Girl Power

Every good heroine has a trusty girl-friend who listens to her bitching about the hero. It’s one of the many necessary accessories needed for a well- designed relationship.

These trusty female friends are also a key part of romance novels. In historicals they’re usually the sisters or servants, in futurists they’re a sassy computer, and in modern/chicklit they’re the classic best friend.

(‘m writing about girlfriends today because I would probably have killed someone without my girlfriends–both the IH ladies and my bridesmaids.

Girlfriends have always been an important part of my life, and that is also reflected in my books, particularly my contemporary stories. My Monsters in Hollywood stories are driven by the friendship between the heroines. I’m working on another series about a bridal party who all fall for eachother.

Do you have any favorite books–romance or not–where the best friend relationship is key?

2 Responses to “Girl Power”

  1. Maria D. Says:

    Yes – I’ve read some but unfortunately not many lately so no names come to mind. I know that in the LKH Anita Blake series that Anita was friends with Veronica (Ronnie) and that their friendship was key to the story at one time but now Ronnie has been replaced by friendships and love with some male characters. I’ve been reading alot of paranormal and not too many have girlfriends in those either, but I do like a good story where the heroine is backed up by her friends.

  2. So true, Lila–on completely different ends of the spectrum, I love Debbie Macomber’s Blossom Street series, and am laughing my way through Shelly Laurenston’s shifters–both feature women’s friendships that are core to the stories. I also enjoy the stories where the guys have the friendship in common–I think that having the friendships offers a foil to the romantic relationships, showing off different parts of the characters’ personalities. Plus, they’re super fun to read 🙂

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