught in east coast/west coast time issues and EDJs.


—Day 1—


Yup, you can now run amok and have fun with your site.  Hehe! Ping me if you need help with ANYTHING though.  Srsly


ANYthing? **rubs hands with glee** You wanna write an story together?


Why not?  LOL  I’m game if you are.  Just know, I’m wacky and humorous with ze writing….unless you weren’t serious, in which case, I haz a sad….


No, I is serious. I love shifters.  I loved your ‘Battered, not broken.’ I could totally do something for the far north…OR, something for Fae. Or…

—Day 2—


Falling for Fae: Faetful…. Cause I’m going to have the fates help her choose her location.  Whee!


Love it!! I could use Falling for Fae: Peerless  **snort**


Peerless!  Love it!  Like LOVE!

—Day 3—


I’m getting there!

Almost done the first scene. Had to stop last night- hubby wanted to go out, and in the interest of spousal harmony, I said yes.  Will post in a little bit. I took some liberties with your character, but will tweak as needed.  I’m not sure what to call my dude. And why does Lord Deveral keep running through my brain?


Done! And I worked in that bit of the Lordship stuffs…  Feel free to hack away at it though.  Without a doubt.  I’m not tied to all the words.


LMAO!!!   “I’m definitely getting off…” Very nice.

Okay, she’s going to be wandering the guest house/gardeners cottage, and then I thought maybe she could sneak up on the Lord’s Manor. Looking for a …?  How quick do we want them in the sack? Or up against the wall, since that seems to be where we’re headed….

—Day 4—


O.M.G!!! Okay, I’m getting distracted by the prologue. It’s working!!! wait… hope to get a bit done for you asap.


Tag, you’re it! Okay, slight change of plans. I know you can handle it, you panster you.  BTW, the ‘Son of a Bitch” is the opening line, no matter who’s POV we’re in.


Oh, you evil wench!  LOL!  Let me read it and see what I can finagle…. Hehe…

—Day 5—


Yummy sexing…done!


Woohoo!! Yummy is right! :sweats: Okay, will do the fairy bit (thanks!! brat!) and I think I may have an idea to deal with the ending, so I’ll write that out too.


The really fun thing is I have conversations like this all the time when I write–only it’s usually just with myself. So a thanks to Ce for bringing a smile to my face. Lovs ya, honey.

And I hope you’ll check out Peerless. Excerpt here. Buy link here.

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  1. That looks like it was REALLY fun to do!

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