Guest Juniper Bell- New Release

Juniper returns. Hmm, I sound like an astrologer about to make a prediction. **cue mystical music**  When Juniper returns, and the moon rises over your left eyebrow, you will find a naughty story at your fingertips…”

So Ms. Bell is back, and I’ve once again shocked her with my brillant and thought provoking questions, Go for it , babe!!


Thanks for having me back, Vivian! I was a little nervous so I brought Ms. Dana Arthur with me. She put the receptionist in “Training the Receptionist,” so she can probably answer your hard-hitting questions better than I can. Dana, meet Vivian Arend.

Dana: Hi there, I’m a big fan of your work.

Juniper: (I told her to say that.) Okay, Dana, here’s Vivian’s first question.

1. Right or left handed?

Dana: That’s easy. It doesn’t matter, right or left, because I can do my job with both hands tied behind my back. And I have, as a matter of fact. Page 27, that time when Sexy Simon brought me into his office and let me pick my punishment…

Juniper: Okay, okay, we don’t have to go into all that right now. Here’s the second question:

2. What do you suggest to prevent getting runs in your nylons?

Dana: Nylons? Yeah, right, like I’d ever wear nylons to work. I tried that once, on page 29, and snip snip, there went five bucks down the drain. Let’s just say that Cowell & Dirk is particular about their dress code. I told them they ought to call it an “undress code.”

Juniper: Cute. Did they laugh?

Dana: As they undressed, yes.

Juniper: Allrighty then. Here’s the last question. You’ll like this one, Dana.

3. Name five naughty things a receptionist can do…and file alphabetically please.

Dana: I see what’s going on here. Vivian’s after my job. She wants all my professional secrets so she can get with … I mean, work for Simon and Ethan. Well, it’s not that easy, Ms. Hot-shot Author-Type! A well-trained receptionist is hard to find, you know.

Juniper: Relax, I’m sure Vivian doesn’t want your job, even though Simon and Ethan are the hottest bosses known to mankind. Now, how about five naughty things?

Dana: Fine. But if she wants the details, she’ll have to read the book. B for Brian the package delivery guy. D for mysterious white Department Store Box. DP for … um, Dr. Pepper. M for M/F/M. And O for … well, you know.

Juniper: I guess that about covers it. Thanks, Dana, and thanks to Vivian and the International Heat authors for having us on!

Dana: Thank you for inviting me. Just one last thing. The job’s taken, for life. Got that, Vivian?


Well–damn. Caught in the act…so to speak. And Dr. Pepper? Really, I love Dr. Pepper.  Thanks for dropping in, Dana and Juniper, and best of luck with your…no, I’m going to be good and resist adding all the puns that are racing around in my head. Instead–here’s the blurb and where you can find Ms. Dana and her stellar bosses.

Training the Receptionist
by Juniper Bell

It’s her naughty dream job—if they’re satisfied with her performance…

Eager to escape her miserable existence in Low-Life, Long Island, street-wise Dana Arthur jumps at an entry-level position with the consulting firm Cowell & Dirk. As her training period begins, she quickly discovers she’s required to do more than take messages and order office supplies. Her job description contains some deliciously naughty duties that give receptionist a whole new meaning.

Simon has almost given up on finding the right woman who will please his clients as well as his demanding partner and mentor, Ethan Cowell. No one measures up—until Dana. Her inner fire and fearless nature are perfect for the job. No matter what wicked punishment he devises to chastise her for her on-the-job mistakes, she accepts with a relish that leaves him wondering which one of them is really in control.

The last thing he expects to discover is that she’s a perfect sexual soul mate he can’t bear to share. But share he must—it’s part of his business agreement. Unless he makes Ethan the deal of a lifetime…

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, bondage, ménage, ingenious use of office furniture, lingerie, and the occasional sex toy. Oh, and did I mention the package delivery guy?

Read An Excerpt Online

ISBN: 978-1-60504-949-6
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: March 2, 2010

Available from MB&M

8 Responses to “Guest Juniper Bell- New Release”

  1. Awesome interview!! Always a blast!!

  2. I always love to hear from Juniper. And Dana is an added bonus! Love the book!

  3. Great job, Juniper Bell. I think you have Dana well in hand. Loved Training the Receptionist. Can’t wait for the next JB book.

    Boone Brux

  4. LOL!! Lovely interview, Dana and Juniper and Viv! Not that you’re aiming for Dana’s job, but I can see why one might want to… 😉 Seems like the management is uh… generous 🙂

  5. Heh…loved this! Training The Receptionist is at the top of my TBR…can’t wait to read! ;D

  6. Congratulations on your new release Juniper. It looks fantastic. 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by, y’all! Dana doesn’t like to leave work, hehe, so I was glad she took the time to do this interview with me. 😉

  8. Armenia Says:

    Oh, yeah. Its on my list to buy.

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